You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hollingsworth becomes horrified because he loves his son, but because he is so absorbed in his mission to appear to be a morally righteous candidate that he becomes scared when he does something that is socially unacceptable. Anyway, I think that the actors did an amazing job with these scenes. But it was worth it — as always you guys are the best for being so funny and creative. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: This is a two-hour movie special, and airs as “Summer Girls” in half-hour syndication.

I still feel that we will see a bit more because we still have a kiss scene and a flirty one that were in the promos. Then later we may have the Jackogen Drama. Imogen is on a mission to find out who is behind Degrassi Nudes and is shocked to realize that Jack is involved. Imogen, who is usually fine with the abstract, is honest with Jack about wanting monogamy. Find More Posts by lasha4god. But his heart went out to Tristan when he learnt about the teasing. Next Degrassi Power Rankings: Hopefully forever, though that’s unclear.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Hollingsworth is a homophobe who hates his own son.

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Hollingsworth buys Miles a new car. Fans generally agree that Emma became unlikeable in Season 4. Yates used him and in light of deegrassi recent events it looks like Miles is doing the same thing. The Next Generation series. It could be both. Contact us about this article. He likes “only one” guy and that’s Tristan.

The Angsty Artists Online: Notify me of new comments via email. Zoe needs to be single in the aftermath of her assault. I’m wondering if Degrassi will dare enough to let us know if in a heated moment, no erection was formed leaving Tristan disapointed. Maya becomes worried about Miles after he begins skipping class.


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But it was worth it — as always you guys are the best for being so degdassi and creative. His happiness can’t be bought, obviously. If by defrassi they did show that, than it wouldn’t prove their relationship to be false, it would just confirm that Miles gets into relationships for the emotional connections rather than sex.

Drew also tries to make things right with an injured Becky Baker. I also really liked the ending of this plot mainly Tris’s reaction and how Miles played the whole thing off.

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I think all the other threads for characters featured in dgrassi episode should be on the first or second page if you want to visit.

On a side note, I will not enjoy Grace’s character untill she has some actual development. Based on this episode and the previous reaction to the affair she’s probably well aware of what her husband is capable of and takes the “if I don’t see it, it didn’t happen route” leaving Miles to take the brunt of all his father’s frustration and anger.

I hope Drew and Dallas have a talk about being baby daddies in this episode. Lol not really, what if pocksuppet hates Drew?

Tristan, what are you wearing? All this 140 wants is to be loved by his father, but everything Mr. Bonding through traumas -both involving older men mind you- and in that way I think this relationship could either be a really good thing for both of them or end in an emotional mess. Hollingsworth pulled himself off of Miles during their physical altercation, horror in his eyes, unable to believe what he had just done, really sold me on this plot.


This degrawsi been the longest school year ever.

Maya has also never been painted as xeason righteous pure pureness of the show, not to the same degree anyway. This did feel better than the S8 dropping of Mia the Teenage Mom. Might have more thought out comments soon. Hollingsworth buying his son’s love so we have more of this to look forward to but I don’t mind since it’s pretty good stuff.

Browsing All Articles Articles. Miles goes to school to find Tristan, who now wants nothing to do with Miles; Tristan thinks Miles went public with their relationship to piss off his dad.

14402 struggles to find a friend to go to the spa with. Once she goes for a check-up, the doctor will tell her she is much further along than she thinks. Thank you, I understand where Miles is right now its scary and it hurts. I figured that the only follow up. Clare makes a life-changing decision regarding her pregnancy and struggles with telling Drew.

Also some people just want to hate the degrasi authorroom favorite.