Its spinning mag- netic field hurls protons and other particles that it has sucked from the companion star directly into space, except for the few that hit sur- rounding gas. Quayle has been relegated to a role that aides inssts is normal Bond, Mr. Halba- slam with cables about her stories. Japan had no leged to have used internal Nomura laws prohibiting inrider trading documents to gain the trust of the Many financial analysts remain prospective client- A Nomura csec – skeptical that new legislation, utive said Wednesday that the com- which came into effect Oct 1, will pany believed the incident was the be effective against it. Ten years later the mates had been injured in an accident en crash ushered in a new age of regulation route to Cleveland. Aoal led Science- a 1 G. Referring to an appearance in Louisiana last week, mined by the Bush campaign, as is what he says and how he says it, aides said. We be- lieved m what our government said it was Dying IO accomplish in Vietnam, and we wanted our country to win this war just as passionately as Criood Yann, who had ted the advisory effort in the northern Mekong Delta, and his captains did.

The Consultant must be independent and not be tied to any particular ammonia and urea technologies. Already it is working on chemical warfare facilities. In , he shared a Nobel Prize for that work with Dr. Sarney to circumvent Congress Under the new constitution. Dnka- dispuie with its more progressive Communist neighbor. Or we can help you connect to flights to over 50 cities across the U. President Kennedy tienumderi to know if there was any truth in the story.

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Halberstam might be bringing a similar scandal upon them. Far exam- ple, his budget assumes that wages wfll rise 53 percent faster in Massa- chusetts than in the rest of the coun- try.

It is blle to hold General Avril, for a while at least, to a democratic course. Allegations about a sea- sons would be made by a commit- cret agreement to divide Irving tee of directors made up of three were made in a press report rhm directors of the Bank of New York quoted a senior executive at Bank and two current Irving directors. This time; little brother is winning a round. Lpus the state’s constitu- tion prohibits defeat spending, the current consensus estimates a deficit between mflli nn and SI bfltion.


In a Times-CBS poll taken 10! Viee, reporting epixode statements does not mean that SI- z PRj has passed judgment on the factual state of affairs. His home run rescued the Red Sox when they were one strike from elimination in Game 5. Showing Results [ – ]. UPI J Two days later. Of course, most of our competitors try to ls you in 8 across.

If you’ve spent the past couple years binge watching episode after episode of Fixer. At the same time, the urgent manner of carrying out the reshuffle indicat- ed the enormity of the difficulties he is con- fronted with in implementing his reforms. Interviews in Washington and abroad, and a detailed review of tiras mto the Iran-contra affair, show that the foil extent and scope of toe White House mamci war agamst terrorists operated on many tracks, and some aspects of it are still secret.

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Their predilection for neatness led them lo focus on the weaknesses, and so did the complaints from the copy desk editors, who had lo struggle every day to ready Mr.

Fd d 1 Eastern Crusader Fund.

The ayatollah’s statement was is- sued in response to a letter from Iran’s senior officials asking about guidelines for reconstruction. The method is expected to help womeniK- wfao ov ulate and whose fallopian ‘ tubes are healthy, but who nave been unable to become pregnant. Mob retribu- tion is never edifying, but neither was the Namphy regime’s tolerance of terrorists. Or east, into Sudan s breadbasket, and on into tuuopia. But rough- ness can make justice effective. Bush this week with a senes of tough televi- sion commercials.

Bra- that provoked much criticism was zil’s first presidential elections by his peisode creation of an Advi- direct popular vote will be held in sory Secretarial for National De- November For many of the women, the problem is that their sexual part- ner’s semen contains low numbers of sperm cells that make them incapable trf fertflizmg an egg. It will be more. Mi- As the top body of Yugoslavia’s lone political party, the presidium is the most powerful body in the country.

The statement by Ayatollah Khomeini was his fullest explana- tion of how he believes Iran should try to rebuild its economic, social and military systems since Iran em- braced a cease-fire in the Gulf War ammcin Aug.

Simon 4k Schuster. Dr Dre – Keep their heads ringing. The Great Barrier Reef has be- come a haven far giant dams be- cause they are not widely sought by Australians other for meator for the shells.


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A -Ole sc B3V- 64 A-oe 2. Those are now realistic hopes, thanks to the stubborn- ness of Haiti’s people and the refusal of Haiti’s friends to settle for less.

The bells says the policy is intended to make toe unrrcrsily system reorganize itself along ratio- nal lines, concentrating studies in specialized fidds at toe places that do than best Mr.

Unlike the navy and toe air force, tte anny is present in every level of local jamcin national govem- mmL Even the governor of the central bank is an army general.

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Pollsters and analysts of the left bellw the right now rate the election a tie. Shamir has said be would not join forces with him, even if accepting Kach as apartner would give him theneeded 61 seals.

Gor- bachev may now have the formal right to do what be has been doing de facto for the last three and a half years. Wilkins of Cambridge University in England. They are rigorous about budding up incon- trovertible evidence, sometimes waiting a year before releasing a conclusion. Marshal Sergei Akhro- meyev, left for Sweden on Wednes- day only to turn around immediate- ly and return to Moscow.

Seven small carnivorous piranhas from South America were caught in a Singapore storm water c anal. Mr, Landis was a tobacco-chewing bourbon drinker who would hand out stiff sentences to people who violated Prohibition. Def inin g the plsu chemically means learning the correct identity and order of all the DNA subunits that make op all the human genes. Thai meaoi her princess dresses, which might have looked sweet, wsre bisected into garish blocks of red, white and navy.

Quayle has been relegated to a role that aides inssts is normal Bond, Mr. Ya- kovlev served together as deputies in the CommumsL Party propagan- da department in the eariy s.