What websites are linking to Azdrama. September 3, at 2: He’s pretty awesome too. February 12, at Funny but also pity them. Well my parents gave up on this series by episode 5. Follow K on Twitter!

As I watched Michelle over the early episodes before she regains her memories , she grew onto me and I enjoyed watching her performance. Michelle is the 1st wife. I watched eps and I kinda dumped it. March 31, at 4: April 11, at 3: Some people would compare Sheren of Rosy with Esther in here. Monsoon, weather, lightning, landscape, architecture, storm, wind, rain, custom, art, arizona, outdoor, world, tucson, photo, picture, photography.

The more lighthearted bits of the series.

Az drag race report – covering the drag racing scene in the southwest u. Why it seems that only two of us discussing this series? Some people would compare Sheren of Rosy with Esther in here. Used without permission but without intent of infringement for non-profit, educational purposes only. The way she influences Oscar to hate Michelle is scary.

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April 28, at Drama24hr – Watch Free Drama Online! January 25, at 8: MING claims to have a secret prescription for making Chinese herbal tea but he is actually an undercover police. The confession scene when Michelle reveals she was only pretending to have a memory loss to get close to him was nicely done too!


Im going to watch the fnterhk this dram and catch up with you girls or guys? So difficult for them and Esther was like so panicky. Yes, I believe Lawrence is a bad guy. August 1, at January 23, at 8: Derek is a bit too girlie for my liking and Esther does not seem to like him at all. Mail will not be published required. Dgama both elena and Mimi are with Lawrence and they leave Michelle alone?

February 13, at 2: February 12, at I feel so angry and helpless for them.

February 3, at Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain. Esther and Derek will be back to Gao Gao Chan soon.

February 10, at 9: This was a really good movie. Fair, got the pieces together. January 29, at 3: January 30, at 9: Michelle playing a woman who lost her memories is different I suppose lol Sometimes I find her cute.

Michelle is the 1st wife. Watch movies online free. The top queries driving traffic to www. January 12, at 7: I know Esther still loves Roger, and I agree that Roger has no rights to tv what he thinks is best for her.


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EWWW I can’t take it! July 14, at 9: Cheung Kin Man Scriptwriter: She’s pretending to be some little girl. I also like the way TVB cut the scene when they were about to beat up Esther and Derek for starting the business again and dramx you in suspense until it was revealed later.