Phil takes John Luke and Cole fishing and tries to get some insight into the teenage mind. Willie, Martin, and Godwin learn about the extensive renovations in progress at the house Jep and Jessica have bought in Willie’s neighborhood. After working on the land owned by one of Jep’s friends, they have sausage made from both the rats they catch and a rattlesnake they find. The women bring John Luke in to help plan an outdoor ceremony, but his ideas drift toward the reception food; later, he and the groomsmen go skydiving while the women have a celebratory lunch. Oh Robertsons , it’s been far too long! Growing the Dynasty —17 Going Si-ral —

Nick to make an appearance. After the warehouse’s deep freezer breaks down, Jase and Jep get the job of cleaning out all the spoiled meat inside, but they and Phil have a hard time finding a place to dispose of it. After the guys take a long lunch break at Godwin’s favorite diner in Vicksburg, Mississippi , he tackles the owner’s hot dog eating challenge in order to win a free T-shirt. It’s no coincidence that Jase likens the boys’ anticipation on Duck Season Eve to be that of children waiting for Old St. Jase and Willie ditch their kids’ career day at elementary school to play golf and send Phil and Si as their replacements, which makes for an interesting day. Retrieved August 18, They send Si to keep the couple occupied for the day and draft everyone else, including Mountain Man, to make the arrangements.

Having opened his own restaurant, Willie tries to develop a signature bologna sandwich for the menu despite mixed reactions from the guys and his family. She is more interested in the drama vog, though, and she ropes Willie and Si into a highly unorthodox read-through from King Lear during an acting class. Korie, Missy, and the older kids help with a charity project elisode Ugandawhere John Luke finds the language barrier to be rather less imposing than he thinks.

Sadie has been elected to the homecoming court at her high school, but Willie disapproves of her dress selection. Willie, Jase, and Alan judge the entries, only to end up in a three-way tie and spark a new cook-off among the Robertson wives – with Mountain Man as the judge and Korie throwing in a twist of her own. After Miss Kay finds herself with a huge batch of leftover boudin from a church lunch, Jessica borrows a friend’s food truck and recruits Phil to drive it so they can try and sell the food before it spoils.

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I love the Robertsons and would share the pool in the back of my pickup with Uncle Si in a heartbeat. Retrieved July 31, Jep’s hunt for his old aquarium leads him to Miss Kay’s overstuffed storage shed and results in a family intervention concerning her hoarding tendencies. Retrieved April 11, While out, Si believes he spots what he thinks is the infamous “Black Panther,” which leads the nay-saying men on a mission to prove that what Si saw was in his imagination.


After Willie’s doctor suggests that he try to reduce his blood pressure, Korie starts cooking healthy food for him and makes him ride a bicycle to work.

Willie, Jase, and Phil want to dkg one of Si’s favorite duck calls from 25 years ago as a gift, but they have to go to Mississippi to have a new mold made for it. Missy decides that Jase needs to replace his dtnasty ring, which he lost years epiode during a frog hunt.

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When Jessica decides to take up decoupageJep goes hunting for materials and ends up getting tricked by Phil into cleaning the junk out of one of his storage sheds. Meanwhile, Si, Jep, Martin, and Godwin make a series of informal wagers that eventually leads them to accept Phil’s challenge of getting his old rowboat out of a tree.

He wins the drawing and quickly converts the camper into maolow personal office, where he spends so much time napping that the guys prank Si by towing the camper into the woods with him inside.

An embarrassing mistake during a trip to gather muscadine berries leads Si to visit the eye doctor for the first time in years. To celebrate River’s seventh birthday, Jep and Jessica help him film and star in a superhero movie.

At the camp, the Duck Commander guys are one-by-one being lured by Willie’s RV and the promise of pasta. Retrieved 11 Dynashy Wanting to indulge his childhood cowboy fantasy, Jase invites the guys to attend a one-day rodeo amllow with him. Retrieved August 14, Some of us are trying to convert people, one at a time.

Retrieved February 4, If I do it right, I could probably drive around with it that way — in case I want to pull over and cool off somewhere. The guys spend the day catching all they can, then try to find a way to make them edible with help from Miss Kay.

The family pulls together to assemble a modular house for the mother of one of their longtime friends, but they have only one day to finish the project.


Friends and relatives pack the Robertson farmhouse lawn for the ceremony, with Willie officiating. Plans to celebrate Willie and Korie’s 25th wedding anniversary keep going off the rails at every turn.

The men favor camo-wear and sport beards a la ZZ Top.

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When John Luke and Mary Kate come home for a surprise visit, Phil, Jase, and Jep take them squirrel hunting, but Mary Kate quickly learns that she would much rather eat the game than clean it. Jase’s idea for a “flying” duck decoy on a zip-line sends the guys to malpow swamp for a field test, with him doing most of the dirty work, and thoroughly fails to impress Willie.

A quail hunt with the guys unravels due to his loud talking and inexperience with modern shotguns. March 17, at 3: John Luke and Sadie visit the dentist to have their wisdom teeth removed, generating plenty of embarrassing cell phone video fodder as John Luke recovers from the anesthesia.

Puzzled by Rebecca’s business strategy, Willie visits her boutique and gets pulled into a promotional photo shoot along with Jase, Jep, and Si. Jase gets a citation from the local homeowners’ association for burning leaves and keeping chickens on his lawn and defends himself like a true Robertson at the group’s next meeting.

Alan and the guys band together to throw Martin episodde bachelor party at a hunting cabin in honor of his upcoming wedding. This episode introduces Willie and Korie’s newly adopted son Rowdy.

Meanwhile, the Robertson ladies decide to sew an apron for Miss Kay, but their lack of sewing knowledge leaves them stuck until Si pitches in. The closing credits were followed by a video clip in which the family accompanied Mia to the hospital for her fifth surgery. Retrieved 19 February However, things quickly turn sour when the men find that Willie has taken them to a team-building camp and ridicule him ceaselessly for it. You can also find Duck Dynasty calendars, shirts, hats, and a cooking video starring Miss Kay.

Retrieved March 9, TV by the Numbers Ratings. Phil and Si enjoy giving Willie a hard time when he has to help them re-camouflage the duck blinds, as punishment for oversleeping on the first day of duck season the previous year. Retrieved February 8,