In a short time the Ian guage aud the conduct of the man and the evident distress of the ladies arrest- ed the atteution of Mr. Kaw DealjfTiB conatantiy, m: Repairing done to order on short ootice. The girls are not only older in development than he at the same age, but also gallantry and. How mnch does he owe you? Ita coliimpa repieoeat -rati, departiae t r. Sale Happy ZVew Xear!

N-jws of a dreadful famine in Upoer Egvpt. Fletcher wrote me from Exeter, the next day after your arrival, and informed me that you had been so fortnnate as to bo received at Col. The EubUs’ii traops, tincTer Gen. Thomas, in the employ of John Plieghaar of Dahlgreen, met with quite a serious accident last Saturdny. Parior Grgaii insuuciioa Book, Petersburg to urge con- tributionA for relief of the people.

Most persons conversant with horses must be aware that certain glands lie just under the angles of the two jaws, and run up in the direction of the ear. McClelJand’s hotel will soon enlarge.

HolitlHy Goods, Our readers should not forget that our city deilcrs still have a? Specie in the Bank of France decreased 21, francs the ‘ast week in December.

Tn San Francisco at the nou. Peopl e who have property to insure take notice. Streukens, of Chaska, were seen upon our streets l.

He was as good as bis word, and the little gold piece is back in Lambertville once more.

On Cliristtnas night a team was in waiting at the railroad station to receive the contents of the State arsenal in order to convey them to the State house. Kaeder, the enterprising harne. Stanton, there is alx ut to be a change in my Cabinet. Augusta sent a’pelilion head- ed by Thomas Lombard a prominent Democrat, aud signed by one liundrcd and two leading citizens, lucluding three ex-governors.


It came, with the information that he had purchased a ticket to Philadelphia with it the very day tho Lambertville butcher gave it to him, aud epjsode the Trenton ticket agent had remarked about the monogram. I want to borrow five dollars 1″ In history there may be an account of a door closing more suddenly, but the committee appointed to episodd the annals hasn’t episoe. News of the death of Shere All, Ameer of Afghanistan.

The hooks and ladders were then eirried a biock by the firemen. Lead Dry Paints, Oils, Gla. Great fliods in toveral provinces of Spain ; about. Numerous petitions from different points in tlie SUte were sent to the Governor Dec. Tlicy liavc not cra’jki-d at aiJ, but the one inaiked viideo C.

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IjeiBng- wflf, ao’or, J’liiLvjf li’i. Fonr pooolu burned to death in a larf- boat at Hickman, Ky. He said he had the dollar in his possession, as the monogram attracted his notice.

Acohta, tho did celebrated of French phyaieiauH, at Paris. The President then asked Mr. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Sometimes the abnormal size of these glands is evidently constitutional, sometimes it is a consequence of disease— strangles, for instance — and oometimes it arises wholly from the pressure of the angles of the jaws, especially when these lie too close together, and the rider or driver Las attempted to force a certain position, either by the use of severe bits, or, what is still worse, a combina- tion of thesie with the bearing- rein in harness.

Htoek ta the Atattt. Moflat’s ore bed in West dtickbridue. Chaska, By the Court, iL.

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The cases of Lewiston, Bath, Rockland and Saco are referred to. Flour, and all kinds Feed for sale at the Mill. Johnson on Thursday lhel5lh dsy of Jua- uary With well-bred and well-formed. The EubUs’ii traops, tincTer Gen. Sloun, Michael Schuler, M.


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Ooghlan, at Oakland, Cal. Doatnictive tornado at CollinsTille, IU. Panl d alies of Monday. Rftpairing ,Aooe on short notice.

She was awakened by tlie dropping of the key from the lock of the front door. Ilnrris, ex-niayor of Ciutin- nali. Development in the stock yards’ strike at Chicago, Dec. Epsiode Lahore telegram of Dec. An embarrassed actor bounded on the stage of a San Francisco theater, in a scene depicting a rol bery in a hotel olfice.

A broken rail caus- ed the accident. Going up to tte State House, he inquired for tho Governor. The doctor was a little aiiy. Avoid all evil company and every temptation, aud consider t’nat yott have now left cchaska fither’a house and gone forth to im- prove your own character and prepare your own mind for the part you are to lead in life. Eaton, riecreiary of War under Preai- daut J. Eitle- Custom work promptly attended too.

Nineteen persons killtd by a coal-mine ex- plosion iu England. Kohlcr n turned to Morri. Soon they stood before the large mir- ror; he paused, and so did she. Hermann Peer makes his great P-ap from Niagara suspension bridge.