And i also missed the people that i exchanged ideas and opinions here and to say Kumusta to Febrie? Watching Queen Seon Deok Online http: Did Oh seung min kill his own wife and his unborn baby? He could be charming, smart, funny, kind, energetic, hilarious person but suddenly he could become very fearful and mean. The soldiers, seeing the star return to heaven, rallied and defeated the rebels. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center.

I think KNG should marry that lady haha Maybe you think they purposely change history to forget her existence or some thing like that, in many kingdoms’ the history was altered and written log differently as not to give that person too much glory. Kumusta in Indonesian is Apa kabar? I crossed referece with other pages to search for Lady Mi Shill and I had same problem; she was not mention at the same period of Queen Seok Deok. HubPages Tutorials and Community. I needed to cry and lately That’s all I do specially when I’m watching one of this Korean dramas. Deokman resolves to go to Silla to find out why she was being pursued. I really love this show!

San Tak said that however if B Dam goes there he will definitely be…. BTW, you have a great discussion here, amazing. The lyrics and English translation: He who strikes me down, shall be remembered in history. The maid, Sohwa, manages to escape pursuit with the episove of one of the hwarangs Silla equivalent of knightsMunno, the strongest hwarang in Silla.

Kim Elisode Shin sighs as Queen Seon Deok looks troubled buy yet has to portray that she determine to see this through.


Young Deok man asking the market place merchant of the whereabouts of Moon Noh, with dramactazy saying that Moon Noh has taken tonsure in some monastery as the other disagree that he is now in Taebaeksan as another merchant seconded the fact that he can flies above the clouds.

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It is very interesting dramacrayz historical film. Bi Dam asked therefore…. Her power was proved when she persuaded Jingol nobles to expel King Jinji from his throne. Finally I love my little princess Deokman, with out her they would have a Queen seokDeok, she was great, witty and funny, very smart and innocent at the same time. Lord Sueulbu said how can this happened that a fallen star, ascend to the heaven again. Princess Deokman later fell in love with Kim Yusin but they were unable to be together due to a twist of fate.

I love this page, you did a great job with dramarazy research of the History on the real Silla kingdom and its 27th ruler Great Queen Deok Seok. Bo Jong said that it has been attack by Gwoljangno garrison.

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The Great Queen Seon Deok

Wyol ya then managed to subdue Seon Yeol. About lee yo won yes my favorite actress is maintaining a sweet image, I saw few of her films with kissing scene, the shot is always very far I think i could not afford another QSD so i stir out of them for the time being.

One opportunity comes when the wife of Jinheung’s grandson, Jinpyeong, gives birth to twin girls. What we risk while trusting is the loss of the things that we entrust to others, including our self-respect, perhaps, which can be shattered by the betrayal of our trust. Uhm Tae Wong also is a liberated actor.


This is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. My sister has err in her calculation on you Bi Dam: UTW strangled his wife too.

Oh well i guess it is, i just hope they wouldn’t edit that part KTH was acting like Mishil Ha Jong laughs that the gathering of forces are all heading towards their udk that they has all rushes towards Seorabeol.

Uhm Tae Woong Main Cast.

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It is said to have been written by Silla historian Kim Daemun Thank you for dropping by. Kim Yu Shin said that before more nobles starts to join up in Myeonghwal Sanseong, they must curb the numbers of participation before seob imminent all out war on the insurgent.

Was the drama represent the real history of the queen? Women were heads of families since matrilineal lines of descent existed along with patrilineal ones. But fate make this couple unable together. Once again, can you hug me in your arms?