If two players HS each other at the same time at long ranges, deagle wins, as not only does it kill, it’s more accurate I think, I don’t have access to the numbers: Vitality – [Cache] Map When the russians in your team can’t speak English with you, at least they can win some rounds thanks to individual skill. This same match later on there was also a nutty 3k on B; but this clip highlights the SG’s benefits better. I didn’t play for two years, I was supreme before I quit and now I’m down into silver. The dropoff of the p makes it garbage at range even without inaccuracy, which is how most guns should function without movement IMO. That said I do smurf sometimes myself and I do understand that if everyone smurfs “once in a while” there will be a lot of smurfs but I at least go cz only as a bit of a limiting factor.

You need to sign in or create an account to do that. I was global, dident play MM for 6 months, played one game and got supreme, played one more and got global back.. And 3 hours is optimistic, that’s enough for like games on average, if you lose 6 games and then start to destroy everything you still rank up rather fast. People use the AK as they see others use it, they see pros use it. That means you could be in the middle of a flick to one tap the enemy and he could do any number of things to instantaneously change his head position and fuck up your aim. Or will I eventually get to play on another map? I’m pretty new and have aged about 6 competitive games so far and they’ve all been on Dust2.

There is alot of work behind it. And if you have issues with tapping the gun while scoped in, that’s your problem, not mine. It took something like wins to get Global. In League, if you haven’t kept up with the patches, for all you know one of the match-ups you think you know has changed drastically, and you suddenly lose it because your champion lost 4 points of armor, 9 patch cycles ago, while you weren’t playing.


Id rather have 80 dmg consistently cause of dmg falloff than killing the guy once on 3 attempt cause of rng inaccuracy. Also, you would entirely remove crouchpeeking from the game since it would give zero advantage against standing unless you propose decreasing damage dropoff when ducked, which would be horrible.

A Sep 21, Flashbangs are incredible, learn how and where to throw them by experimentation and watching others. Do you think Daniel Negrano is just incredibly lucky?

Why is there first bullet inaccuracy at all? : GlobalOffensive

I think go-timw reason is many players see most other players using AKs all the time, or maybe don’t want to try to get better with the SG, but I would really recommend everyone at least give it a serious chance to see if it will help them improve. Enlighten me, but it doesn’t make any sense to my why Valve would promote tapping with the primary rifles yet still have this though small inaccuracy.

A Sep 22, 1: The gun is meant to be used while scoped in. Relying on playing with friends now to get me out, but man I feel bad for novas. It would be like only getting matched against silver 5’s. It’s always good to have people like you to add to the community. The only thing is that I didn’t want to ruin their games but I think I did by being placed in almost the lowest rank.


Once you get that elo, your level of play is Global. As someone who’s recently gotten back to playing CS a bit was Global before took a long break my advice is to pick up AWP.


This one is for the MAG7. Discussion Why is there first bullet inaccuracy at all? You need to balance inaccuracy to determine “who is more accurate” That may happen because when those comments are made the original ones weren’t at the top yet?

I would say it’s easier to gradually learn maps, instead of searching for like 8 from the beginning. Just because the spray is easy to handle, doesn’t mean its good to use for spray transfers.

Firing successive shots and moving while shooting.

For lot of People cs is just a Game, and if u see the Twitch chat, sometimes i wish the cs Community would be a lot Smaller, but therefor better People, but then agan, the growth is also good. I definitely understand the reasoning behind it, but it still doesn’t seem like a good implementation. With AK you have to go down and then side to side which is super hard to actually kill someone with.

Just don’t give up and continue to improve, the ranks are closer together as you think. Yesterday I go in for my first match and could see both my team mates and opponents were really ‘meh’. It could be day and night metas but in CS: Submit a new link.

GO, downloaded it and never fod back.

Okay maybe a lot of them don’t know about it. I’d get called a smurf or a cheater every game and many times deagoe started toggling because of it. Sure, it’s not even close to a real competitive environment, but it’s the fastest and easiest option. But I feel like I was the only kid playing that game.