These two on eBay now I was impressed from the moment I picked up this guitar in the store and am simply amazed by it now. And, I’ll throw this out because I have one and love it, check out the Don Grosh set neck. Your name or email address: All have Seymour Duncan designed pup’s and were built in Korea by Cort. When do you get her?

Congratulations on your new Tele! Sep 10, I’m pretty sure they made 3 models, the chambered Tele, the Esprit, and the M Dec 29, 2. Do you already have an account? Dec 29, 1. Isn’t that pretty much what a Hamer Talledega is?

We listen, we learn and if we misstep we are not afraid to do the right thing. I’m pretty sure they made 3 models, the chambered Tele, the Esprit, and the M Join the HC Newsletter.

The resistance for those Duncan Designed pups are Thanks for the info, Bill. I’ve got about a half turn left on the G string saddle and not much more than that on the B. Of course, the difference they made is amazing.

Squier Master Series Thinline Tele circa 2004??

Seems like a geat guitar and I have no problem with the Squier name. First one is Amber Satin. Does anyone have any experience with these Squiers and would like to share? Jan 13, 4. TelefinkenJan 14, GuitarworksNov 9, I’m watching for one. You must log in or sign up to reply here. If you want specifics p.


Just to be true to the OP’s question I was worried about intonation since I had read the bridge position was off on some of these.

I’m going back to the shop first thing tomorrow morning, so I need some info before then! There is a lot more to building a LP style guitar than a slab of ash with a bolt on neck and 2 buckers no offense to Tele’s, I luv ’em. I’ve got one and I love it. Home Search Forums Recent Posts.

Anyone heard of the “Squier Master Series” before?

TelefinkenJan 13, Although it sounds nice I am thinking of changing the pickups to. Jan 14, 5. I adjusted the saddles and set string height to 2mm above the 12th fret.

As far as quality and playability, think Gibson SG. The discussion thread on the is here! I built my own TeleGib. Nov 9, The one I was looking at looked like it was placed correctly. Ok, some of them are ok, but most have the bridge drilled incorrectly which makes them unplayable. Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search.

Jan 7, fenver.

Squier Master Series Thinline Tele HH Electric Guitar | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Hell, if you found one that didn’t intonate it’s a good enough instrument to dowel and redrill for better placement a pretty seriew job and probably wouldn’t make a cosmetic mess at all. Dec 29, 4. No, create an account now. How is the neck? So my guess is, they are the HB set.


Yes, my password is: Login or Sign Up. Yes, my password is: Don’s body design is neither LP or Tele, but somewhere in between. I just got a chambered Squire tele, I’ve been waiting for one to appear at an insanely cheap price, and patience paid off, one did, and there you go. Kenneth MountainJun 19, telecster I own that guitar!!!

Albert King can blow Eddie Van Halen off the stage with his amp on standby Kenneth Mountain and IronSchef like this. Jan 13, 3. Not very Tele-like tonewise of course, but really nice! Top binding, upper bout switch, 4 knobs, rosewood board, tailpiece. The search is still down.

Mine intonated okay, but just barely. To truly get the LP sound in a Tele body, you still gotta have a mahogany set neck, mahogany body with a maple cap. Great fit and finish.