We got a few subtle hints that maybe something was once again brewing between these two, then nothing, nada, zilch. Preferably on one of the shows listed in this post. He says we are family…. I can honestly say I hope that the show is given one more season, or as Emily Procter said, its senior year. Where exactly have you been for the past 5 seasons? When Eric’s therapist is killed, he and Calleigh go through her confidential files.

I love this show! Posted in Uncategorized 1 Comment. Because truthfully, I did like the Chicago Code, I wish they had given it a chance. First off, Ryan, sweetheart, you are adorable, why do you have to try so hard. Either put them back together and make it right or have them stay broken up, but show us the consequences of that break up. Broken promises, shattered dreams. Melinda Lauderdale on Hello world! Ok, so I think this turned out pretty well.

I am going with loving it. We are smarter that you think we are.

Thanks for the concise summary. And once again…utter disappointment Posted on April 10, by texmex I am almost certain that we heard this before. Elliott becomes engaged to state attorney Monica West, but dwlko to inform Calleigh of this, continuing to offer warm overtures to her. Calleigh learns that Austin North is a student at the academy and grows suspicious when pro player and academy alumnus, Jack Brody, takes a special interest in him. In season 10 there is still less of a focus on her romantic relationships.

Retrieved November 15, Today I can treat you with some spoilers that just came in. They bring out the best in each other. Season 11 — still being determined in other family-related news, Calleigh Emily Procter will finalize her plans to adopt. Articles with short description Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields. I have to thank my friend April for getting me into this show. CSIs then capture North and use him to lure out Toller so they can save the girl he plans to kill.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. If this is how the show ends, it has ended pretty badly. Are we to assume that the relationship, one that has anf building for more than 5 seasons, was just a ploy to make people watch.

I will post more details as soon as I find out. Miami with only 19 episodes. I ask you writers, producers, stop lying to us. Even better would be him telling Olivia that he left his wife and that he loves her, but hey, that is all a dream. So guess who steps in to help her with edlko predicament? The team determines it must be the work of a fellow genius, though must determine who would benefit from Stone’s death the most.

Calleigh falls in love with the North children, she adopts them.

Calleigh Duquesne

The tenth and final season of CSI: Season 8 — After failed contract negotiations, Adam Rodriguez leaves the show. Sympathetic, Calleigh allows him to sit out the interrogation. Calleigh is targeted by a murderer recently escaped from prison in the season 1 finale.

One more thing…because it really pisses me off when people start bashing MY favorite characters…I hope your favorite character falls off a cliff…just because you wished it on mine. Season 1 — flirting, more flirting. In the end, Horatio gives her the hope and confidence to start a new life. The hardest part of watching the rest of season 9 and season 10 is knowing that these two belong together. But as one of the girls goes missing, the team makes a shocking discovery.


But doing it the right way and showing us that they have been together for more than just an episode would actually make sense. Add to it the constant time delays for football and now golf, CSI: Share with your hopes or your rants about what has transpired in the past season s and what you as fans are hoping for in the upcoming season. Unfortunately, she discovers a small but critical error in his procedure, which almost allows a killer to escape justice.

Her father, Kenwall “Duke” Duquesne John Heardis an alcoholic and a defense attorney who has tried to rehabilitate himself several times. She is fluent in Spanish and has a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Tulane University. Through all of this, Calleigh was always by his side, but then season 9 happened. In the season 10 it is revealed that the adoption went through and Calleigh now has full custody of Austin and Patty.

Broken promises, shattered dreams.

Are Things Over Between Eric & Calleigh? – CSI Files

Season 4 — Hagen kills himself, Peter betrays Calleigh, and she who shall remain nameless attempts to con Eric into parenthood. The CSI investigates a murder that will lead the team into the world of gigolos.

They then both search for one of the three bullets. Season 9 — YAY! Views Read Edit View history. She is shocked to read what Eric said during one session: