After being healed, Lucia learns that she is no longer to continue the mission. But Lucia was wounded in episode 21, and Logia saved her as he has feelings for her as well. To that end, he creates supports to his claim by having using Logia to destroy Crystal Slab to hide the truth and Luka to resurrect the last Bosquito to give Warp Monarch to attack Earth in full fury. He later began to explore Tokyo in search for Mika so she can help him gather data of the present-day society. When three members of the same element have been awakened and gathered, a Tribe is formed. The armoured suits of the Flame Tribe are all based on birds. Her main weapons are the Swan Sector, a pair of fans. Guntras forms the main body, head and feet; Garuda for chest, cranium, and back; Dolcruz for the legs; GunCaesar for the right arm and the shoulder cannons; and Leviathan for the left arm and the tail.

After they realized they were being deceived, they turned against Karin and allied with the other GranSazers to defeat her. Dailogian is Logia’s personal mecha. Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode Not to be confused with Chouseishin Series. But after an attempt to use Mithras as a shield, activates the bomb on his person to complete his mission. After meeting Ran, he developed a crush on her, but he would never admit it. He likes dolphins a lot. Acting as a guide to the Wind Tribe, she convinced them that the other Sazers were a threat to the planet and must be destroyed.

However, in the end, Luka sacrifices herself to save Tenma’s life. Its finishing attack is called “Night Scratch”, which is a powerful claw slash.

Chouseishin Gransazer Episode 13

GranSazer is composed by 12 members split granszer four elements. Super Battle Memory The Justirisers: Soon after, Takumi regained control over his body long enough before he gransszer Jado leave Earth with the Mad Stone, detonating it in deep space and instantly vaporized. Initially hidden away in the Andes, referred as the “Great Shadow” in Peruvian legend, Guntras resurfaced when his Guntroller is repaired and Logia controls him, planning to use Guntras’ oxygen fuel supply to collide with the Sun and trigger a nova strong enough to evaporate Earth, after killing the GranSazers first.

The Cloud Dragon is designed for combat support and repairs the ChouSeishin after they suffered battle damage and rendered immobile as a result, in which a sky whirlpool is created to chouseiishin the damaged ChouSeiShin and loads them onto one of the chouseshin storage pads for the ChouSeiShin of each Tribe in the order of Flame GarudaWind DorcrusEarth GunCaesar and Water Leviathan respectively on its body for repairs and restoration in outer space the first such repairs is done onto the Flame ChouSeiShin Garuda by restoring its damaged left wingupon which they can be launched straight from the colossal Dragon’s storage pads once fully repaired and when the Gransazers summon them.


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After Tarius uses one of Lion’s Crescents to take the ruby on its chest, the source of its power, the Bosquito is destroyed by DaiSazer. He underwent training with Ryoukou until he was fully awakened. It vaguely resembles an M4 Sherman.

All four pilots have to focus in order to control DaiSazer. Despite frequently bickering with Mika, Tenma developed a serious crush on her as the show progresses.

He developed a crush on Ryoko. The armoured suits of the Flame Tribe are all based on birds. Despite her seemingly carefree nature, she can be very serious and devoted and can tap into the Crystal Slab, eventually revealing the full story behind the Ancient War. In Gransaaer Mode, Leviathan has a whale -like shape and uses epjsode fins for ramming attacks, as well as firing his two cannons at the fins.

Along with that, she is also rather calculating and intelligent. However, Logia drops Tenma at the last second once realizing this action would go against his eisode as an Impactor.

He is given one last chance to redeem himself by using Cabryon as a distraction to keep the Gransazers off his back while he kills Ruby without interference. Dentsuin later makes a cameo appearance in Justirisers Episode 30, as the doctor who assessed Mio’s condition. He would never give up, no matter how bad the odds are for him. Confused, Omega decides to report to Warp Monarch, ordered to gather all the Gransazers after gransaxer AI is geansazer without feeling and at full power.

But once the Crystal Lens is back in Tsubaki’s grasp, Test Subject Two turns on his creators upon being exposed to the Crystal Lens, stealing it while killing any soldier in his way of escape.

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Their suits are also shades of red, and they pilot the Flame-Driver Grand Vehicles. Till I Met You Episode While overseeing Remls attacking his teammates, Karin fights Tarius until the Wind Tribe notice the explosion of their fight, with Akira seeing Karin for as she really is, revealing she fell in love with the human and offered to spare his life. Sazer-Velsou’s second attack is the “Velsou Illusion”, a psychokinetic attack that disables her enemies.


With his plans ruined, Belzeus is knocked out by Logia as he takes the Garban to be brought before the Warp Monarch council to face judgement. In Warrior Mode, they resemble bipedal mechalosing most of their speed but gaining immense attacking power. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode Cloud Dragon’s Zodiac sign is unofficial 13th sign, Ophiuchus.

The Impactors’ culture is centered on honor and combat, using cards to switch between human form and fighting form.

Dailogian is Logia’s personal mecha. After meeting Ran, he developed a crush on her, but he would never admit it. Ai was in love with Akira Dentsuin.

In his silver-armored fighting form, Radia uses the enormous Mega Axe in his armor.

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Sazer-Dail’s main weapons are the Axe Tagger, axe -like tonfas. Sazer-Tawlon is the leader of the Earth Tribe. But in spite of his own love for her, Remls is forced to kill her to save Tarious, knocking her off the building to her death.

After being manhandled by the Fire Tribe, Karin assumes her Nova-Beast form and destroys the city, as Garuda and Dolcruz are summoned to fight her. He has romantic feelings for Lucia, though having ill feelings towards Logia in spite of his forced-respect for him. After being healed, Lucia learns that she is no longer to continue the mission.

Descendants of the warriors from the ancient human civilization, they later learn that the GranSazers were created to protect Earth from the Bosquito.

After Remls breaks free from her body, the assembled Gransazers managed to destroy Karin’s UFO before she herself is destroyed by the three Chouseishin. In Warrior Mode, Garuda mostly relies on the ‘Garu Claw’, which are his talons on the back of his fists, for close-range combat.

Sazer-Gorbion’s main weapon is the Blast Saw, a serrated broadsword. When Ran finds Agol to have him kill her when Ruby interferes again as Tarious and Lion arrive to save the two. Gransazdr As The Sky Episode Toto Nee-chan Episode The Cloud Dragon’s attack is the Galactica Prominence Cannon, a devastating blaster capable of blowing an entire asteroid into pieces.