I love the way he says to her that he’s still actually quite rich and it’s not going to be the same as it was before this time around. He is the first in line to protect CJW! By 0ly40 Started August 9, But, was it only me, or did you guys think the guy who plays jun woo looks like song seung hyun? The first heroine with a good spine! At the th day of their wedding anniversary, Jung Woo then announces his wishes to quit his job to fulfill his idea on a business.

I loved this episode and the entire. I don’t think it’s any deeper than that. After their divorce, Ae Ra goes through difficulties, but when she knows about her ex-husband success, she becoming an intern at his company to win him back to her life. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Mirae’s Choice is another story – really a major disappointment. Actually, it’s a story of four different couples, who living together in one apartment complex. Agree with you on that point, the Secretary and Papa Guk flashback was a little pointless.

K-Drama Review: Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀)

His character was fun to watch even if it was only for kordan little because he was more of the comic relief character in this drama. That family, indeed, was a broken one, and without the one glue to hold them together, they were not gonna be happy. I hope to see more fun romcoms like this soon! I look forward to other recaps from you!

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The emotions of all 3: Am I the only one that’s bugged that JW did it again? Mothers are the best medicine. The tarot card reading really was a head-scratcher. And I think none of them were really a “Cunning Single Lady” Signal makes privacy simple. I’m glad i picked up this drama. Their growth was really good too, and maybe kotean other parts of the drama were uneven, but I thank the writer for the way she or he?


Posted March 14, He got that nerdy cutie boy in love down to a perfect T!

When he heard about Ae Ra heading for an interview with another organization, he went to search for her and admitting to her about how he felt. She opens her arms wide, and mother and daughter embrace. She had everything against her even the very misleading title and synopsisbut she got the majority of the audience on her side in the early drama.

I meant the death card in this episode, not from the retreat.

Cunning Single Lady – Wikipedia

I found their characters to be very interesting and could have been so much more complex. I wanted to see more development in some of the side stories, but that’s just me. It’s absolutely fabulous how the song Mirror Mirror suddenly played when they accidentally touched each others hands as they grabbed the door’s handle. Asli Dackota I am not sure anyone likes studying tbh If Song Hee had gotten the cute Sec Gil, it’d really have pissed me off!

But then again if he was very perfect and the show didnt make him annoying then I and probs other people, as a viewer would clearly not understand dpntalk Ae Ra wouldn’t want to give him a chance. She really has come into her as an actor.

And many thanks to purplecow for the recaps and inner thoughts. I liked the pace of the story, it didn’t get boring. It’s drams a game they played on their retreat. Team Leader Wang and Manager Kang. At the family restaurant, Min-young keeps her new mother and father-in-law well-supplied with refreshments while they work. They showed how Yeo-jin gradually accepted JW being away with Ae Ra darma, agreed for joint ventures with JW, and probably can live more or less normally in the future.

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Ae-ra joins him before he can finish, and the two throw flower petals together. Now I can hope for a better dramaland with no noble idiocy, no separation, but satisfying endings!

K-Drama Review: Cunning Single Lady (앙큼한 돌싱녀) – Tinkerbellsan

By draka this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mrmz April 29, at 8: Hi there fellow Beanies. Although I think Song Seung Hun is smexier. Talking about their new daughter-in-law leads them to the topic of their ex-son-in-law, who chooses that exact moment to enter the restaurant. One of my favorite past time is to re-watch dramas that I had enjoyed in the past over and over again.

Because right now, Dontxlk still has a lot of resentments towards her, so if I were her, I’ll just stay there and work quietly. Master sun was ine of the best too You iorean can see why AR korrean JW love each other, which is also seems to be pretty rare in romcoms lately. I was absolutely sold on Jung Woo and Ae Ra’s chemistry. Message Recall to delete your mistakes Retract messages sent by mistake before your friend views the messages.

The 2nd leads, I mean. I’d never seen disabled representation in kdrama that much before, so her character was quite refreshing to see. At the beginning of the series Ae Ra was portrayed as if she was so cunning that she approached him just after her mum told her to look at him.

Later that night, while Jung-woo pretends to be asleep, Ae-ra checks his phone to see what he was staring at earlier. Kristine Manuel April 28, at 7: I’m thinking, My Sassy Wife