Table of Contents knowledge, no regulatory authority has granted approval to any person or entity, including us, to market and commercialize therapeutics using our novel ELP technology. Additional funds may not be available on a timely basis, on favorable terms, or at all, and such funds, if raised, may not be sufficient to enable us to continue to implement our long-term business strategy. Monitoring of minimal residual disease after CHOP and rituximab in previously untreated patients with follicular lymphoma. Her history includes rheumatic fever and murmur as a child as well as smoking 1—2 packs of cigarettes per day for 30 years. We may not be able to obtain or maintain orphan drug designations or exclusivity for PB or other product candidates, which could limit the potential profitability of such product candidates. We may be unsuccessful in licensing or acquiring intellectual property from third parties that may be required to develop and commercialize our product candidates.

If we experience delays in the completion of, or termination of, any clinical trial of our product candidates, the commercial prospects of our product candidates will be harmed, and our ability to generate product revenues from any of these product candidates will be delayed. Ticagrelor competes against other commercially available antiplatelet therapies, including other P2Y 12 receptor antagonists, many of which are available as generic drugs and therefore significantly less expensive than ticagrelor. Everyday Health wants to be your virtual apple a day. Stage IV indolent lymphoma: Possible consequences of Bcl-2 overexpression include increased longevity of malignant cells and resistance to many chemotherapeutic agents. Preclinical tests and Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials are primarily designed to test safety, to study pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and to understand the side effects of product candidates at various doses and schedules. Our business is dependent on our ability to successfully complete preclinical and clinical development of, obtain regulatory approval for, and, if approved, successfully commercialize PB, PB and any future product candidates in a timely manner.

We rely on these parties for execution of our preclinical studies and clinical trials, and generally do not control their activities. Networking Get networking tips and expert advice.

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Subject enrollment is affected by other factors including:. If we are not successful with this process, the development or commercialization of PB could be delayed, abandoned or significantly more costly.

The outcome of preclinical testing and early clinical trials may not be predictive of the results of later clinical trials, and interim results of a clinical trial do not necessarily predict final results. Single-agent therapy has been employed as a standard of treatment in indolent lymphoma for many years.


We have incurred significant losses since our inception. Thiotepa, likewise, does not induce alopecia and is not associated with the immunosuppressive properties of fludarabine.

Sample interview questions and expert advice. Blood ; Market acceptance of PB, if approved, will depend heavily on the continued market acceptance and use of ticagrelor.

We believe that the therapeutic potential of VIP can be applied to a variety of other orphan indications. Clinical trials often fail to demonstrate safety or efficacy of the product candidate studied for the target indication. These included provisions that affect the way patent applications will be prosecuted and may also affect patent litigation. Kelly doesn’t like to fly”. We will need to transition at some point from a company with a development focus to a company capable of supporting commercial activities.

Product liability lawsuits against us could cause us to incur substantial liabilities and to limit commercialization of any products that we may develop.

Our spending on current and future development programs and product candidates for specific indications may not yield any commercially viable products. Table of Contents candidates that have been designated as breakthrough therapies, interaction and communication between the FDA and the sponsor of the trial can help to identify the most efficient path for clinical development while minimizing the number of patients placed in ineffective control regimens.

Our lead product candidate, PB, is a novel reversal agent for the antiplatelet drug ticagrelor, which we are developing for the treatment of patients on ticagrelor who are experiencing a major bleeding event or those who require urgent surgery.

The clinical significance of molecular response in indolent follicular lymphomas. The security interest granted to SVB may preclude future debt financing or make the terms of such financings less favorable. The risk of a security breach or disruption, particularly through cyberattacks or cyber intrusion, including by computer hackers, foreign governments, and cyber terrorists, has generally increased as the number, intensity and sophistication of attempted attacks and intrusions from around the world have increased.

If such an event were to occur and cause interruptions in our operations, it could result in a material disruption of our product development programs.

Differences between preliminary or interim data and final data could significantly harm our business prospects and may cause the trading price of our common stock to fluctuate significantly. Table of Contents To become and remain profitable, we must succeed in developing and eventually commercializing product candidates that generate significant revenue.

Success in preclinical or animal studies and early clinical trials does not ensure that later large scale efficacy trials will be successful nor does it predict final results.


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The licensing or acquisition of third party intellectual property rights is a competitive area, and several more established companies may pursue strategies to license or acquire third party intellectual property rights that we may consider attractive or necessary. We may require more time and incur greater costs than our competitors and may not succeed in obtaining regulatory approvals of product candidates that we develop.

Wpisode, Jul 18 Recon: We are developing PB dda a ticagrelor reversal agent for the treatment of patients who are experiencing a major bleeding event or who require urgent surgery. If we cannot continue as a viable entity, our fdw may lose some or all of their investment in us. We have not obtained regulatory approval for any product candidate and it is possible that we may never obtain regulatory approval for PB, PB or any product candidates we may seek to develop in the future.

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Advertising and sponsorship revenues increased Islamabad vows “timely and effective response” after Indian fighter jets attack purported terror camp in Pakistani territory. We are aware of several other products and product candidates as potential treatments for PAH that would compete with PB We intend to develop and commercialize PB as a novel reversal agent for the antiplatelet drug ticagrelor.

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Patients who are treated in-office for a medical condition generally rely on third-party payors to reimburse all or part of the costs associated with the procedure, including costs associated with products used during the procedure, and may be unwilling to undergo such procedures in the absence of such coverage and adequate reimbursement.

Approximate date of commencement of proposed sale to the public: If a present epizode future collaborator of ours were to be involved in a business combination, the continued pursuit and emphasis on our product development or commercialization program could be delayed, diminished or terminated.

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