Description As the only boy in a family with a mom and three sisters, Wyatt Bernstein is not pleased when he is taken to a Build-A-Bestie store so he can build a customized doll for his birthday. Crash becomes a local celebrity after he gets a job with Wyatt at Roland’s newsstand in order to score money for wrestling tickets and offers silly, outlandish, and nonsensical advice to customers which somehow pays off. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Scaredy Crash Full Episode S 1: Phlerger and get Halloween back to normal. Poulos’ boat to make a fire. After several failed attempts to get Trey, the party host, to like them, Wyatt over-compliments Amanda and she gets him invited. Amanda, her friend Jennifer and Cleo resort to improvising until the systems come back on.

However, Crash gets in trouble with Vice-Principal Takashi after setting off the fire alarm and Wyatt takes the blame for Crash. Crash is introduced to Cassie the voice-assistant app on Wyatt’s phone and a parody of Siri and becomes obsessed with it barraging it with nonsensical questions. Retrieved March 26, Things spiral out of control when Crash ends up sighting what might be Bigfoot living on the island, and an eager Wyatt tries to capture a photo of the beast. Poulos, Chip Chinery as Coach Urkhart. While on a field trip at the Bixby Spaceport owned by Trent Bixby, Crash talks his way onto a space shuttle by passing himself as a dot. Mighty Med ” Retrieved July 11,

As Mel takes Cleo and Amanda out to Coaster World for the day, Karl is left behind to watch over Crash and Wyatt where they must handle the fruit job for Old Man Shubb in exchange that he doesn’t press charges.


The Bernstein’s neighbor Ms. They find a vacant lot in an abandoned fireworks factory, but will need to challenge a group of nerdy high school boys in order to claim the hangout for themselves.

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Johnathan McClain as Trent Bixby. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines.

Crash is introduced to Cassie the voice-assistant app on Wyatt’s phone and a parody of Siri crahs becomes obsessed with it barraging it with nonsensical questions. Meanwhile, Amanda sprains her ankle and Pesto waits on her which affects his training for the cup-stacking competition. A visit to the doctor uncovers Crash’s fear of needles, and indirectly creates a fear of moustaches. Phlerger and get Halloween back to normal.

bernsteiin Green has captured Crash, Wyatt fools Mr. Meanwhile, Cleo takes her business into the fashion industry by making jerseys for the basketball team, and Amanda tries to raise money to buy a pair of sunglasses. Poulos then spend an evening on the balcony acting like southern gentlemen as Mel tries to join them.

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The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Retrieved February 2, After noticing how everyone in the family is very tech-savvy, Crash gets Wyatt to teach him to use the computer.

After a failed attempt to get Amanda to leave, Crash cuts down the apartment wall with a power saw, leading to an argument between the two. Abuse of the TV. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eric, Amy Farrington as Ms. Crash and Wyatt set the arcade’s record on the video game “Motorcycle Mayhem.

Mel forces Wyatt and Crash to play with their neighbor Gerry, an incredibly annoying and rude kid. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.


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Poulos, Kelly Perine as Officer Plotkin. Oana Gregory as Amanda. Danny Woodburn as Mr.

While visiting a local university with Crash, Wyatt is mistaken for a kid genius, and he plays along, since the mix-up will allow him and Crash to become the newest members of the Beta Rho Omega fraternity. Green and brought to the house of his mother Carol Green, causing Wyatt to lead his family in a rescue mission to save his brother.

Crash goes through extreme measures in order to make himself taller after being turned away from riding on a roller coaster called the Decapitator, but then learns about the benefits of being short from Mr.

However, Wyatt gets kicked out of the frat when the truth about him is revealed, and later ends up having to teach Crash a lesson about brotherhood when the members of the frat start taking advantage of Crash and using him to commit crimes.

Meanwhile, Mel and Cleo try to get Jasmine to like their birthday gifts. However, Crash’s annoying and crazy antics cause Rufus to regret his decision. Lopez moves away to Alaska and leaves Crash her fortune and pet cats. Phlergerwho is now head of the activist group P. Outside the competition, Crash starts to use the garbage gathered in the hangout where the toxic fumes start to affect Crash’s brain and makes him think that the trash heap is talking to him.