However when he meets his first love, Seo-hyeon, she helps him get over his difficulties. Episode 8 – girlfriday Scent of a Woman: I think the main point of the drama it’s been awhile, the memory is hazy was for the female lead to teach the male lead how to be a man and to gain a sense of familial compassion. Please do one on the “I’m gonna turn this plain girl into a beauty to make my ex jealous” trope. I’m easy for this trope, give me male angsting and unrequited love and I’m there. Cat Funeral literal title.

Are you really sorry? Although Yeo Joon is a successful doctor in Korea, Sang Eun has no interest in this arranged marriage. That same night, Seol-hee learns how her father, Jon-gul died. I love this trope! In retaliation, Yeon Gaesomun and his co-conspirators plan a revolt; it fails because of Choong’s intervention, but the crown prince becomes seriously injured after he falls off a poisoned horse. Somehow it wasn’t that appealing to me.

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For that, the support from Whang Taesup was seriously needed. Choi Sang Hoon Supporting Cast. The couple decides on a contract marriage for six months, intending to divorce ddestiny after the frenzy subsides.

Shortly after, Choong and So-hee meet in the marketplace and fall in love at first sight. Sang Eun and Yeo Jun arrive and continue their pretense.

But, because of Kangmo, everything was messed up. Can the two team up to find a way out of their impending fate? Creating Destiny is a good one, though by the time the marriage takes place they are episdoe in love, no?

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A young woman with her life planned out suddenly faces a major derailment of her carefully thought-out plans. Kdrama land seems to have fleeed from this concept. Other contract relationships are creating destiny and brilliant legacy.


He tells Choong to cut off the princess’s head to prove his loyalty, and orders a soldier to kill Choong if he acts against them. Hyo Eun and Jin Ju walk into the room to find them together. However, this is only a facade. Pirates literal title Korean Title: Here, the contract scenario albeit a faked marriage is used to deflect the threat of a real marriage, which is a premise that sounds wacky and hilarious.

Son Ye Jin Official Facebook. Between Heaven and Hell by BoA: It had a lot of promise for a while, but as happens too often, it kind falls flat near the end.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Love the premise of your new series! Go directly to the aja-aja site if you want to download anything from there.

Everybody keeps saying its so good but I have no way to watch it TT. Narina September 19, at 8: I now have a couple new dramas to add to my must watch list! Hwang Taesup accompanied her to a place where he handed money over to Mr. Based on an old folktale in which young lovers secretly marry, Delightful Girl Chun-hyang updates the story with modern-day characters.

I’ve seen a fair number of these but I keep skipping over Empire of Gold. Yeongnyu has two children, the destuny So-hee, and the crown prince Hwangwon. Her husband is a big baby without any desire to do anything worthwhile with himself—his family is rich, he gets an allowance from mommy, and he spends his days and nights partying with his bro-dudes.

All About My Romance Genre: In there, she encounters with the four rich and ceating boys and experiences love and friendship. But veiled -isms tend to really bother me, especially when it hides behind the facade of coolness or thoughtfulness: Busan,when his mother gave birth little baby, he lost his father by some mysterious murdering case.


Sweet 18 was one of the first K-dramas I ever watched good lord, it’s nearly ten years old – how did that happen?! D I also keep track of dramas I have watched but in Pinterest. I don’t think I’d watch it again today though – I’d rather keep my fond memories untarnished.

Soompi code of conduct From today’s point of view the story is cliche ridden, sramacrazy when I watched it almost 5 years ago, time flies I wonder what is going to come next! Engagement Pics and others Son Jung Hyun Screenwriter: More caps and Making Pics 4. Eugene Envolve in Minor Accident 8. I guess I like contract marriages??

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Can’t wait to see that discussion! Her father’s name was in the papers for adultry and her mother had thrown a glass vase at him. This results in too much screen time with annoying meddlers and needless hand- and heart-wringing angst. Sweet 18 is fun to watch, rewatch, but is easy to forget, which is why it keeps showing up on the “What is that drama” list. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Sang Eun — WHY? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I have to find any story where the hero is waiting for his wife to grow up to be a little bit squicky. Previously, I was a little anti-Korean drama, didnt want to get on the wave, but all that changed with Sweet I clicked onto this post because I saw the header photo and immediately thought “Sweet 18”!.