Also, the fact that she told him she came to this world just to protect him, which she did. The man kept saying he had to get back and now that Jin know that Mi Na is suppose to be dead in that world Way to drop a bomb , he’ll go back to a world where she’s still alive. The doctor does all he can and yet things end up the same. You can take this any which way so I agree with him but unfortunately Dr. Kyung-tak finds the priest in no time. Since this Hyuk decided to jump and forsake Chung-Hong’s advice he has opened the way for fate to erase him from his life so far to replace him with a Hyuk that doesn’t jump after a jar from a building because he has common sense! If Hyuk stays in the past of this parallel life yeah, whatever Audrey August 2, at 5:

I want to know who does he want to help??????????????!!!!!!! Well, maybe we should be on the lookout for that blue police box in the next two episodes. I’d be fine if everyone in this utterly utterly awful drama dies, cos it doesn’t make you feel any connection to anyone of them! Damn Dr jin is one hell of a messed up drama If Hyuk stays in the past of this parallel life yeah, whatever Well i guess i made the right choice to watch Faith instead of this train wreck Yang Yang August 2, at Learn this lesson ladies; looks aren’t enough.

How is only that too explicit? But there has to be a better solution besides Hyuk just removing himself from the equation, because if that fixes everything, what did we need him around for in the first place? One of the best lines of episode 20, keke Hyuk: If you feel like some consolation or you know, actual good entertainment, you can try watching it!


But I insist on suffering through the last two episodes because I am curious about brain fetus! I’d be fine if everyone in ijn utterly utterly awful drama dies, cos it doesn’t make you feel any connection to anyone of them! For Cha Eun-Sang, her trip was supposedly to deliver some money to her sister who is to get married to a foreign man.

I would like to be the first, to proudly announce that a winner has been selected by his peers from many nations. And I want Jang Dong Gun!

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I’ll keep Faith that faith will never be anything like this train wreck. Be that as it may, a few hindrances stay in their direction: Gojong tells Minister Kim that his mother is Christian and his father released Christians, so punishing them would make him an unfilial son.

He escapes to the Golden Triangle to slp the kid as his own and trains him in battling skills. While attempting to do good always, self has ever so often gotten in the way!! Log in with Email. Which makes more sense I use the word loosely for this show after this show. Be that as it may, as the group wreaks ruin in Pyongyang, the five authorities prematurely end the plan to evade a worldwide crisis if the mission is uncovered.

I don’t forgive this but I won’t dogpile anymore.

Episode 21

dramacrazyy Kyung-tak is waiting for Hyuk outside, and makes an offhand remark that Hyuk spends more time doing secret work than being in the Royal Clinic. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Has anyone considered the idea that Young-rae has to die for Mina to live?

This episode was just bad! Who would have thought a really bad epiode could be so much fun to dramacarzy about? No Eul Supporting Cast. Lee Beom Soo said that ironically, at least it’s what I want to beleive Minister Kim uses that power over him… to ask him for a war?


Inthe South Korean president and his representatives were going to Burma when a shell planted by North Korean executors blasts, slaughtering some high-positioned authorities.

When the cast get scripts its only about 3 episodes in for some reason writers like to do the writing and the filming at the same time. Kang-chi is infamous in the town as a troublemaker, however he is great hearted and tume, and adored by the servants at the Hundred Year Inn, which the Park family runs.

Kyung-tak finds the priest in no time. Recapping Hero of the Year ! Thank you for the recap!!!! Yet, his good-will meddles with history and Jin Hyuk is left with tough choices. Damage is done, Hyuk. And then, weirdly enough, the surgery is blurred once his hand goes digging inside her chest.

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One Hyuk decides to jump after the fetus and another Hyuk doesn’t. I was rolling with laughter during that scene! Pheew, two more to go By chance… By trying to stop the Catholic persecution, did history get distorted? Two more to go and you will be done, Yay!!!!!