He’s a famous actor of extraordinary skills praised as “unbelievable” ever since he first started out as an amateur under the alias Hanejima Yuuhei. The two go head to head, demolishing much of the edifices. Masaomi comes to the conclusion that Saika sides with the Dollars. August 13, [13]. Izaya Orihara , who was never knocked out during his capture, tells Mikage and Kine that Slon was under the influence of Kasane, a wielder of Saika. As the two see the Blue Squares from a distance, Chikage plans to go down there and take off their masks while Masaomi tells him which one is Mikado. Full Cast and Crew.

Aoba tells his devious friends that they need to get rid of Izaya, but to keep Mairu and Kururi alive. Meanwhile, Vorona is forced to work with Simon Brezhnev and Dennis at Russia Sushi after she was ambushed, and she calls herself weak because she never met anyone as strong as Shizuo before. Takiguchi adds that he was invited by an unknown text message, deciding to join for the lack of rules and hierarchy, something that the two must keep discreet. Masaomi regains his position as the leader of the Yellow Scarves. It is revealed that Shinra protected Izaya from being stabbed by Nakura, and Izaya allowed himself to be arrested so Nakura can live a life of regret. When he leaves, Kamichika jumps off the roof, but is rescued by shadows controlled by the headless woman.

After seeing that the boy will attend the same academy, Mikado had a glance of nostalgia when he first had moved to Ikebukuro and had reunited with Masaomi. Celty meets with Izaya at night to receive her money, and Izaya says that Yodogiri was the one who sent Kisuke to attack Shinra before. After losing their tail, Celty is asked by Shinra to pick his father Shingen, who just arrived in Japan.


Kyohei and Epsode engage in a gruesome battle, and the former is the victor. Meanwhile, Celty takes up a job for Shiki to find Akane.

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Mikado and Masaomi later meet up with Kyohei, Walker, and Erika. Celty confronts Shinra, and Shinra claims he episodw it from her because he loved her. His acquaintance with Izaya is explained, being Saki’s guardian.

In the online chat room, Chikage tells Mikado to call him, interrupting Namie and her rants. Mikage stops Kasane and Vorona from pursuing after Shizuo, who is preparing for his final showdown against Izaya.

He is told by the Yellow Scarves that the Dollars are causing the slasher attacks. As Masaomi walks home, he tells himself that he must keep Mikado away from the dark side of the district because Masaomi himself has already been there, and he also notes that he gained courage since Mikado came to Ikebukuro.

As Nasujima tells Hiroto to look for the member of the Blue Squares whose cellphone will ring, Anri prepares to call Mikado. Pets are the perfect companions, both in real life and in anime.

Mikado and Anri, shy of their dating status, unknowingly appears on television as potential candidates for the movie. As it turns out, Izaya is revealed to be behind several events involving the slasher. The girl kzsuka and runs away.

Season 1 Episode 3. Shiki is requested to help a reporter named Shuji Niekawa find his daughter Haruna Niekawathinking that the Dollars are responsible for her disappearance.

Review: ‘Durarara!! x 2’ EP 3 is confusing at first, but apparent later

Twelve years ago, on the first day at Raishin Middle School, Shinra invited Izaya to start up a biology club together, seeing as Dufarara announced that he loved to observe living beings. A confused Masaomi chases after a member of the Blue Squares and knocks him unconscious, episods that Mikado sent a text message to the Blue Squares to go near Anri’s apartment without her knowing.


To Haruna’s surprise, Anri is left unharmed, as she reveals that she is in fact the true wielder of Saika. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Masaomi had left the Yellow Scarves and had been admitted to the academy meeting up with Mikado there.

Seiji and Mika go to Russia Sushi to eat, but their date is interrupted when Mika receives a call from Namie, who tells Mika to meet her alone at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals 3rd Warehouse to discuss matters involving Celty’s recovered head. He assumes that the Dollars is responsible for injuring Anri, not knowing her true nature. The Dollars is revived once again, and even Masaomi becomes a member. The first cour aired from January to March ; the second cour aired from July to September ; and the third cour aired from January to March Celty learned from Izaya that an old street artist saw a dullahan missing its head.

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Characters Chapters Episodes Season 1 Season 2. August 6, [13]. Screengrab from episode 3 from “Durarara!! Aoba tells his devious friends that they need to get rid of Izaya, but xurarara keep Mairu and Kururi alive. However, she runs into Haruna Niekawaanother wielder of Saika.

Elsewhere, Mikado tells Aoba that he worries that Celty might leave the city if she got her head back.