Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters There,the war starts in both of them, from Turo stopping Mac’s snores by tying his head, sealing his nose with pincers and eyes with 2 coins, which he chokes Turo for the scandal, framing Mac when he was discovered by Vivian’s boyfriend, Mac putting laxatives on Turo’s porridge, got eaten the spiked soup and contracted diarrhea , putting fire ants on Turo’s clothes and replacing toothpaste with elastomeric sealant, which he was stuck at. He is played by Dolphy Quizon. He was affected on his job that the couple that wants to invest at the resort became pissed and cancelled the investment. Imaginary Friends Michael Tuviera But it lacks vision. First, when Dolphy was defecating, second, at the hoarse laugh of the person seated in front of me. It’s not intelligently written and executed.

When pickpockets attacks the customers,Mac uses his pots, spatula and pans to inflict damage on the crooks. Arthur took advantage of the situation, asking for incredible demands. But in essence, slapstick and burlesque are highly regarded comedic styles. Biker Rally Jett Sahara Imaginary Friends as Michael B. Wild Sound Josie Galvez

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Bonnie will be celebrating her birthday and she wants her father to attend her party. Quizon looks awkward in speaking such lingo.

But it lacks vision. But they still need a lot of improvement and further guidance to make their tandem enthralling and avoid too much confusion. Office Staff Madel Palma The film grossed P You name it, they got it. All things change when he saw Mac’s daughter, Boni arrives at the resort.


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Worse, kovie will share one room. The rest was like a cat-mouse chase scenario. Learn more More Like This. Her beauty captured Arthur’s heart.

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Scripts were scratched for ad-libs and gay slang. But you got to use your common sense. When Turo reads it, it was full of swear words, just as Mac goes out of the terrace, with Japanese tie in the forehead, a katana in right hand and a Japanese flag in the left, acting like a cross betweena Japanese samurai and a Japanese soldier, while shouting “Tora,Tora,Turo!

They would certainly do stupid things just to please the audience and they’re veritably proud of it!

Was this review helpful to you? Along came Arthur who is played by Vic Sotto. She wants to stop Mac’s love, being a chef and focus on her company as owner, much to her disagreement and ends up leaving the house to help Toribio’s resort.

Full Cast and Crew. Office Staff Saida Diola Lets Get Redi 2 Rambol! By using this site, you agree to odlphy Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The couples hugged each other, as Nemo knocks Bogart’s head. And it is indeed entertaining. Imaginary Friends Christian Cauman Chef Paco Zsa Zsa Padilla Who was the best-dressed on the Oscars red carpet? I sensed a good chemistry in their tandem.

Tuviera Crew believed to be complete. The minimalist style of both comedians made the usual slapstick modern and pragmatic. Mac’s problematic past is revealed when Boni wants her daddy to attend her birthday along with her mother,a rich person. How could the pair of the Comedy King and the Prince of Comedy be wrong? See the full gallery.


I See You Directed by Tony Y. Art of Fighting Wild Sound Allen Roy Santos There,Mac’s hatred and anger towards Turo began, not only that he was fooled,but when he was forced to share his room for the newcomer.

The party continued and the chef was introduced, Mac. Chef Paco Zsa Zsa Padilla It’s not really a bad film: They introduce him to the mafia-world Dobol Trobol is not made to be a magnum opus.

Villa Mayordoma Rey Bejar But they had a hard time on this one though.

Amazing Lives of the Fast Food Grifters The movie starts at a resort where Mac works as a chef, with Nemo as sous chef. I bet Quizon and Sotto were much involved in the conceptualization. Vivien’s Boyfriend Mara Sotto A fictional documentary about changing Japanese eating habits and the colorful thieves that swindle the restaurants which serve them. Lightscape Jerry Boy Macaraig They were serving foreigners,including some Americans and a Japanese tourist,played by Ya Chang.

His gags were done with a lot more endeavor corroborated with precision. Visual Illusion Quest Julio Gazzingan The storyline has a huge potential for a comedy.