The normal position is ohms. Request part number Example: Page 57 Page 58 – Example 3: Viewing and adjusting an inp Button icons The numbered translucent covers on the input and output pushbuttons can be removed and replaced to insert labels behind the covers. Optional control panels and keypads — Provide the flexibility to control a CrossPoint Plus Series matrix switcher from a remote location. GlobalViewer, a Web-based application, enables a variety of asset management functions including proactive maintenance and remote technical support from any administrator authorized LAN, WAN, or Internet client.

An open file window appears. To set up audio in breakaway mode audio and video have different tie configurations , deselect the Follow box. Set of ties — An input tied to two or more outputs. A-2 Ping to determine Extron IP address The time delay between the RGB and sync signals is adjustable up to five seconds through front panel, IP Link, or serial control. The Ethernet connection is much faster than the serial port connections. Adding a tie to a set of video and audio ties In the following example, a new video tie is added to the current configuration. CrossPoint Plus Click to enlarge image.

EXTRON Crosspoint PLUS HVA Modular Series Switcher Modules

Don’t have an account? Connect as a Telnet client Some video input and output devices do not have BNC video output connectors. To set up audio in breakaway mode audio and video have different tie configurationsdeselect the Follow box. Click the Output drop box.

Extron Electronics CrossPoint 450 Plus Series User Manual

The entire set of ties can be canceled at this point by pressing and releasing the Esc button. Viewing and adjusting an input audio level The following steps show an example in which an audio level is viewed and adjusted. The starting output StO should always be 1 for matrix sizes of 16 outputs or smaller.


Leading zeroes are not used. Red — Indicates that the associated power supply is operating outside the normal tolerances or has failed. View input gain Example: Write room name Esc X8 Example: Page 55 Page 56 – Example pljs Click in the Date field.

Extron Crosspoint 450 Plus 128 HVA Matrix Switcher

The switcher reverts to that factory firmware the next time power is cycled off and on unless a firmware update is performed before the power cycle. Muting and unmuting an output Page 77 Page 78 – Viewing and adjusting the input audio le Rack-mountable metal enclosure — All CrossPoint Plus Series matrix switchers are housed in inch wide metal enclosures.

You can view the groups in lock mode 2, but not change them from the front panel. Audio breakaway — Provides the capability to break an audio signal away from its corresponding video signal, allowing the audio channels to be operated as a separate matrix switcher. Any other file extension is not a firmware upgrade for your matrix switcher.

See figure to properly wire an output connector. Got it, continue to print. Click Here to Contact Us. Move the mouse over the matrix of input and output selection buttons.



Saved settings include audio gain settings if specifiedassigned icons, and icon captions. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

Page – Change the output volume level audio mo IP Link enhanced diagnostics — Provides for monitoring of internal product operating temperature and power supply voltages, e-mail notification of input signal loss, and other critical extgon information.

Audio output volume control — Can be set dynamically for each channel through the front panel or serial control, eliminating the need for an audio preamplifier in many system designs. Each mouse click on a button toggles the other two buttons off.

After editing any of the settings on this page, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. Viewing and adjusting an out An open file window appears.

Tie — An input-to-output connection. A total of 10 rooms, with 10 presets per room, are available. Preset button saves a configuration as a preset or recalls a previously-defined preset.

Page 89 Page 90 Page 91 – Setting the front panel locks Executive