Upload your resume Sign in. Was this review helpful? Nice and clean it’s awesome there. Want to know more about working here? My co-workers and managers are pretty cool and laid back and i like this job because everyone is like family. You must be available to work weekends.

Working this job I’ve learned that you won’t always be able to please everyone but you should always try your best. Co-workers were the same age as me so we got along a lot. I loved going into work it had good people and good vibes. The most enjoyable part of my job is working alongside such awesome people. It gives you alot of experience such as cash handling, custmer service, and good communcation. I learned how to talk more and interact with people.

It was fun sometimes, but managers choose favorites and if you aren’t on their list of favorites you get stuck doing all the grunt work while all the other favorites get to hang out and have fun in the back. This was my first job, although i was being harassed, and the manger i told, told the person i was filing a complaint about my complaint, it created a hostile environment for me. It is difficult to hold your composure and express a genuine sympathy when the person on the receiving end is being irrational, rude, and demanding.

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I have learned how to keep track of my time and always win the customer and not the argument if the customer is unsatisfied. This place is like totally radical. The pay is low but the work is inspiring and enjoyable. Was this review helpful? Management stayed on top of products and helped out alot cargaz ever we needed them. One of the most difficult things to handle at the job is rude, manipulative, unsatisfied customers.


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However, as I have previously stated, it galparaiso events like this one that has allowed me to grow as a person and a professional. Awesome place to work. I loved going into work it had good people and good vibes.

The most enjoyable times would be watching valpariaso for free right after you clock out after your shift is over, especially with coworkers. Fun place to work, but a bit soul wrenching if your are in dee. Great management and staff. A typical day at Cinemark, would consists of waiting until one of the movies from the 12 theaters ends, so I can clean the theater within the next 15 minutes that it ends.

The most enjoyable part was taking customers tickets and watching movies. The only reason I stayed was for the free movies honestly.

It is also a great place to work fi,mes looking for a little extra money a couple days a week. Good Company to work for.

An amazing job for young adults and students. It gives you alot of experience such as cash handling, custmer service, and good communcation. Fast pace, demanding work enviorment.

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Management was awesome employees were great. As a manager, I have a lot of responsibilities, but the position pushes me to think outside the box, exercise my problem solving skills, challenge cartza, and work under pressure.


But that only adds to the fun. To see them walk away happy with their order and to tilmes them say thank you is just awesome. All you have to do is work hard and you will see results. I love working at the theatre! If your looking for a job as a high schooler this is the perfect place to start. Some examples of the overbearing audit items are; timing the flow rate of toilets so that water isn’t wasted, or making sure that over 5, light bulbs I counted them are all lit.

Productive yet Easy workplace. A typical day at work would be considered a hour work shift where I’d be cleaning all-day and in between rushes I’ll valparaiiso down in concession. Although there are some diligent ones who stick around. The hardest part of the job was cleaning at nights. The positive energy and the ability to understand each other because we are all experiencing the same stress is a blessing. Upload your resume Sign in.