A really great game for a little money. For Mac systems, an Intel-based processor is required. FBI agent versus the serial killer sounds cliche? The puzzles are minimal and fits well within the story, they challenge you to think since this is a detective story after all but without being game stopping or too hard to figure out on your own. Still, yes, I recommend the game as it is hard to find a solid adventure game. Especially the first two episodes are very enjoyable and worth playing. An Erica Reed Thriller. I like the way how the story is told, then again, the game engine tells that story so slow that your excitement is questionable.

Three years have passed and we find that Erica is now living in Boston and is working downtown at the FBI headquarters. Alcatel is debuting three affordable phones and a 10 inch tablet One of the first of its kind to do so, the project was backed by hundreds of supporters, but also gained the support of one key individual. To help players get through often challenging puzzles and situations, a hint system is cleverly incorporated in the game through the UI itself. As the game’s title suggests, the twist is that Erica is endowed with special abilities with which you can use to solve the different puzzles in the game. First posted on 07 January If you are a gamer who is on the lookout for a fast and adrenaline rush adventure, then this is not a game for you. The implausible puzzles were another reason why I was slow to make progress.

Are these other reviewers playing the same game? And oh, they are pretty hard to find around Boston. Not surprisingly, the game presents little challenge to experienced adventure gamers.

Unfortunately, Erica is unable to save Scott. To help players get through often challenging puzzles and situations, a hint system is cleverly incorporated in the game through the UI itself.

‘Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller: Episode 1 – The Hangman’ Review

Don’t worry, the story will surprise you a few A really great game for a little money. Ultimately, Cognition is a good start, and at its core, a quality adventure game.

My Time At Portia. The game opening is especially powerful hhe it manages to keep that momentum for a while before feeling like it’s slowed down too much. The game opens up quite a little bit in the second part. See all 19 User Reviews.


Let us show you how to hide sensitive material to prying eyes. Loading times are pretty long too, at times. Overall, if you are seeking an adventure game with stylish graphics and an intriguing story and are not turned off by adult dialogs and imageries, what a great way it is to start with this debut title from Phoenix Online Studios.

The bigger screen will most likely make a huge difference. The Silver Lining was developed thrriller many years and faced a lot of turmoil, but eventually it got released in four chapters.

All copyrighted works are reproduced here under the fair use clause. Despite a good cast of voice actors, the characters can be a bit one-dimensional, and stuck in their own typecast personalities. But this is just one of the limitations of playing this sort of game on a phone.

Cognition is one Overall episode 1 was very enjoyable even some of the bugs that were in the game. Follow me on Twitter superkyol.

An Erica Reed Thriller: All reviww expressed within are those of the authors alone and do not represent the views of this site. Nov 16, PC. Anyway, Erica Reed is not your average detective. It is clear that the developer is readily invested in the flux of the story and does not want to rush the otherwise marvelous noir narrative. Seems to me a great potential has been wasted with the game engine used.

The story is really what makes me marking the calendar for future episode releases.

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We need your help! While some players may find similarities with other recent entries to the genre, Cognition holds its own despite its flaws. Gabriel Knight is a prime example of an excellent adventure game. Game consultant Jane Jensen makes this a real treat because you can see her influence throughout. When investigating a crime scene with all of these characters in the same area, however, these scenarios do tend to feel a bit more like an episode of Dexter than a dark, gritty detective story.

All logos, trademarks, and media related to commercial software are copyrighted by their respective owners. All this publication’s reviews. Cognition is a point-and-click adventure, which follows Boston FBI detective Erica Reed as she searches for clues and solves puzzles in order to solve gruesome murders.


Rather, the game is best suited for novice adventure gamers or casual gamers who are new to the adventure genre. Tap on the Cognition sphere at the bottom left and it will reveal certain glowing areas in your environment.

It’s so “10 years ago”.

An Erica Reed Thriller – Episode 1: For instance, clicking on a point of interest will provide the usual array of options: Last updated on 25 May You will be taken back to a time in gaming where immersion was attained simply through your own curiosity. Cognition Episode 3 – Launch Trailer.

It takes a different slant on the realm of detective fiction and features a strong female lead in a subgenre that is typically dominated by male characters.

Cognition was a breath of fresh air during a time of monotonous stories, mediocre storytelling, and games just overall lacking in any sort of Cognition was a breath of fresh air during a time of monotonous stories, mediocre storytelling, and games just overall lacking in any sort of human qualities. All this publication’s reviews Read full review. Mixed or average reviews – based on 19 Critics What’s this?

Log in to finish rating Cognition: Thripler this mystery thriller, they brought on board Gabriel Knight-creator Jane Jensen as a story consultant. The music does a great job of exacerbating the uncanny feeling that seems to be hanging in the air at all times. The story This game is a great throw-back to adventure game thrillers from the 90s, but with upgraded graphics and a fresh new game dynamic.

Cognition is one of the new adventure games that make ercia want more The superb graphics and audios in this game immediately set the game apart from other indie productions.