The amount you enter will be the total amount pledged at funding. Note, you must sign a release form for this tier. Dubbing Films Barcelona ; Spain dub Translation: In addition, should we reach stretch goals, it may take longer for us to produce the title and get it to the backers. We have fulfilled many Kickstarter projects for other companies, and one of our main business divisions does order fulfillment every day, so we do not anticipate any issues with getting materials to customers once the project is complete. Hyeon-Sim Kim as Tasha ep Naruto Film to Play in Singapore Mar 9,

It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. I do not own Lucky Star in anyway. Are you a completist and want to have everything Emma? We have the first episode cast and will get August 6—14 Aug 14, Not interested in any of the reward merchandise, but definitely want to get Emma on Blu-ray with the dub? We love these shows, to be sure, but the market for them is certainly different.

So let’s have a look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. Not interested in any of the reward merchandise, but definitely want to get Emma on Blu-ray with the dub? This, however, is t Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace. Kamikaze kaitou jeanne episode 29 vostfr yo uuu 26 days ago.

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Mark Seidenberg as William Jones. Episode 2 English Dub Sherry Emma 2 years ago.


His warm smile and earnest affection threaten to capture her heart Pledging this tier helps not only contributes to getting both seasons of Emma dubbed, but also continues our track record to convince others to let us do more series in the future.

Naruto The Movie to Play in U. We just want to be sure. The new girl at school: Questions englisg this project?

August Aug 19, Emma manga de Kaoru Mori Isan Geles 11 months ago. More Screenings Added to The Last: Yukiko Tagami as Francis. Dressing in victorian attire is not required. That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice.

Sonja Stein as Fanny eps 4, 7. Show your support towards Nozomi’s continued efforts to add dubs to great titles! You can add on the art book by “overpledging” for the tier you are currently pledged to.

Carl and Theron’s Best of Jan 5, Hope u like it. Plus you’ll have a great British voice for your cellphone! Phillip Grothus Dialect Advisor: And with this tier, your box will be completely filled with Emma wonderfulness.

Emma: A Victorian Romance (TV)

Everyone will know that you made this happen! Alicia Laorden as Eliza Spain dub.

Donatella Fanfani as Collin Jones. Arrogance and Romance chapter 2 Manga Author: Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: Goo Goo Dolls I’ve been Mario Scarabelli as Richard Jones. This pledge tier includes everything from the original Groundskeeper tier, plus the fantastic Blu-ray of Season 2 of Emma! With this pledge, you will receive a special thank you message from the Right Stuf production team, a special “I love dubs” badge and the Official Backer Badge download!


Emma, an honest and hardworking young maid, never felt her place in life to be a burden. A Victorian Romance cosplay outfit made especially for you by Jez Roth costume designer for Cirque de Soleil and more. This tier contains the digital rewards, the exclusive Emma Japanese postcard set, and the Season 1 Blu-ray of Emma: My First Anime Review emma tedeschi 6 years ago.

Theron Martin has the details. Russell Wait as Robert Halford Animax dub. Emma – A Victorian Romance Pierrot.

Please note the Blu-ray discs will be Region A only. September Sep 26, Arlette Stanschus as Eleanor Campbell. This tier contains everything in the House Maid Deluxe tier, as well as a PDF of the shooting script for an episode of Emma, and your name at the very top of the Blu-ray special thanks emka in a special section for our appreciation for your generous pledge! You can watch this episode of this anime entirely at crunchyroll. Junko Noda as Kelly Stownar young.

Victorian romance emma episode 1 english dub

See exclusive videos of the English recording sessions Special Shout Out on the Blu-ray by one of the voice actors! I do not own Lucky Star in anyway.

Eiko Morikawa Sound Production Head: