He utilizes mystery to place Tae-seo under a condemnation hypnosis that makes him accept that it was Kang-chi who killed his father and brought on the family disaster. As always, you’re amazing! If Hyuk stays in the past of this parallel life yeah, whatever Who would have thought a really bad drama could be so much fun to read about? I would like to be the first, to proudly announce that a winner has been selected by his peers from many nations. Waca August 5, at 5:

Jung Eun Pyo Supporting Cast. For Cha Eun-Sang, her trip was supposedly to deliver some money to her sister who is to get married to a foreign man. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Also, if you haven’t watched it, the Japanese original drama is many levels above this nightmare. This only has him more desperate to save Young-rae, until a mysterious man on horseback arrives. Is it lonely up there on your pedestal of blamelessness, Hyuk? He says it can wait because she needs surgery, and thinks back to all the mean things he just said to her. Either way, Minister Kim now knows everything, and muses aloud:

MsGB August 2, at Germaine August 2, at 4: Since this Hyuk decided to jump and forsake Chung-Hong’s advice he has opened the way for fate to erase him from his life so far to replace him with a Hyuk that doesn’t jump after a jar from a building because he has common sense!

Yeo-wool runs into Kang-chi: It puts me in my happy place. Heads needs a trip to the Bahamas for recapping this one. I still cannot see the reason why we have 2 more episodes of this, there are so many unnecessary and not needed scenes seriously do we need to see KT go good bad good bad good bad as much as all the random surgeries Jin performs. Started out cute and fun with a potentially awesome plot and then half way through got new writers and the rest of the show was a total clusterfuck of crazy.

I am curious too: For Cha Eun-Sang, her trip was supposedly to deliver some money to her sister who is to get married to a foreign man.


When Seo-hwa gains consciousness, she falls in love with him too and weds him after knowing that both Dam and Jung-yoon were ready to flee and are dramacgazy. Now you have to fix it. Yet, his good-will meddles with history and Jin Hyuk is left with tough choices.

I will not stand back and do nothing. She asks him if he could abandon practicing medicine if his life depended on it, and eipsode claims that he could, even though it would be cowardly. I stay strong to my believe this drama has good parts, specially political aspects and manipulation, conspiracies and stuffs.

What is done is done I was dying for your recap!! Kyung Tak character is an interesting character actually The main question though is rime did he get back in the first place. I feel like that is doubtful but once again thanks HeadsNo2 for sticking with this extremely frustrating drama!

Episode 21

I think it Jin himself. Also, the fact that she told him she came to this world just to protect him, which she did. Jin is really messing with my head. According to some people on twitter a lot of kyungtak’s scenes were cut for this episode but since I just read the record I really didn’t notice that much of a difference.

Dr. Jin Episode 20 – 닥터 진 – Watch Full Episodes Free – Korea – TV Shows – Rakuten Viki

However, he is raised as a member of the Park crew. Well i guess i made the right choice to watch Faith instead of this train wreck Kang-chi is protected from a capital punishment and taken under the wing of Yi Sun-sin, a maritime leader. Their threats are useless now since they no longer have the dramacrazzy to threaten him with, which is something that Minister Kim only realizes belatedly. Michelle August 3, at 1: Jo Mi Ryung Supporting Cast. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. The trauma of a kidnapping incident when he was more youthful has washed away all his sense of trust in anyone around him. Yeah, so dramacazy cut Kyung-Tak’s scenes! Either way, Minister Kim now knows everything, and muses aloud: They consistently frequent her, some needing her to satisfy their last wishes, others simply frightening her.



Park Min Young Main Cast. Well, neither does Hyuk, since he now argues that Ha-eung should fight even harder to keep his position.

Hyuk is a little more reluctant, especially when Ha-eung asks him about the future of the countries surrounding them, like Japan and China. Yi places Kang-chi in the combative technique school run by Master Dam, and there he is prepared physically and rationally and figures out how to control his conversions.

Lee Hyung Suk Supporting Cast. He is cautioned by Jin-pyo not to trust anybody and never to love a woman, as doing so will put those beloved ones around him in peril. He hasn’t done a single manly thing. Sorry for the long reply but I must justify watching this entire thing somehow!!!!

Joo Joong-won So Ji-sub is a stingy CEO of Kingdom, an aggregate that incorporates a significant retail store and inn,is depicted as a narcissistic, haughty, aggressive, and cash driven businessperson, who puts a cost on every relationship. But there has to be a better solution besides Hyuk just removing himself from the equation, because if that fixes everything, what did we need him around for in the first place? Let the rest of the character dies, especially Hyuk, it doesn’t seem they have any point to be there sigh.

Ha-eung explains his reasoning for stepping down, because he wants to protect the King first and foremost. It may also be why humans can’t just up and travel to whatever time ddr want in the first place. I am annoyed, though, at what they did to Kyung Tak. Chun-hong had been on a steady phase out for a while, and with her death, so goes the secret to the universe.