Ishugaru ni Mau ” Japanese: Natsu jumps onto the back of the fire dragon Atlas Flame and begins eating the flames covering his body. As the celestial wizards hang onto a sinking ledge, Arcadios wades through the lava to rescue them. But the werewolf Maduk interferes in a war of human plotting some scheme. However, defense minister Darton opposes the plan for the radical changes it would have on the timeline, and he has Arcadios, Yukino, and Lucy captured for their involvement. Detective Conan TV Series. Memento Mori ” Japanese:

When the council decides to take action, Jackal of the Nine Demon Gates uses his explosion-based powers to destroy the building, killing every councilor and several others, including Lahar. A series of abnormal weather and natural disasters occurs across the world, keeping everyone in Fairy Tail busy. He returns to find their friends and the spirit world returned to normal, as well as the Zodiac spirits, who have lost their memories of their Eclipse selves. When Erza reveals that Simon sacrificed himself to save her and accepts responsibility for his death, Kagura furiously unsheathes her sword against her. However, after Zirconis mercilessly strips Lucy and the soldiers of their clothes in preparation of eating them, Wendy resolves to defeat him. He eventually floods the tunnel with water, inadvertently allowing Lucy to summon Aquarius.

Rave Master Edens Zero. Meanwhile, Juvia searches for Aries in an arid desert realm. The girls are nearly killed by the treasure hunters until Flare arrives and rescues them, wearing a new emblem in place of her Raven Tail mark. He uses his magic to transport Natsu’s team to the village on a moving tree, seeing them off as he recollects the formation of his original guild, Fairy Tail.

Gray arrives at the flame while pursued by the bird, which Natsu prepares to fight. However, after Zirconis mercilessly strips Lucy and the soldiers of their clothes in preparation of eating them, Wendy resolves to defeat him. Future Lucy collapses and is taken in by Natsu’s team, while Princess Hisui and Jellal Fernandez ponder over the upcoming calamity. The wizards then encounter Arcadios and Yukino Agria, who profess their plan to kill Zeref and Acnologia.


Ultear loses her resolve and determines she no longer has the right to live for attempting to kill an innocent person. Before they can react, Elfman detonates Seilah’s bomb, destroying their guildhall.

As the demons of Tartaros revel in Fairy Tail’s destruction, they see Happy, Carla, and Lily flying towards Cube with Cana’s magic card deck, which has their guildmates sealed safely inside.

The Magic Council discusses Tartaros’s recent activity and the decrease in dark guilds under its jurisdiction. Gray tries channeling Silver’s magic against him as previously done against Doriath, but it also has no effect. Mortally injured, Tempester’s body disintegrates to be reconfigured at Tartaros’s headquarters, leaving behind a cloud of toxic Devil Particles.

While investigating the magic ice freezing the town, the wizards encounter a trio of treasure hunters from the Sylph Labyrinth guild, who plan to steal the Eternal Flame for themselves and warn Fairy Tail against interfering with them. In Mercurius, Future Lucy awakens and warns that after the Grand Magic Games, Fiore will be invaded and destroyed by a horde of 10, dragons.

Once Jonathan and Robert E. When Erza reveals that Simon sacrificed himself to save her and accepts responsibility for his death, Kagura furiously unsheathes her sword against her.

Fairy Tail (2014) Episode 87 English Subbed at gogoanime

Meanwhile, Rogue expresses his understanding of Gajeel’s camaraderie in Fairy Tail and gogoanlme fighting. My Account Login Sign Up. Orashion Seisu ” Japanese: Grief-stricken by her sacrifice, Natsu engages Rogue in battle.

Sting, their last opponent, comes out of hiding and challenges Fairy Tail, intending to claim victory by taking out all five battle-weary wizards at once. Zirconis tosses Lucy away, sending her crashing into Natsu; epiosde Lucy complains about the situation with Zirconis, Natsu gets an idea and immediately returns to the battle.

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Silver reveals he is not Deliora, but rather the corpse of Gray’s father, reanimated by Keyes’s necromancy curse and driven by vengeance against Zeref’s demons. Feeling guilty for intruding on a such somber occasion for Gray, Juvia is comforted sun Erza, who tells her that every day has a different meaning for everyone. Afterward, she discovers that her face has inexplicably turned realistic while wearing her costume.


Fairy tail episode 86 english Subbed Jaimeen Rajyaguru 3 years ago. As Natsu searches for the Eclipse spirits inside the Celestial Spirit Beast, his friends outside manage togoanime weaken the beast with their attacks. Ultear decides to atone for her lifelong misdeeds by using the spell to avert the dragons’ arrival in the present.

They take refuge from a blizzard within a cave of living ice that closes behind them, trapping them inside. Lucy and her friends escape while Natsu battles with Rogue’s future self.

Laxus defeats Tempester before the demon can kill Yajima.

Watch Fairy Tail () Episode 86 English Subbedat Gogoanime

Gray uses his newfound understanding of the magic ice to unfreeze the Eternal Flame. During the following week, the wizards repair the damage left by their battle with Tartaros: Before disappearing, Zeref cryptically tells Natsu to choose whether to spare or kill E.

Gajeel tells Levy to use her magic to make oxygen for their drowning guildmates while he continues to battle Torafuzar. Later, Mavis finds Zeref at the forest near Magnolia, where he reveals that the conflict at the Grand Magic Games has inspired him to destroy mankind for their continuing conflicts; Mavis responds that Fairy Tail will destroy him instead.

Natsu assails Jackal when the demon demolishes the city around them, but Jackal uses his ennglish power to turn Natsu into a living bomb, knocking him unconscious. Laiser and Mujaka fall into a hand of tragic destiny, fighting with each other desperately leaving their friendship behind.

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy set out on a mission to Mount Hakobe to collect magic ice with abnormal properties.

Natsu finds that his magic has no effect on Franmalth, who is able to absorb his attacks.