Tune in to hear about weaponized nostalgia in an episode Meanwhile the Dairangers learn paradigm changing things about their The Burning Brothers” Transcription: Dave and Matt get a little lost in the weeds of early s television commercials before turning their attention to a startling, plot heavy episode of Ohranger! Be sure to join us on Tuesday for the start of a whole new season of Super Sentai Brothers! Listen in to hear a surprising amount of non-football related talk about Philadelphia, PA, and an increasingly silly and fun episode of Ohranger.

Be My Lady philippines Episode Dave is a Trim Healthy Momma, and pretty sure the whole wolrd is gonna know! Come for the revenge plot, stay for the I’ve lost track of what happened on this episode, which is very embarrassing because I just finished editing it four minutes ago. Click I have iTunes to open it now. Does this episode feature underwear, you might ask? Matt and Dave are back with an update on the twins, hot insta-pot talk, and a whole lot of Ohranger! Why is Ohranger suddenly a very different show?

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Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Episode 12

Heck if I know, I swear we just started this season a month or two ago. How many times are you comfortable hearing the phrase “body faucet. There’s also a quick Baby Watch before Matt and Dave break down a hard to digest episode of Ohranger. Wherein We Bid a Fond Farewell.

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Never change, Super Sentai. Good Sentwi Episode Oshin Episode In this week’s episode, Dave talks about casting for his upcoming musical, Matt discusses an air show, and the guys celebrate the annual gathering of their college friends before cracking down on an episode filled with snowmen! How are we already halfway through Ohranger?


Choriki Sentai Ohranger – Episode 5. This episode features badly named monsters, ghosts, ohrqnger new toys. In this week’s episode, Episde and Dave talk shop and by “shop” I mean Cleveland sports and the new Voltron show before getting into a In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave take you on a mini-jaunt through their weekend before digging into a disjointed but fun episode of Jetman.

The Invasion Cram School!! Clean Creature Royale Episode 3!

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In this week’s episode, Matt and Dave take an extra long break between parts 1 and 2 before getting into an episode that features a comic book created by a yokai. Wherein Matt Experiences Technical Difficulties.

No, it does not. Watch this week’s episode of Jetman here: Matt and Dave return from their yearly Christmas hiatus refreshed and ready to riff. This week’s episode could be titled: Chief Counsellor Miura revived super energies that had been born of the lost civilization of Pangaea. The Secret of Super-Power.

We’ve made it to season four of the Super Sentai Brothers. The Future Child” Transcription: Look, I know I’ve said things “get weird” in previous episodes. Tetsujin Papa ” Japanese: Digital Monsters Episode Wherein Things get Quite Weird.

Clean Gorenger Special Episode! Meanwhile, Matt is still pondering Mary Poppins while Dave is hosting a very welcome guest. Wherein Things Get a Little Uncomfortable. Well, friends, here we are.


Tune in zentai a wall of hands, stick around for titillating milk talk. In this week’s episode we witness a Trojan Hand and go prettydeep down the head-canon rabbit hole trying to explain someinexplicable issues.

Wherein Matt Considers a Bold Option.

Meteor Garden Episode Matt and Dave take a look back at their year of Jetman, answer user questions, and discuss the future of the show in this Jetman wrap-up episode! Dave updates us on his lifestyle brand and the guys share more thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy before diving into a What is the American Ninja? Wherein a Surprisingly Touching Moment is Found.

Description Six hundred million years ago, Pangaea created a robot named Bacchushund, who turned on his creators. Click I have iTunes to open it now.

Wherein Things Get Real. Matt and Dave discuss the Olympics, weird store signs, and Marvel Two-in-Ones before they take a long, confused look at an episode about an army of robot dolls. They review a poorly eplsode five stars segment and share a fifteen year old story about the time Dave Jay played Rico in a dance production of