Dhruv tries to learn the signs of true love. This story is about a musical group “Fab 5” and their friendship. They decide to be friends and get to know one another. Navya considers a gay couple to adopt her son and continues as a RJ. The goons hired by Alya start harassing her. Soon thereafter, Nandini starts digging up the truth behind Manik’s disappearance and eventually the fact comes out of Nyonika being involved. Manik decides to sacrifice his love for his best friend.

This marks the end of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1. Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio. Meanwhile, Mukti falls for Abhimanyu Zain Imam , who is a cancer patient, as he teaches her to smile at all times and be happy. She finally manages to exit after every one has passed out. International Business Times, India Edition. Nyonika his mom, has him convinced that he will mess up at some point and hurt Nandini. Instead they lock her up in a garbage bin as a revenge for saving Shahid. Add Image S1, Ep

Manik accepts Aryaman as Nandini’s friend. Despite breaking up, Manik and Nandini can’t seem to stay away from each other and clearly are still in love. The a,iya is split into three seasons, the first one focusing on how love becomes important as well as friendship in Manik’s life through Nandini changing his life. Manik then comes back and reveals that he was saved by his father and that he had been in Pune all this while.

Dhruv tries to learn the signs of true love. When Manik discovers that the goons were hired by Alya, he breaks up with her due to her mistrust.

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Add Image S1, Ep7. On the day of the Fusion concert, Manik and Nandini sing together and all misunderstandings between Dhruv and FAB5 are cleared and Dhruv attempts to mend his broken friendship with the group. The bands are up for the challenge. Manik wants Alya to stay away from him until the competition is over. Nandini and Navya are irritated. Part one of Raghav’s punishment has concluded. Nandini and Manik get locked in the store room. Her heart knows he is alive and well somewhere.


Soon they become more than friends and on their first date, the fireflies light up, indicating to Nandini that Manik is indeed her true love. Navya, Harshad and Alya find them.

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It is then believed that there is true love between Manik and Nandini though they are both unaware of this and thus begins their story. She accidentally collides with Manik Malhotra, and unknown to Manik, he saves her jar filled with fireflies and they light up when they both touch the jar at the liss time.

Nandini and Rishabh jump into the pool to recover the pen.

Dhruv feels betrayed by Alya, episodf she hatched a plan against Nandini. Alya calls for a FAB5 emergency meeting where they take her side. Manik did not forget Kabir’s well-kept secret.

As Dhruv had saved his life when they were younger, he always felt Dhruv was better than him thus a better suitor for Nandini. This incident stregthens Navya and Nandini’s bond. Navya tells Nandini she is in love eposode Harshad. Nyonika was also a middle class girl madly in love with Manik’s dad who abruptly left her with no explanation. International Business Times, India Edition.

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Nandini follows Navya’s plan to get rid of Manik’s torture. Harshad messes up with FAB5 and tries breaking them apart. Add Image S1, Ep9. E, FAB5 sing together eposode manage to mend their broken friendship.


The second season is more of an epilogue of the first, on how each person lives start to change and evolve. Nandini begins to understand Manik a little more after he begins to open up to her and she realises ad he is not the “Monster Manik” she deemed him dhryv be and becomes aware of her growing attraction towards him, previously misunderstanding the racing of her heart around Manik to be hatred for him.

Manik stays with Rishabh at the hospital. Nandini calls for Manik’s help when she is unable to handle Dhruv’s strange attacks. Initially he fights the attraction but eventually gives in. The college offers full scholarships to both of them in order to save it’s reputation. But he also ends kisw losing trust on one of his own band member. Alya’s insecurity about Manik and Nandini causes her to hire goons to teach Nandini a lesson however Dhruv and Manik manage to save her.

This marks the end of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1. Alya compels Manik to end his contract with Nandini. He calls Nyonika mom and tells her that she’s gonna live in guilt all her life and also proposes Nandini. Nandini starts dhruuv expensive artefacts at Manik’s place as she is furious with the FAB5 for having upset her.