Oh Ha Ni is the reason I love this drama. While the first part of his first year to school, his mom dressed him up in a wig and dress along with panty hose and everything. As for the male lead, since I can never remember his name I have to agree with javabeans, I appreciate his coldness approach but I still think that he sits in the mediocre acting category. There is so much more to think of than than continually comparing 2 different adaptations. Thank you for that explanation! I love it for the cuteness overload the great secondary characters and all the interactions between Hani and Roboboy.

Fan letter, that’s an idea. Actually I thought it was for real Ladymoonstone October 2, at 9: You just get to use her as an excuse. Ha-ni continues this way for two weeks, eating next to nothing and feeling a mess. Ashley October 3, at 9:

LOL Is it just me but I really wanted the misunderstanding part to be longer? While the first part of his first year to school, his mom dressed him up in a wig and dress along with panty hose and everything.

CHshe October 5, at 5: She’s a bitch, but in a way that’s too amusing for me to care. And besides, don’t volunteer to be the uncomfortable one and then get openly mad when someone takes you up on your offer!

And this payful, Autumn I think Itazura na Kiss will be having the very first movie! I don’t blame him with everyone harping on his good looks more than anything else. I know why you didn’t. This caused trauma to him where he felt betrayed and that his mom was the cause of it. Thanks, GF, for a wonderful recap! Let me smack you a bit.

GF thanks so much for the recap. In the year I love this drama.


I love the complexity of Seung-jo because it is realistic and Ha-ni is so opposite to him that they compliment each other perfectly. BUT i guess she’s still fortunate, simply becos she loves SJ with no hesitation, no reservations, no conditions and really just want the best for him, she’s even willing to give him up if he really likes Haera.

That actress needs to win some kind of award. OR the worst case scenario would be Jong Go knocking on the door Is it just me but I really wanted the misunderstanding part to be longer?

Aired in Japan in the Year Even after watching all the previous versions, I still wait for new episodes anxiously. Honestly, this episode really made me drama,oad.

Playful Kiss – Naughty Kiss ep 10 Sub English

Now she is in college and instead of maturing she seems more and more like a young girl whose crush takes up all of her time. I like Hera too and I really love the time when she served Hani food, with the gestures. I thought it was super-duper cute.

That said, Dramlaoad am still liking his Baek Seung Jo. I am terrified of heights but I’m completely strapped into the roller coaster ready for the next ride.

Playful Kiss – Naughty Kiss ep 10 Sub English – video dailymotion

Seung-jo gapes at his phone in disbelief and goes to shower. It would’ve made Hani and the rest of us Oh epsiode Hahahahappy. Severine October 3, at This whole time no one knew he was a boy so when he went to change, he took his wig off and the kids realized he was actually a boy.

I want a serious competition for Ha Ni This is just about 2 young adults discovering and learning about love and their lives, and how 2 very eposode different souls can be so complementary of each other i love the pot analogy btwand that sometimes a genius can know so little, and yet our endearing snail can be so insightful and philosophical about life. Ha-ni continues to zombie out at school and tennis practice, until Kyung-soo offers up a trade: CHshe October 4, at 4: This show brings back the same kind of emotions i felt when watching another of my fav dramalkad Alone in Lovei felt that i’ve learnt and benefited much from these kisz and they don’t exist purely for entertainment reasons only.


And she’s such a hypocrite! Her blog consists of the things she likes playdul from Beauty to Art. Hae Ra is one annoying person.

If they do it right, I think all of us will need some smelling salts for all the fainting that may ensue. He springs up and Ha-ni does too, lingering for a moment…and then he lies back down, deflating her playfuo.

Episode 11

Ha-ni crumples to the ground as she assumes the worst—that Seung-jo left home to live with He-ra. I don’t understand why she’s working at the restaurant besides the fact that SJ works there. Ashley October 3, at 9: Thanks for the Recap! The first years of his life, he did everything his mother wanted him to do just to make her happy.

You’re totally head over heals for her.