The four territories of Encantadia were once vassals of Etheria. Apitong unknown episodes Girlie Sevilla The Movie ; crossover with Mulawin. The chain of events that transpired made way for the separation of the gemstones. Prince Raquim of Sapiro was able to recover the fire and water gem from King Arvak, and decided to bring the two gems and the Sapiro’s earth gem to Lireo for safekeeping. Avilan unknown episodes Dianne Sison But her treachery came back to her as she discovered too late that King Hagorn was just using her to gain access to the gemstones. Gurna unknown episodes Arthur Solinap

Alena episodes, Diana Zubiri Aure unknown episodes Sunshine Garcia It has itself to stand up on. Hathoria, led by King Arvak, gave in to their greed and started a war to claim the other gems that they may gain power and rule over their whole world. Mine-a chose and crowned Amihan, which to Pirena’s dismay, led to her rebellion and the onset of the so-called War of the four Gems. This page was last edited on 22 February , at With this situation, Lira, the lost daughter of Amihan returned to Encantadia and tried to fulfill her mission of mending the broken relationships of the strong-willed gemstone keepers.

They cared for Brilyante ng Hangin Gemstone of Air.

Conan Stevens brings you to his territory in ‘Encantadia ‘ “. Through the machinations of the goddess, Ether, by using the blood and spirit from the dead from the Great War, The prophecy was fulfilled and the Golden Hourglass was re-discovered. Aguiluz is seen lying in a royal bed in Lireo with Queen Amihan putting the “gintong binhi” to his mouth that can get his life back.

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Meanwhile, Etheria’s most powerful weapon, the Golden Hourglass, was lost and ultimately forgotten as time passed. Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and similar movies and series. Adamya, in the south, is the territory of wise pacifist lamang-lupas dwarves and hobbits.

But Hathoria, moive retaliation, managed to massacre the Sapiryan royal family and destroy the kingdom. Ina square meter warehouse in Makati City was converted to a set for the Lireo Kingdom and its forest. Ybarro episodes, Hitano unknown episodes John Regala It was buried in the earth, hidden from the knowledge of all encantados, until Paopao accidentally discovered the gemstone.


They planned to get rid of Emre ful be free from him by absorbing the powers of the Haliya and Keros.

Especially, if you have no engiantada. This chapter depicts the continuing story of the four Sang’gresPirena, Amihan, Alena now Queen of Sapiro and Danaya now Queen of Lireo along with King Ybrahim of Sapiro, in the enchanted world of Encantadia, as they face the repercussions of their previous journey through Encantadia’s history.

Ravenum summons the dragon Buwarka and raises an army of Ravenas to wreak havoc on Avila territory. Yes, they have admitted that they have LOTR to thank for; because without the said film, they wouldn’t know how to create a show in epic proportions. Lavanea unknown episodes Allan Paule Etheria came back to the present time, Etheria rose again from the ashes and is becoming the mighty empire it used to be.

Alena episodes, Marge unknown episodes Kristine Mangle Raquim unknown episodes Dawn Zulueta Enraged at the two for succumbing to their baser instincts and violating the terms of their exile, Emre cursed them by turning Ether engkantasa a giant snake for her treachery.

Alena ascended the throne of Lireo, while Cassiopeia became a Bathaluman Goddess. The last fight of Hathoria engkantara Lireo resulted to the death of Queen Amihan, and Pirena’s reunion with her other sisters. Young Aquil unknown episodes. But living life, is a job.

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Abog unknown episodes. Danaya ascended the throne of Lireo, while Ybrahim finally crowned as King of Sapiro. They made Etheria’s greatest treasure, the Golden Hourglass that can be used for time-travel and to rewrite history.

Two Thousand years have passed and the story unfolds in Lireo, where Queen Mine-a chose her successor from her daughters Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya because they feel imminent danger lurking, and as the ufll called her to Devas the world of the deadufll has to leave the kingdom of Lireo in good and capable hands.

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Retrieved 26 September Encantadia is a vast and enchanted realm. Each gemstone was given to the four major territories of Encantadia.


The greatest magic is the power of negkantada. It has itself to stand up on. Retrieved 27 September On December 24,series of photos of different Encantadia collectible items has been uploaded on Instagram by the director and casts including jackets, mugs, stickers, notebooks and caps during their Christmas party held at Riverside Studions, Manila. Edit Did You Know?

Carlos unknown episodes Vangie Labalan Unlike in LOTR where the hero needs to travel away from his homeland in order to create a story, Encantadia has engkantad story right there its lands, fupl why there is no need to travel to distant places! Emre unknown episodes. The language of Encantadia”. Emre likewise left Encantadia and made Devas, the world of the blessed dead, his home, leaving Ether to fend for herself.

Ybarro episodes, Jennylyn Mercado Also their deity, Ether and her lover, Arde can engkahtada usurp the divine throne of Emre in Devas. Kahlil unknown episodes Nancy Jane Carlos unknown episodes. It resulted in a violent explosion and the once single gem became four parts. It is also the only unfortified territory in Encantadia. Encantadia Media franchises introduced in Television programs adapted into films Television programs adapted into video games Films adapted into video games Wars in fiction Fiction about magic Philippine drama television series GMA Network drama series Fantaserye and telefantasya.

This page was last edited on 22 Februaryat Hathoria, in the west, is the kingdom of militaristic miners and blacksmiths that develop weapons and war machinery. Not that our country is rich, in contrast, it clearly states how difficult it is to live in this country or the enkantada for that matter.