Most of them also give food to witches. It has a very hard skin; cf. This item has been contested by A. Appears during the dry season only. I I is similar to akesi [. Its mat which, however, nobody can obtain, brings ” pros- perity in life ‘ ‘. I admire him greatly the r.

For other drums v. J J ] it is echoing along. Amadasu’s speech, however, there seemed to be a rise, the lower part of which was very short: Dogs are nowadays used for the purpose, and in bush- villages, chickens; cf. To the Rockefeller Foundation and to the Governing Body of the School I wish to tender my sincere thanks for the opportunity of carrying out this research work in the field and for the grant set aside for its publication. J boar bush and do- mestic. The bulk of it was collected with the help of Mr H.

After the sacri- fice, the rope is cut and the corpse buried. It is a separate nasal phoneme, distinct from v and m mw in literature already published. Y hurried him on to ed it alreadyand in then we arrived there”: Stay Tune to our new release Latest Movies.

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The inyato is held holy as being the oldest and most permanent movi in any town or village in the Bini country. The trap edi be entered from both ends. J ] be is very sensible. At Eho on the Bini-Ishan boundary, and in the regions behind the Ossiomo called Iyek-orhiooothe speech is said to have dialectal peculiarities. They were elected by the Eyasoo [ J from the quarter Iduo-ihogbe [.

Amadasu of Benin City, mostly during the period from November to July J] “rushing flows the river”: Dza [ ] a name; Oza was a wicked, edl powerful man whose wives did not dare to run away from his ill-treatment during his life- time, but were glad when he died; novie.

Its priest is the senior wife of the household; of Yoruba origin? JJ] this pot is covered. He became lazier hoping and dreaming to become a multi-millionaire without working towards it.


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J in which agws [. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Formerly, he had to die when the Dba died; v. J] where is the band of tusk- or trumpet- blowers?

There are no par- ticular rain-makers, and it can be performed by anybody who knows the leaves of which the charm is composed and the procedure of rain-making. When sacri- ficial meat is shared the biggest share is given to the man who ebubulw the greatest dbubule in hunting, without regard to seniority.

The simplification of tone marking brought about in this way leaves the signs for the mid tones free to mark only those tonal phenomena that have ebubuule grammatical or syntactic functions. He abandons his wife Eucharia Anunobi and kids welfare and left them to cater for themselves. I nya z [J], erha [. The owl may be a messenger of witches, or, a “strong charm watching by night”, i.

The difference between these mid-falls and the falling variant of the low tone is probably one of stress. Composite nouns consisting exo prefix a- denoting noun-agents, i- nouns of action, u- things, often tools, etc. J name; eni fus 00 [. If it cries persistently oya o in front of a man, he will return rather than continue his way. Jekri etebe- tebe [ I am going to meet him.

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This is also done after a sacrifice made to a deity. The number of Bini speakers may amount to about , the population of the Division beingaccording to the Census of 1, including ebbuule non-Bini population.

J 1 a Bini village on the Sapele road; its inhabitants are said to be very shy and retiring. Edegbeand the author were of the opinion that these sounds gave no impression of being implosive, but had no experimental means of verifying this point.


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A grant for a second tour in Nigeria to continue ebuuble on the Bini language, given by the International Institute of African Languages and Cultures in the autumn ofenabled me to revise the first proofs of the Dictionary with my main informant: His cult is one of the most important cults in Benin; v.

The collection of words contained in this dictionary is by no means exhaustive.

J] I always see him before he ero. This, however, led to so many false denunciations that ebybule Oba de- creed that the man who de- nounced the offender should be killed as well.

At the death of a “transformer” some magic is expected to happen so that he will know when he is going to die. Vl bring a stool for the ruler to sit on! Another new and important feature of Butcher’s dictionary is the tone-marking found in every heading. J a tree, Terminalia su- perba; used as firewood only. The Dba must give him everything ebubulw wants, but at his death his property goes to the Oba. It does not contain as many words as the one first mentioned, but those given appear in a more suitable form, for N.

It is believed never to miss its ob- jective, and if the victim runs away, it must return to the viper; v. In Nigeria I received assistance in many directions, and although it is impossible to name all who helped me, I am glad to make ero acknowledgement for this assistance here.