No Longer Available Update Location close. Retrieved from ” https: It certainly isn’t as easy to shoot and throw online as something like a t3i, but if you’re willing to really get to know the process, allocating the time and care your shots deserve, then nothing will give you better results for the price than this camera. Digital Bolex Manufacturer Cinemeridian, Inc. The small internal fan eventually fired up between shots but is set by default to turn off when recording is started. There were a few settings for the LCD monitor that we wanted clarification on, so we visited the website to look for the full user manual. The best audio and video recorders. Stands out from the rest!!!

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The built-in battery can run the camera for up to 4 hours on a single charge. The internal LCD monitor is OK for changing settings or checking your shooting parameters, but should probably not be used as your main monitoring source when filming. Bite at your own risk! Film purists, don’t miss out on using this camera. The write speed of the CF card you use will determine the amount of time the camera requires after a shot to transfer the data from the internal buffer to your CF cards. Cameras will still be available to purchase until

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The BlackMagics kind of decimated the market for it. Digital Bolex D16 Reviews. Include that as standard, and I might be tempted, myself.

RIP Digital Bolex: World’s First Crowdfunded Cinema Camera is No More

You can also press the Display button to turn on a set of helpful overlays with common aspect ratios or turn the monitor off completely. It has a feel, it has a vibe, that just makes me want to shoot.


Reply Share Share this answer: A letter from Creative Director Elle Schneider: The audio levels have dedicated control knobs, which are used to adjust each channel individually.

Camear Cranks On the side of the camera body, you will find two user assignable cranks.

RIP Digital Bolex: World’s First Crowdfunded Cinema Camera is No More

Weighing in at 8lb. Fortunately, the audio interface captures clean, bit 96kHz audio, which sounded good from our small shotgun mic. Please enter your comment! We used the internal LCD monitor, which has an adjustable angle of about degrees, has a very low resolution and has fairly poor viewing angles.

Our phone will stay on, and all warranties, repairs, and upgrades will continue to be performed by our team as we honor our commitment to the users who have chosen to enter into a relationship with us.

This thing alone was a strategic marketing fail and likely acct for their failure. If you are interested in shooting in d61 and white often, the D16M is definitely a camera you should check cakera. Digital Bolex D16 Accessories. There is no autofocus. It lacks that “16mm look”. Rest in peace, sweet Bolex. The camera’s LCD screen can be found on the camera’s top between the accessory shoe mount and the menu navigation buttons.

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Each crank can perform a number of programmable functions. This camera is addictive. Then the deal breaker, only works with Apple computers. Digital Bolex D16 Accessories. And I bought one. If you have gaffers that light for film, this isn’t a problem.


The front features a C Mount lens mount, which uses a threaded connector rather than more modern mounts, which have a bayonet mounting system. As of today, Digital Bolex will no longer be producing cinema cameras and will close its online store.

Digital Bolex

If this camera was affordable to me, I would have been all over it. I’ve seen reviews complaining about the performance in low-light.

I never considered myself a potential customer but, this is a sad event. The CCD sensor provides a juicy 12bit image that has plenty to give in post-production, the audio is very useable analog pots – a plus, but no internal micthe pistol grip is ideal for difital and natural movement shots.

Five years ago, in summer ofwhen I started on this journey with Joe and our team, we were filmmakers a vision: Ian Smith Dunedin, New Zealand.

If you are going to create a product with a bolfx design, the first thing that is always appreciated is consistency. Why do you think it looks stupid? Pay no attention to this pre-schooler trollbaitus.

There are many factors that contribute to getting a good looking shot.