You can give none, one or several of the format , timeFormat , filter , series and limit parameters and it makes even sense to give the filter parameter several times. It is important that uuid: If the server does not have an IPv6 address, fall back to IPv4. This may be helpfull in case you want to use a different style than default f18 on smaller display sizes or provide pages with limited options to controll FHEM for other users. It will restore all peers and all register to the entity. The detination directory can be changed by the attribute expimpdir.

All filters must apply for a calendar event to be displayed. Get-calls are NOT written into the readings of the device! Once you did that, the other attributes you may set are restricted to the ones that really apply to the chosen model. The value must be a 6 digit hex number, and is not valid. Works on internal speaker or, if connected, bluetooth speaker or speaker connected via stereo jack volumeNotification – set notifications volume Set depending on attribute values changetoBtDevice – switch to another bluetooth device. Readings change only through periodic updates! It is necessary to create the initial define for it to recognised.

After the device has been created, you can search Aqicn Station by city name and create automatically the station device.

We can test this with. The “set magic” described here is also applied. Each definition has the form: The intervals are space separated.

Creating Plots

The attribute is applicable for devices only. Currently supported device families: Please consult the commandref for further information on configuration of a specific device. Note that there could be more register implemented for a device. The module has been tested with 14 inputs of an Arduino Uno counting in parallel and pulses as short as 3 milliseconds. Up to 36entries can be applied. Also, the width and height of a Group can be increased beyond the minimum size.


Set-Commands raw send the value to the board so you can directly talk to the sketch using its commands. When done click the Save fhem. To write just one logfile for several devices to be logged combined, use an appropriate regular expression. Ansichten Lesen Quelltext anzeigen Versionsgeschichte. It may to be programmed thru channel register. Beyond that the module DbRep can be used to prepare tabular database reports or you can manage the database content with available functions of that module.

Including Devices by Sending Configuration Commands Some types of devices require special RF commands to configure them for usage with a central unit like FHEM or to link them directly with other devices e. ON Switching on the reception of IR signals.

The rain mode ends 15 minutes after last activation automatically. The meaning of these readings is explained in more detail on the above mentioned wiki page. A calendar device has several readings. Ploh till now following functions are impemented:.

Anything else should be considered unwise and dangerous! Use this description entire path and file name to enter the define command directly in the command field.

On a side note: Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I fnem. A calendar event is identified by its UID.

Display ‘desired temp’ in FHT graps

Depending on your hardware and fhej FHEM configuration this will take several hundred milliseconds. Calculations are only valid between the years and Attention: The argument is a 10 character string, usually starting with letters and ending with digits, printed on the backside of the device. In some cases this can give an noticeable performance boost as the readings are filled up all at once. Except for calnameeach reading is a semicolon-separated list of UIDs of calendar events that satisfy certain conditions: This applies per series.


It is possible not necessary to define a channel per button.

Plot state changes with pilight

One even can control several actions on Android devices. Currently the following values are supported: Ppot that ‘coast’ alerts are part of the ‘communeUnion’ cache data.

Combined time and event control Combined time and event llabel is possible with DOIF time and event controlnotify and other modules. I have a number of MAX!

Your COST will appear in the log, generated once daily without the basic fee or month with the bassic fee included. If this delay is too short after writing you will get back the old value and not the expected new one.

All these commands work right ;lot only if you have more then one smoekDetector, and you peered them to form a group. You can use the r: