You’ll need Adobe Reader to view it. The Ekranoplan, also known as the Caspian Sea Monster, is a large Russian ground-effect sea vehicle http: Comprehensive Watch Review VE makes wonderful watches and that’s one of them. July 29th, 5. Originally Posted by bobbysamd. It features Geneva striping on the rotor and blued screws. Craig and Kristine enclosed with my Ekranoplan an updated VE brochure. The watch has a heft to it.

I had heard some mention that the holes in the lugs might be too far in to allow for straight springbars with the curvature of the case. You sound like a Vostok fan and I am sure you will get lots of pleasure from the Ekranoplan. You’ll need Adobe Reader to view it. Despite the bureaucratic delays, Craig and Kristine provided their usual excellent service and timely delivery. Of course, I wanted my own Ekranoplan. VE stands for Vostok-Europe. July 29th, 7.

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The watch has a heft to it. Naturally, I was curious. Do you maybe have some shots in the dark? I learned of the Vostok-Europe Ekranoplan by error. July 30th, 9.

How far was your wrist off the ground when the Ekranoplan landed on it? The exhibition caseback displays the movement fully – unlike the Energia, which displays a half-picture of the movement. The movement is nicely done. I recently saw a Vostok catalogue but I did not notice the Ekranoplan model.

I’m at the airshow right now, so my time is limited, but I will post some photos of the watch on a leather strap from a Red Square as soon as I can Well, at least my ancient Poljot is pure: It looks a beast.


Interesting enought to get me looking at russian watches again, i had a bad experience with poljot a few years ago but this is interesting, nice watch too. I went to the website.

Vostok Ekranoplan Watch Review

The Ekranoplan has taken off. July 29th, 7. The dial has a wave pattern, like sea waves, which suits the Ekranoplan theme. Of course, I wanted my own Ekranoplan.

Originally Posted by James Haury. The “V” should also stand for “Value. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: The Ekranoplan is built solidly of stainless steel. Last edited by bobbysamd; July 31st, at Very good tongue-in-cheek review revie an excellent watch. I was looking for this one; what’s the price tag on these? Very nice review bobbysamd. I believe they are luminova. The rotating bezel’s triangle dot and small triangle above the revisw o’clock do not have tubes.

July 29th, 5. The brochure includes the watch. Craig and Kristine enclosed with my Ekranoplan an updated VE brochure. The chapter ring is olive drab green, but also looks black in some lighting. July 28th, 1. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Comprehensive Watch Review The strap can be changed out Rubber straps get grotty very quickly I find.


For sure, the Ekranoplan is a cool watch, with unique features and a unique theme.

Naturally, I was curious. I went to the website. Probably because my attention was taken by the Energia which I thought it was interesting I have an ancient Poljot to stay within the aviation theme What the heck is an Ekranoplan?

I own examples of all three brands. Reviea explained delivery could be slow because the watches’ radioactive tritium gas tubes made him jump through NRC hoops.

Although the Ekranoplan commemorates a ground-effect vehicle that skimmed the water, with 20 ATM water resistance one could dive with it. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet.

The Ekranoplan is a big watch. His e-mail stated “my Ekranoplan order” would be delayed.

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His e-mail stated “my Ekranoplan order” would be delayed. The Ekranoplan arrived in a good quality but standard Vostok Europe box.

In her e-mail advising she was shipping my Ekranoplan, Kristine said it would blow me away. The ekranopoan is olive drab green when viewed in sunlight, though it looks black when viewed in incandescent lighting.