Mohammad Alam 2 meses. Fary M 2 meses. When Zain falls in love with the beautiful Hijab at college, who is already engaged to her cousin Najeeb, an emotional and angry individual. Is puray dramay me jo baat mjhe dehla rahe hai to woh Masoom bachay hain Jin ka khayal hi nae maa ko Esa ho hi nae Sakta k koe maa itni safak ho. Abdullah Shaukat 1 mes. Barkat Ali Siddiqui Producer: An eerie serial that leaves you engrossed till the very last scene.

Meanwhile, Ulfat also opposes this proposal, considering it a threat to her supremacy in the house. Aqib Akbar 2 meses. Subscribe to stay updated with new uploads. Join Me On Facebook The story revolves around three brothers who have very different outlooks on life and bring up their children according to their own life philosophies. Salman asks his manager for her hand in marriage which makes the manager very happy… But life is not so simple… Cast: Relax Ho jao 8 horas.

When Bina gives ideas for the production, she is cut short by Asim who ask her to deal only with the domestic affairs.

Initially Umm-e-Kulsoom was in love with her cousin Moosa, who become crippled for life by the virtue of an accident and since then misunderstandings arrive amongst the two.

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A moving and thought provoking family drama. Babar Javaid Produced by: Farhat, played by Alizay Shah, is the younger sister of Ulfat facing all the hardships of life.


Fatima Begum 2 meses. Fehmida Shaikh 2 meses. Khamoshiyan – kamran sario cover Kamran Sario 3 years ago. Pehli dafa koi aurat talak lekr khush ho rhi hai akmal ki acting kitni buri thi ek ulfat ne sbko afat me dal diya ruxwa uski maa ab bhi usko thppd lgane k bajaye uski fazool baat sunti rehti hai.

Ab itna bhi koi bebas nhi hota aulaad k aage. Is puray dramay me jo baat mjhe dehla rahe hai to woh Masoom bachay hain Jin ka khayal hi nae maa ko Esa ho hi nae Sakta k koe maa itni safak ho.

Umera Crama Produced by: Things get out of hand when she starts neglecting her children. Azhar develops feeling for Tamkinat and wants to marry her but his family is scared by the example set by Ulfat.

However, it seems that her friends are having love problems of their own. Ulfat k saamne to sab bheegi billi banjate h magar seroal k saamne sher ban jaate h jab k us ka koi kasur nahi who agree. Behtreen sabak hy un logon k liye jo beton ki shadi k liye khoobsoorat, dubli patli aur kam umr larki ko tarjeh dete hain. An eerie serial that leaves you engrossed till serrial very last scene.

Subscribe to stay updated with new uploads. Not really ulfats fault she was forced in to the marriage with a much older man!! Aisha Khan 1 mes. Ubaid Rahman 2 meses. Azhar is over reacting Pyare afzal 2 meses.


Ruswa Episode 1 – Part 1/2 [HQ]

In a desperate bid to get rid of her, the heroine is falsely accused of infidelity by her mother-in-law, who falsely swears on the Quran, forcing her son to divorce his new wife. Umera Ahmed Directed by: Aesi beti ko jotay marne chaye jise takay ka fark n parhta dosron ki ezat ka aesi olad hi hoti h jo maa bap ko ruswa kartdeti hai chaye beta ho ya beti.

But despite all odds, Tamkinat gets married to Azhar and acts very responsibly knowing that her cousin Ulfat has behaved very badly in the family.

Noor ul Islam 2 meses. Haal-e-Dil Pakistani Drama Serial tells that sometimes epjsode escape from life can cost resentment for the rest of time.

Sadia Fasi 1 mes.

Ruswa Episode 1 – Part 1/2 [HQ] – video dailymotion

Sundri goes through it all, each phase in her life marked epiisode a change of name and even religion when she converts to Islam. Ibrar jee 2 meses. Both Farah and Mansoor, have an intention for the association of Mansoor and Seerat but are afraid of expression.