Being the daughter of a staunch Lord Vishnu Devotee, Sati dismisses Mahadev’s thoughts from her mind ignoring Madanike’s remarks. Revati tries to convince Sati, but Sati faints on the day of Sadbhish’s visit. Prasuti sees the symbol of trishool on Sati’s arm. Daksh throws Vijaya out of his house for calling Lord Shiva superior to him. Rishi Dadhichi condemns Daksh’s statements against Shiva. Vijaya reminds Daksh to take revenge on Lord Shiva.

Watch 58th NCC Tarakasur is infuriated on his unsuccessful attempt in killing Adi Shakti. Tarakasur plans to annihilate the deities. On Shukracharya’s request, earth sends Sati’s pinds to Lord Shiva. Later, she desires to meet him. Further, Sevakram listens to their conversation and wonders about Jata’s opinion of Lord Shiva. Sati, with her two maids, Jaya and Niyati set out in search lotuses. This very dilutes the effects of coming adversity.

Rishi Brahaspati informs Indradev that Tarakasur is coming towards heaven. A prudent Parvati impresses her grandmother with her behaviour. Devi Lakshmi awakes Lord Vishnu to protect the universe from Tarakasur’s attack. Narad Muni becomes happy when Tarakasur saves his veena from falling on the floor and makes Tarakasur look like himself, as a boon.

Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev – 12th June 2013 – Ep 421

S01 E Shukracharya Coronates Jalandhar. S28 E14 Mahadev decides to take care of Manasa. Clueless about things, Sati rushes to meet Daksh to clear the misconception of she being related to Shiva. Sati asks Vidyunmali to release Lord Shiva from his service, but in return he asks Lord Shiva to free his father.

When Sati comes near Jata, she sees Mahadev in him. However, Mahadev blesses him and asks him to start his life afresh. Tarakasur fires his most destructive powers on Earth. Mahadev sends the Saptarishis to Parvati’s parents with the proposal of his marriage with Parvati. By Catch News views.


Shukracharya scolds Tarakasur for killing Nandi and instructs him to escape.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev episodes (TV Series – )

Tarakasur takes Shumbh and Nishumbh’s help to kill the deities. Mahadev disguises as Brahmandev and criticizes himself in front of Him Naresh and Menavati to plant a seed of doubt in their mind. Revati informs Prasuti about Sati’s love towards Mahadev. Prasuti kalj to Daksh about Shiv’s symbol on Sati’s arm. Tarakasur learns about Adishakti episodde instructs Bahurupa to kill her.

S33 E18 Kumari destroys Banasur. S30 E08 Mahadev punishes Andhaka for his misdeed.

S01 Dve Mahadev Tests Kartikey. Share this page with your friends and followers:. Nandi brings Sukarna to make Lord Shiva attain eternal state by his love.

Share them privately if needed. Tarakasur insists Nagraj to conspire against Parvati in order to get her married to his son, but in vain.

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Mahadev and Parvati reach Manikarnika ghat via all the shaktipeethas. Vijaya rull and takes Pasuti’s permission to convince Sati to come to yagya without Lord Shiva. Mahadev promises Parvati when she faints that he will lead her to the way of truth. Mahadev – 12th September – Ep Mahadev makes Narad realise that he is concerned about Andhaka.

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Sadbhish’s father is greedy for the Prajapati position. Tarakasur prays to his Guru to help him succeed in his attack on Lord Shiva and Sati. Prasuti blames Madnike of backstabbing the family. Positive effects of Saturn in 2nd house The planet in House No. S30 E22 Lohitang pays his gratitude to Shankhchur.

On gaining her consciousness, Sati conveys to Revati that she feels guilty for seeking the Almighty’s grace. Narad Muni is surprised to see Parvati being taught how to cook.

But, Sati gets worried to find her guards missing at the river side. As Sati weeps fearing Daksh’s ire, Prajapati Daksh dismisses her worries.

Sati apologizes to Shiva for Daksh’s arrogance during their marriage ceremony. Revati asks Sati to follow her heart, while Sati wishes to return Nandavrata book to Anusuya. Parvati shows the Rudraksh and plays the Veena to make Lord Shiva recognize her. Narad muni, Chandrama and Nandi request Mahadev to visit Sati, but in vain.

They try to attack on her, but Parvati prays to Avaatr to rescue her. Sati finds it hard to open the book and blames it on her fate. Sati seeks Daksh’s permission before she immerses the Shivaling into the river.