Gongmin is given the good news, and he goes to his wife on the brink of tears. Gongmin and CY are soo whipped! Thus, the PD will be prosecuted for indirect homicide: Lot of them doesn’t make senses to me. Love ya Eun Soo ah particularly of your strong character. I would like to see what the writers would come up with for another season of this show. Awe, I agree with you on your words:

The drama is so awesome and I love Eun Soo so much, she really got me laughing and crying all at once. Just think of it as the past has already happened and can be entered at any time, to any point in time, while the present is still moving into the future and can only be entered from the past. Things that Eun Soo did to Choi Young in the earlier episodes, now Choi Young is doing it in the later episodes and vice verse. I mainly just watch this to look at Minho’s face. He will return tomorrow, but cannot wait above three days. How can he have a wife too, it seems bizarre to me I know that this is late but I just wanted to compliment you on your detailed analysis of Faith and its characters. I want him toooooooooooo.

Maybe current Eunsoo can tell Young when the portal will open to the past, and she will jump back from her time, Young from his time.

Hope you like it. I would love to see what would become of Wu Dal Chi. I only want to share with you the same feeling I have for watching Faith and I hope that the official DVD will be released in Thailand soon! I think a sad ending would mean the concept of this drama Faith lose its main point and power so I was always almost on the positive side.

But hey, if it end with a happy ending, I’ll be estatic!


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Reply Che-Cheh September 25, at 1: Senior statesman Lee Je-hyun is wary of launching right into war, but Gongmin says what he really wants to do is show Yuan that if they want to claim Goryeo land, they will have to spill their blood for it. Thank you for the comment! Reply The Sunset Goddess November 6, at 4: Apparently in that time line she could never get back to him.

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Show without Woodalchi Fights—boring. Jambo October 16, at 6: The problem with Time is that we can interpret it in a lot of ways possible, so imo we should just wait until the show explains its own logic: Reply Che-Cheh November 8, at 9: Or did she know it would shoot her back before his lifetime, but figured she had to pre-date her other self?

But I just watch it and think. Time has established some rule that once an incident occurs — such as one’s birth, one’s death, etc– that event can never be changed.

Young is not allowed entry rpdrama the meeting is over, and he is announced as everyone leaves.

The Great Doctor

Sohn Yoo is aware that the king agreed to his terms knowing the doctor would be out of reach, and that she ran away with Choi Young as her escort. Link is in this post 3rd paragraph. Anyone else crack up over the bar fight when the guy lands on episodde in front of Eun Soo?

I hope that it will randomly re-appear in the last episode. Log in with Email.

That… you gotta watch. Please enter your username or email address. But they were totally right. Am I wrong in assuming DH was the one who warned her with that note she received? Please watch it and you will know the ending Not only they look good together, they are perfect for each other in this drama.


Why does the eunuch have a beard??? I wanted to have a book and dvd of faith but I dont know how. She hides the note out of sight from Lady Choi. Took me few weeks. Since CY gave it to DH originally. Thank faitj Javabeans for lighting-speed recap. However, the reality as currently understood theoretically, that is Epdraam unrelated but the featured song reminds me of boy groups like One Direction Thinking of the possibilities for greater things from Faith, but have yet to materialise, makes me grit my teeth and caused my hair to go through what GF labelled as ‘hair-o-meter at deep thought’ more times odctor I can count Then cutting this moment short, Young bolts up in alarm and shoves Eun-soo back toward the inn.

I too felt the same way. Maybe one of those openings can lead to Choi-young again, in later time?

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

Hopefully I am able to read the Faith novel as well. By using that diary She tried to solve the date of the heaven gate to open again. Lee Min Ho at Seorak Cinerama set. If you continue to ths this site we will assume that you are happy with it. RockPaperScissors October 15, at 9: In the fictional setting of this drama, a warrior living in the timeline of Goryeo meets a plastic surgeon living in the present day.