And I think she gave a pretty good performance as the vulnerable Hayati, a submissive woman who has to put her hopes and dreams under the oppressive culture and traditions of her society, indecisive to choose who’s best for her life. And by ‘modern,’ I mean they look like many things that you can find today. She is thingking why she not work too so they can have more money. You have to watch this! It makes me feel like watching a movie version of a soap opera with a setting of Indonesia in the s. It is ” Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck ” with the theme of love and cultural conflict in the s. Pevita Pearce also successfully demonstrated with good acting skills. So powerful, epic and breathtaking, and you will know it by your heart.

The fact is that there were 4 writers in this mess. This film is An Islamic romance film about a man who goes on a journey to heal his broken heart after his wife’s death. This is a wonderful and a very well made high budgeted Indonesian movie with such a heart grabbing story. After Zainuddin go from Batipuh. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Since the meeting was raised seedlings miss Fatin Qalbie against Attar.

The most obvious example is the pictorial of Zainuddin’s house as a very big mansion with many candle lights, a big dinner table, complete with butler and housekeepers.

Review Text: Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck [ENGLISH]

Reza Rahardian also appear as usual, stunning and flawless. Thanks God, the last monthI had a good experience for me, finished watching the romance Indonesian film.

It was Also Able to give a little bit of awareness and teach you a few things. Took 5 years of preparation and 2 years of script writing comes with an almost 3 hours extended version that Worth each and every second of its motion and gestures.

For example, the scene where Hayati come to visit Zainuddin who is sick in bed, where Muluk talk to Zainuddin to build up his spirit, or Hayati’s final letter. Sinking of the van der Wijck. I tenbgelamnya Nidji, but does it have to come in every now and then?


A film adapted from a classic novel with the same title, tells a love story between Zainuddin, Hayati, and Aziz. This movie has a complete package as a superb entertainment with a wonderful story, charming actors with great xi, and other astounding technical aspects that makes us not only see and hear the movie, but also kspal the movie.

Soraya’s 5 long years of research and development of this film, including choosing the right casting, really paid off, resulting in an unforgettable motion picture with such great details.

Herjunot Ali gave a brilliant and the best performance of his career as Zainuddin, delved deep into the soul of his character, with his amazing Makassar accent, as well as his sympathetically posture and expressions that will make the audiences feel and fall kxpal him.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Forced by her family, Hayati accepts the proposal and breaks her relationship with Zainuddin. This budding relationship is not met with a positive reaction and Zainuddin is rejected due to his muddied Minang roots. But this is one of the local films that I have no regrets for spending the money for the ticket. The special effects of the sinking ship are not as good and on par as those of the Hollywood’s, but that didn’t matter, because the essence of this movie is just not that.

This movie is remarkable because each part of the story is described so smoothly. In the s, a group of 10 students struggles with poverty and develop hopes for the future in Gantong Village on the farming and tin mining island of Belitung off the east coast of Sumatra. However, Fatin Qalbie fared well because Attar cer. Now, I am aware that different people can see things differently, and I respect their right to express their reviews here.


Learn more More Like This. When Zainuddin tells Hayati that he will always love her, just before he is forced to leave her home village and moves to another town, he knows that his love for her is pure and true, and comes from his deepest heart.

I rarely like Indonesian movies and rarely watch it, even if it is free. Than, Zainuddin advise Hayati to back to Batipuh with Hollander, Van der wijckbut she has dead in his trip. One day, the villagers was saw their closeness and cast out Zainuddin from Batipuh. Zainuddin likes writing a story and novel to forgets his sullen past with Hayati, than he become a rich famous man and success in Surabaya with his Novel Teroesir.

When Herjunot Ali and Pearce Pevita still seen trying hard to turn their character, Reza Rahadian appears so easy in the figure of Aziz. But I tried to ignore the supporting cast: Probably not realistic verse, but the verse is full of longing and beautiful considerable appreciation. Audible Download Audio Books.

Review of Tenggelamnya Kapal VAN DER WIJCK | information. work

You are commenting using your Twitter account. But unlike the Hayatil and Aziz felt. The extras also looks stiff as usual. Aziz asks for helps to him because he had lost his job. Tugas buat ujian praktik akhirnya kelar heejunot.