Irving leaves Koko in charge of the recycling yard while he is away, but she doesn’t listen properly to his instructions. It’s time for the three trainees to move up to advanced training. Start your free trial. Koko and Brewster must each deliver three packages before three o’clock. Wilson plays around with the storm maker simulator, and accidentally unleashes a violent storm. Zephie takes newspaper reporter Rag and photographer Snap to the depot to do a story about Morgan’s new rail cycle. Wilson’s new Chug Patrol skills are put to the test, but things go awry when he forgets something important. It is a combination of two episodes from Series 4 “Rescue at Rocky Ridge” and “Wilson’s Forest Flare” with additional footage providing a transition between the two episodes, including Wilson being shown the facilities offered by the new Chug Patrol Headquarters.

A dog getting onboard Brewster’s car confuses matters. The inhabitants of Chuggington enjoy the snow! Archived from the original on 24 September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jackman, the chug patrol chief, gets into trouble. Jackman, the chug patrol chief, gets into some trouble. When he runs out of water, Wilson must think on his wheels during a special fire-training exercise.

Wilson plays around with the od maker simulator, and accidentally unleashes a violent storm. They clean up litter to ensure it gets recycled, trying various methods to decide which way is the best. The trainees each carry an animal to the new safari park.

Old Puffer Pete lets Wilson use his steam powered ice cream car when Wilson’s breaks down.

Brewster comes across a naughty monkey. Cormac tried to lift the large pieces of rock, but they’re too heavy, then he saw a big excavator, he used the excavator to smash the pieces of rock to save the Chug Patrollers and save the day.

Welcome to our Official The trainees attempt to earn a badge by guessing weight. Cartoons For Kids en ov. Ready To Build” which was first broadcast in Canada on 5 May Additional footage provides a transition between the two episodes, including showing Tyne returning the tunnel boring machine and Brewster laying track inside the tunnel.


Brewster is given the task of transporting chugbington massive tunnel boring epispde with the help of the chuggers, but one by one they all begin to get called away or drop out. Brewster is mentored by new characters Zack, Fletch and Tyne. After finding out from Emery that some animals escaped from the safari park, Brewster is convinced that dragons are real. Emery pretends to have broken down so that Wilson and Brewster can practice rescuing him, but he later breaks down for real.

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Chuggington – Chug Of War

fhuggington Chuggington — Die Loks sind los!: Ling’s Chugnav to pick up a part that is needed to repair the broken lift. Wilson and Koko have to rescue a stranded chugger from the snow.

Calley worries she doesn’t have a specialty, but proves she is a great chuggongton. If a Chugger is in trouble you can be rest assured that they’ll be there to save the day. Christmas Episodes Snowing en ov. The inhabitants of Chuggington enjoy the snow!

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Frostini is helped by Cuug and the safari park monkeys when creating a new flavour of ice cream. Wilson has to teach Hoot and Toot how to use the paint wagon. Brewster and Koko get stranded on the opposite side of a broken track that the Chuggineers are repairing. Brewster has to find potential safety hazards on the track. Chuggington Spooky Halloween Moments!

Brewster tells Wilson about his new hobby: Harrison must devise a special tour of Chuggington in order to pass his tour guide test. Full Cast and Crew. Dunbar and a nurse from the local hospital are teaching the trainees about the ambulance car.

A problem occurs when the chuggineers build a bridge for a new high-speed link to Tootington – but eagle-eyed Brewster saves the day.


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Chuggington Winter In Chuggington! Today we are playing Chuggington Chug Patrol game for kids. To get the badge, Wilson has to invent a new and chuggingron workout for himself. Calley US voice Imogen Bailey Koko explores a tunnel with Wilson and fails to tell anyone but Brewster where they’re going. The trainees try to find him a new one. Hoot and Toot have to round up all the stray carriages around the depot in record time.

Hoot and Toot have to recycle everything thoroughly. Full Episode New Bonus Episode! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Harrison wants to pull the royal carriage, but doesn’t follow the rules in the race to get the job, and as a result has to spend time refreshing his skills with the trainees. Chuggington Inspector Emery Best Moments! I’m cuhg to die, you’re going to die. Wilson has to deliver some special paper to the printer, but gets it wet when he’s distracted by a broken water pipe.

Cormac loves to be busy, but with a problem at the docks, he gets increasingly bored, but when Jackman, Asher and Calley are trapped behind a rockfall at the quarry, it’s Cormac to the rescue.

Bonus Chuggington Kid’s Cartoons en ov. Feel free to like this video or visit Kids Game HD for Edit Storyline To decide who is going to work down the mines, the chuggers hold a tug-of-war competition with snooty Harrison and old Speedy McAllister as the team captains.