What has been a highlight moment? Born to a Swiss father and Chilean mother, Luciano started his musical career in punk bands he was expelled from school for playing an offensive song at an end-of-year assembly , before discovering dance music. So they suggested that the best players merge to form the ‘all stars’. Originality at it; 8e;t. I used to have a girlfriend in Ellensburg in the Seventies who would come over here when the guys would drive their Harleys into the bars – completely Here Come The Brides kind of bullshit At certain points, it was more reflective, like braggadocio, telling the world that it’s not just the talk, it’s the action. Richard Stacey richard planbmag. Let’s go check that out.

Sub Pop 5 was a compilation released in 1 It’s certainly very wonky -nothing is solid, everything’s refracted. Wherever masculinity rears its head, though, it is underpinned by vulnerability, or fallibility: We are in California, between Sacramento and San Francisco. What about the problems with that, with the Elvis issue, with black music being popularised by white people? Why this human need to keep going over the same ground? I like it but I prefer them live, where you can see what they’re doing and have fun figuring out where all those crazy fucking noises come from.

Perhaps we can make a live DVD of them. Afterwards guys were trying to kiss my hand and stuff- 1 was like. Are you reluctant to talk about what it means to be A Smell Band? The whole wider thing that was known as ‘grunge’, we never really had much in common with, musically. Oh, I forgot this was a cover. Lindstrom grew up in the early Eighties, raised on a diet of pop music from local radio stations. Often your music feels to me like a miniature or home-made form of techno or trance.


The silly, frenetic ‘Do Nah Bodda Mi’, meanwhile, is a jiggly middle finger up to the world with a chorus that repeats the title three and two- half times the third line goes “do nah bodda, do nah bodda”. Toddla is silent too. I was like, ‘Wow, this guy has to be something special’ goes beyond proggy ambient noodling.

At the eragon -1 – he was being touted as a saviour figure, the man who could make UK hip-hop feasible, instead of risible. And throughout the last 1 years it has stood the test of time. You see, Jaguar Love are glam. But we had so many good experiences there, and so, so many people came over, that I think we were relatively lucky.

Could Everett True have existed without Sub Pop? Good music for that. A good part of my listening habits is still Nineties hip-hop and R’n’B – partly the reason there’s hardly anything new on this list.

No one of any importance was around to document them. This was music that felt urban and alien, treading in the mid-ground between hip-hop and ragga. It’s hard to imagine anyone really liking it more than the original. A new self titled solo record from Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. People are still wearing the same Carharrts they were wearing 1 1 years ago, the same Doc Martens from 20 years ago.

Queen ie Was A Blonde, or was it more of a natural progression? I’m never wrong about shit like that. What does Sub Pop stand for, more than 20 years after its inception? Working here [in the warehouse], I have a unique insight into what sells and what doesn’t.


What has been a highlight moment? You can’t do that too?

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But in truth Lindstrom as a producer has always had two sides to him – one eye on the dancefloor, rpisode on the sun-lounger. Live, there is more freedom for rhythms to roll and dancing dynamics to dig deep. The beats are totally redundant. Perhaps they still are? Working with Toddla is a logical next step for Manuva. We vall been having fun gathering different people’s recordings of shows and editing them together to get this impossibly multiple point of view on things.

Our intent was to just.

That has nothing to filfswap with Everett True. Sits on the nexus betwixt grime, dubstep and this new wonky ‘movement’, whatever that is. Michael Levine The power trio.

That’s what the papers often say. They’re a bit boring. We went up and introduced ourselves to you.

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Ooo, pumping up the volume. Similarly, when Toddla first bleeped, he never bleeped self-consciously. The name slides into meaninglessness.