Comments Only backers can post comments. Arron DeMoss on March 9, Can’t wait to get to season 6 now. It just saddens me that the focus is not on fixing what is already in place. Encouraging people to buying something else because the team was improved is better then making them feel like they wasted money on something they already have due to not playing a well. It makes sense that if S5 has the rules to make the 4 teams playable in Professional Dreadball they would be able to gain the experience to become Keepers just like Professional Dreadball. Tear up the rules you think you knew — this is a whole new ball game. Update the Xtreme webpage and make a DBO one.

Reports suggest that the Sorak and Ralarat were pummeled with Pompani Fruit, and violence broke out when the Kentauri “Aeolos” approached fans. Think you could create the perfect combination of Guards, Jacks and Strikers? A central listing online, with the ability to register a league which it sounds like something you are working on to track the teams. Wanted to add something about this: Like the game is not finished, and when you say the fix is talked about for more than 2 years, it feels lie the game is not supported. Exhibition Matches allow coaches to go wild, drafting in players of any shape, size or species for one off matches where anything goes.

Free Agents arrive to lend their arms, tentacles and teeth drreadball the highest bidder. I love Dreadball but unfortunately Mantic never got much traction in the Netherlands. Would you have done that if the pledges hadn’t dried up, or people threatening to drop out due to lack of value?

Craig Johnson on March 9, Marauder hulk. I say this while loving the game, and the company.

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While Jake is working on something else, there needs to be someone with rules authority able to hash out certain aspects of play. Tensions in the sport have been raised since the DGB authorized the team to play in the sector as many believe they represent the anti-establishment ideals of the rebellion.


John Goldie on March 9, Gotta be a big ads orx, team of dodgy black ops orx using xtreme for training or relaxation?

There are little over 12 hours of Frenzy to go, and only 25 Frenzy pledges left.

Yes, the Crystallans, Rebs, Sphyr and Brokkrs will all be making their way on to the pitches of the far future — as will their respective MVPs! It also introduces four new teams — the Convicts, the Kalyshi, the Kovossian Mutants and the Mechanites.

There are a lot of NEW stuff released for Dreadball. Chris Earl on March 9, This is a boardgame, when all the poses are the same it makes it easier to identify what a particular player on the board is, multiposability is for minitaure wargaming.

When are we going to get stuff that makes the standard dreadbll better. The regs get relaxed for the first time ever to allow modified organics, tailor made robots and even experimental limb grafts in the ongoing search for the perfect DreadBall player.

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Wesley May 21, at 2: See the first rules previews for the Mechanites and Kovossian Mutant teams here on Quirkworthy. Michele Maritan on March 9, Most probably a Hulk. Also, dreaddball of how fixing the jacks works out, Forge Fathers need buffing and Nameless need nerfing. Did not know it was that widespread. Now underdogs can take Free Agents straight from Xtreme in their team, in addition to a few players from the teams included in Season 5.

Murrell on March 9, Tasker – you lost me with some of that. A real, concerted effort at errata and game balance to set things right with the base game.

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game

Tasker, Does BB still even have a miniatures range? The Compendium is just a concatenation of the multiple books. J Radwell on March 9, Grilla or a halk who knows. I’ve been subbing in the miniatures from manufacturers who actually produce fantasy football miniatures or converting my own for the last decade or so Share this project Done.


Lex May 25, at 7: Claiming that single poses make it easier to tell them apart is true, but it’s also pointless when you consider that that’s why the different positions wear different outfits.

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Stefan on March 9, mantic. Comments Only backers can post comments. Also there’s an error in the Crystallan graphic, it says 16 minis free with Rampage when it should say Frenzy.

It’s been stated that the concept art is not how they’ll be posed as they are just standing there, well, without a pose and there will be more then one pose for positions that will have multitudes on the roster so no 5 jack teams with only one Jack pose like the Zzor.

Rob May 20, at 8: It is extra unfortunate, in my opinion, that Forge Fathers, being one of the four very basic starting teams, is so hamstrung and frustrating to play with. Get regular games on Beasts of War, at least two a month. As said above, this is something others besides Jake can be fine tuning and if they already are….

Vinsssounet May 20, at 6: Tasker on March 9, Murrell BloodBowl by your definition is a board game so why is it then that all of the figures have different poses? Why does it feel like Dreadball is not well-supported? Now imagine you, like a lot of people, introduce someone to Dreadball. Lee on March 9, Hopefully a Hulk! Update the Xtreme webpage and make a DBO one. Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr. Jacks can be treated like they are in DBX Dash on one-hex move, all Cards work, Drunk and it would go a long way to fixing that problem.