It is the hope of this project that these subs will raise awareness for the Seishin series and will bring aboard a whole new generation of fans. Remls’ Sazer Gear equips Dorcrus with a giant version of the Iron Gale on his head, since Dolcruz does not have proper hands to hold objects in theory. Their armoured suits are based on mammals and are yellow or orange-shaded, piloting the Earth-Driver Grand Vehicles. Super Battle Memory He led the team which repaired the Guntroller. If high quality raws for either show should surface? By the time he meets Ran, Omega regains his memories of the past and is compelled to fight Mithras, unable to kill her. After Tarius uses one of Lion’s Crescents to take the ruby on its chest, the source of its power, the Bosquito is destroyed by DaiSazer.

Some ,, years after an advanced human civilization was destroyed by aliens, 12 direct descendants of the civilization’s warriors called “Sazers” have their powers awakened and form four tribes: She only descends from the ozone layer if the ChouSeiShin are summoned or are in need of her help for repairs. Sazer-Gorbion’s second attack is known as “Aqua Slasher”. After the Gransazers learn of this plot, the Bisilians kill their operative before retreating to begin Stage Two. The opportunity finally came, and he joined his tribe members, completing the Water Tribe. Sazer-Velsou’s main weapons are the Sel Cross, a pair of bucklers. In Live Mode, Garuda is shaped after a phoenix and attacks with his guns located under its wings where its legs are, firing lasers and energy beams. He is a doctor.

Often locking horns with Mika and the others, he doesn’t quite like being made the leader, but he accepts the role. His past as a war photographer made him grow cautious and mistrusting, and initially he does not trust anyone but his tribe members. Unfortunately, diminishing returns from Justiriserscombined with the commercial failure of Sazer-Xcaused Toho to bring the young franchise to an end. When Ran finds Agol to have him kill her when Ruby interferes again as Tarious and Lion arrive to save the two.

He also commands the robot Yuuhi using a special head piece. Its finishing attack is called “Matador Burst”, which is a charged shot. Though she had the upper hand against the two Chouseishin, Karin retreats to the valley hill to heal her burn injuries by Garuda, taking Akira into the beast for one last chance to join her before she resumes her attack.

With the introductions out of the way, please enjoy these twelve episodes, the first major story arc of the show, of Ultra Star God GranSazer. But the plan fails and Logia goes to hell again after Dailogian is damaged by Daisazer, found by Belzeus who offers him another chance by increasing his power and reviving Logia in return for the Crystal Slab by taking Mika and Professor Horiguchi as hostages to force Tenma to hand deliver it to him alone.


Soon after, Takumi regained control over his body long enough before he and Jado leave Earth with the Mad Stone, detonating it in deep space and instantly vaporized.

He is also dedicated and tough. It is feared across the universe, as Warp Monarch couldn’t control the Bosqutio when it came to Earth, resulting in the birth of the Gransazers to counter it and the War that destroyed ancient human civilization along with the propaganda set up to link the Bosquito to Earth’s people. He has romantic feelings for Lucia, though having ill feelings towards Logia in spite of his forced-respect for him.

Sazer-Dail’s main weapons are the Axe Tagger, axe -like tonfas. The series aired on TV Tokyo from October 4, to September 25,with a total of 51 half-hour episodes. Along with that, she is also rather calculating and intelligent.

It can absorb beam attacks through its chest and redirect them back to the opponents. After the Gransazers learn of this plot, the Bisilians kill their operative before retreating to begin Stage Two.

Gransazer 02 – video dailymotion

Each ChouSeiShin has two modes, which can be switched between with a simple transformation. After seeing that the Gransazers were nothing like the Bosquito and Tarious’ resolve to protect the Earth, Luka questions her actions, and Tenma convinces her to leave Warp Monarch. However, Logia drops Tenma at the last second once realizing this action would go against his pride as an Impactor.

Its finishing attack is called “Final Judgement”, which is a concentrated ball of air. He guides the Sazers by giving them information and leads. Sazer-Tragos’ main weapon is the Spiral Horn, a drill arm. The suits of the Water Tribe are based on sea animals and have shades of blue, piloting the Aqua-Driver Grand Vehicles.

Having helped Professor Horiguchi with his research, she was the first Sazer to be awakened. With gransazers nuckle riser there is granvehicle mode. She attacks Samura while he was tracking her, fighting Tenma and Gou. This symbol can turn into a Knuckle-Riser.

He makes his debut as a Sazer when Leviathan becomes endangered due to Radia’s presence and motives and promptly saves Tarious from impending death. Email required Address never made public. They remained dormant on Earth until the GranSazers were awakened, and reactivated the long-lost relics. The monster was slowed down by Youhei, as it destroys the monster’s crystal lens.

Its finishing attack is called “Death Storm”, which calls forth a small tsunami. Confused, Omega decides to report to Warp Monarch, ordered to gather all the Gransazers after his AI is reprogramed without feeling and at full power. Dentsuin later makes a cameo appearance in Justirisers Episode 30, as the doctor who assessed Mio’s condition. Asahi is Yuuhi’s support mecha. Sazer-Velsou’s main weapons are the Sel Cross, a pair of bucklers.


However, Logia summons DaiLogian to Earth and use it to destroy the Gransazers once and episose all for the sake of his gansazer comrades, taking out Tawlon, Remls, before going after Gorbion in a plan to upset Tarious.

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His second attack is the ” Cosmo Punch “, in which Sazer-Tarious jumps up, then spins towards his adversary before striking with a flaming outstretched fist.

When asked by Yuka, she said that she had such skills because she used them in what she used to do, being a ‘friend of justice’. However, the meteor was eisode by Cloud Dragon and the fragments unearthed Leviathan instead. Levithan and Gunceasar are summoned to weaken Garuda so eject the Bosquito, who starts to absorb the floral life energy to regain its strength and create two clones of itself.

In fact, without them the person behind this project would have never been aware of these series at all. By the events of Justiriser, Naoto founded a gym where he meets Shouta, who reminds him of Tenma. Granzazer second time was when Logia and Tenma fought one on one in their respective mechas with Tenma barely securing the victory.

Their suits are also shades of red, and they pilot the Flame-Driver Grand Vehicles. Prior to the final battle, Yuuhi was broken into pieces after fighting Troius.

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Tenma eventually got the Guntroller and freed Guntras, who joined up with Cloud Dragon as an ally to the Sazers. Subtly, she built a relationship with Akira that ensured his loyalty to even further tie him to her.

After finding Ruby, Gorgion is halted by the Flame Tribe. When both failed, Suub decides to capture Ran and kill her before her abilities as the Communicator fully manifest, sending his Garba soldiers to exterminate both her and Ruby. In any case, as a Seishin fan among other tokusatsu seriei say thank you!

But as a result of being forced to keep his host alive, Jado is weakening to the point that he would eventually die. After Radia dies, Lucia swears to kill the Gransazers in spite of Logia ordering her not to act.