Robb decides to capture Casterly Rock with help from House Frey. Twin Peaks revealed the identity of Laura Palmer’s killer i. In Search of Myths and Heroes. Dexter Morgan is a Forensics Expert, a loyal brother, boyfriend, and friend. Serenity – 0x01 – R. The Darkness is revealed to be God’s sister.

The Fix Original Air Date: The following episode, Bones and Booth’s daughter is born. Origins – The journey of humankind Origins: Visit Travis McClain’s homepage! Saturday, January 8th Leo becomes an Avatar. The Allies and Soviets sign a tenuous alliance.

Dexter Season 2 Episode 01Its Alive.

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Ingrid destroys herself and reverses the curse of Shattered Sight. Lucas and Carrie have sex.

Ben and Glory are the same person. The Mick – 02×01 – The Hotel. Thrall discovers the Alliance have also fled to Kalimdor. Sarah’s immunity could be the cure for the Castors. The second being that the heroes are put in a situation that is pretty grim without involving actual Grimm: Nobody in the fanbase saw this coming.

Find More Posts by llandros. Saturday, January 08 Nathan is revealed to be Maya’s killer, and tries to kill Emily and Paige.

Terriers Season 1, episode 5: I was 57 days old when “One Armed Bandits” aired, and my parents each recall me watching the show from my playpen. Charlie Boy Original Air Date: Penn and Teller – Bullshit Ghostbusters.


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Season 4’s “Steven’s Dream” has Blue Diamond visit Earth to mourn Pink Diamond, and while there, meet Greg, who she becomes fascinated with and decides to take back with her to Pink Diamond’s Human Zoo, forcing the Crystal Gems to go into space to rescue him.

Prometheans teleport aboard, and the Covies board her. The Thinker uses his chair to Body Surf into one of the new metahumans, and uses his original body to frame Barry for his own murder. Defender of the Universe Voltron: A Deadly Game 3.

Saturday, January 1st Season 3’s “Monster Reunion” finally reveals Homeworld’s final attack on Earth to be what corrupted most gems there into monsters.

Fear of a Bot Planet. Alien Nation and the subsequent movies 2. Regina ammerican the curse, thus elminating Storybrooke and everyone goes back to the Enchanted Forest Reese and Finch first encounter Decima. Strategic Armored Infantry looks like it’s going to avert this with a fanservice filler episode, until Lavinia’s antics accidentally land Emily in a garbage truck.

Neal and Mozzie pull a con on Peter and 1d05 FBI to hide the fact that they have the Nazi treasure; however, Keller an old adversary of Neal’swho wants the treasure 1s05, kidnaps Peter’s wife Elizabeth as leverage to get it. Lights Out – 4 Episodes This is my personal favorite season of House yet. Thursday, January 6th So you’ve been watching a show for a few weeks now, you like the characters and are just getting comfortable with the routine of how things work. Beast Machines ‘ mid-season three-parter, fittingly titled Revelations.


Interestingly, those two episodes are back-to-back on Disc Four.

At least 2 old Doctor Who arks. The good news is that there are a lot more prizes than rules! Last edited by davidh; at Chapter 7 is when Emm gives Chrom the Fire Emblem to protect as she splits with the rest of stylr team to lead the war against Plegia. The Pacific — Episode 7 8. Sapphire and Steel – S3.