Mustafa Kamel is an Egyptian multi-talented artist born, in Cairo, on August 22, Your understanding is appreciated. Mumtaz Oppa Shashkova Eshta. A few of the song titles below are highlighted to indicate that links are available with more information about the songs. Tarek Abdel Halim Eshta. There are two entirely different songs that happen to have the same title.

Sung by Sabah in the movie Fatinat Al Jamahir. Another name this song has been released under is “Mkhtarat Wahab” or “Mukhtarat Wahhab”. Contact Shira Links Search this Site. She later recorded it herself after it became successful. This song is also often known by the title “Binti Beida”. Aniram Amira – Venice, Italy Choreography: Mumtaz Oppa Shashkova Eshta.

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Bellydance with cane assaya. Eshta, one of the Saqarah organizers, dancing at Saqarah on 12 September He released six successful albums, which were very well received by the audience. The song title is sometimes written as Enta Omri.

Composed for Nagwa Fouad to use in her shows. Composed for Nagwa Fouad in the mid’s to use in her shows. Has been recorded by Sabah Fakri and others. This song is also often known by the title “Binti Beida”.


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Howwa Sahih El-Hawa Ghallab. The version in the movie was arranged by Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

This is a newer song that coincidentally has the same name. This is not the song that accompanied a dance scene. I like the horse hooves sound Lyrics came from an ancient poem. It’s the song dancers usually think of when they hear the song title “Tamra Henna”.

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This is a different song that coincidentally has the same song title. The name of the genie character in that movie was Kahramana. Created in for Nagwa Fouad to use in her raqs sharqi performances. This is a different song that appeared later in the movie as a vocal piece.

He was already amazing because he wrote the lyrics to the sad song Haba performed by Alaa Abdulkhalek. This could include your photo and biography if you want it to. Composed for Nagwa Fouad.


Samia Gamal and an ensemble dance to the instrumental segments in the movie scene. Miami Band is a Khaliji boy band. Digi Digi Ya Rababa. I’m simply sharing what Eshtw assembled for my own use in the hope others will find it useful as well. Lyrics by Abdel Rahim Mansour. Eshta Yaba shaabi Bellydance by Caroline Labrie.

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This is an older song that coincidentally has the same name. Lyrics by Bade3 Khairy.

Meshian started in Syria, then moved to Egypt. Song title means “Dance of the Noble Ladies”. Mumtaz Oppa Shashkova Eshta. Example how u can combine Shaaby n Female Saidi styles in one dance. After an experience of writing and composing, Mostafa entered the world of the performance of songs.