Inspired by, among others, Nedergaard-Larsen , Leppihalme and Pedersen , I have established what I believe to be an exhaustive taxonomy of strategies available to the subtitler when con- fronted with ECRs in the original dialogue. But I thought I could resell it]. For decades, theoreticians struggled with dichotomies such as free versus literal translation, to move later to the search for correspondence and equivalence Catford, ; Newmark, ; Nida, Crossing Cultural Borders Example Addition Translators can decide to add a piece of information that derives from the image, thus foregrounding what they consider more relevant for the target viewers, who have to split their attention between watching, hearing and reading, and so risk missing important details carried by the images. What is more, the study of AVT has by now developed its very own theoretical and methodological approaches, allowing it to claim the status of a scholarly area of research in its own right. In the analysis of these elements, the Mexican version of the series is also referred to and compared with the translation commercialised in Spain. In other words, the image compensates for the culturally determined aspects of speech which have been removed in the dubbed version.

It would have been detrimental to communication, because it would have possibly alienated the target viewer with this referent that is too obscure for most Spaniards. However, with a larger material, some of these categories may deserve being subdivided cf. Explication and paraphrase of the cultural sign English original Subtitled French Dubbed French version version version Auggie: Blame for any shortcomings can be placed on my shoulders alone. Equivalence, which allows the meaning and function of the original to be retained, is preferred by the subtitler but has not been as widely used in the dubbed versions of the examples studied. In short, they must be fully aware of the semiotic complexity of the audiovisual production.

In short, they must be fully aware of the semiotic complexity of the audiovisual production. Tre pasticche di questo, Three of these pills, e streamijg questo tre volte tre, and three of these, three times, eventualmente quattro.

In the main, there are two overarching, basic approaches to dealing with the transfer into another language of the fikm dialogue of the origi- nal programme.

Allan Hilton Andersen Anders W. Crossing Cultural Borders Finally, it should be noted that more than one strategy might operate picfiuli. Indeed, language is the streamig working tool of the audiovisual translator and it is the core of the third and last part of this book, entitled Dealing with Linguistic Variation. The irst studies in our ield tended to resort to terms like cinema translation and ilm translation cf.

Her publications span foreign language methodology, Portuguese and Anglo-American literature, and audiovisual translation. Moreover, intertextuality also refers to the internal characteristics of a text, and it is an especially complex issue in the case of audiovisual pro- grammes, in which several intermingling codes are involved: The addition of Alors?


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Before coming to Montpellier she lectured in translation at the universities of Middlesex and of Leeds, UK. Not to mention women. Per million speakers, this amounted to an import of titles in Denmark, against 21 in Britain, and only four in the United States. Most of the works written during this period adopted a distinctively professional perspec- tive, focusing on the igure of the audiovisual translator, on the different translational stages, as well as on the differences between dubbing and subtitling, and the way in which audiences were seen to experience subti- tling Hesse-Quack, ; Myers, ; Reid, Reviewed at Turin Film Festival competingNov.

The most obvious reason for this is that swearing and taboo language have a stronger effect when written than when spoken, and in many countries this is an area subject to censorship. sstreaming

In the case of the subtitled version, though, the target addressees are basically Latin Americans living in the United States and Puerto Ricans. The author discusses the English and Spanish versions of the ilm, paying special attention to strategies like adaptation, which is mostly used when dealing with the translation of phraseology. Acknowledgements The initial idea for this book was to be a co-edited volume with Professor Gunilla Anderman.

All of these can draw on intertextuality and, since it is the interaction among them which generates meaning, there is a need to inter- pret all the references and allusions in order to grasp the meaning of the ilm in its entirety. He has a cand.

The concept of translation tends to conjure pifciuli the rather erroneous idea that two cultures signify two languages and, hence, two different countries, a perception that is obviously wrong since there are many nations where two or more languages are spoken within their frontiers and translation is needed between those languages.

However, as shown in Table 2. Occasionally, papers and manuscripts were sim- ply passed around among professionals and academics without ever being published or reaching the general public.

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This makes it possible to discern a certain pattern in the material: Measuring Fidelity in Subtitling So far, we have looked at the subtitling strategies one by one. Crossing Cultural Borders Example 5: Wordplay which relies on visual representation can certainly be an ordeal for the screen translator.

If verbally expressed humour is, at best, dificult to translate, the task becomes even trickier when other semi- otic dimensions have to be taken into account before deciding on a satisfac- tory solution, whether in dubbing or subtitling. The characters use terms speciic to police work. The subtitle opts for a foreignising strategy and instead of just omitting the cultural reference as the dubber does, the subtitler prefers to resort to a literal translation: Of special interest is his catalogue of the questions that should guide the prying research-mind of AVT schol- ars.


In ilms and other artefacts from nondominant cultures, almost all such items will be known only to their original audiences.

In the sub- titled version, however, vilm strategy of adaptation is found: Translating only the linguistic component without taking into account the value of the other semiotic dimensions of ilm cf. Eventually, both girls start shout- ing and making a big fuss.

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This is often the case whenever European ilms are subtitled for the English-speaking market s. We will now make a major distinction between source-oriented strategies and more target-oriented ones. Stresming does AVT go about this? The respec- tive use of tu and vous also constitutes an important difference. Please fill out this field with valid email address. Although, traditionally, the primary role of AVT has piccciuli to act as a means for viewers to understand a pro- gramme originally shot in another language, the possibilities of AVT have expanded beyond this prima facie role in recent years.

The aim of this section is to discuss the motivation that might have guided the translation solutions offered in the TTs. Little wonder, this means that subtitlers tend to rely on intersemiotic support for their translated lines, also in situations where elements are simply omitted in fil. However the image embeds the verbal text within a cultural reality which compensates for the standard pronuncia- tion of the dubbing actors.

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When watching the English original stgeaming of FG, it is immediately clear that this ilm is full of underlying meanings, some of which would probably not be retrieved by some members of the audience, including some US viewers. He is the author of numerous articles and books on audiovisual translation, including Audiovisual Translation: Her main research interests are audiovisual translation, media accessibility and applied linguistics.

The subtitler adapts this to Le central, the bureau where criminal information is stored, whereas the dubbed version is once again more general: Are there any links between the Quebec and the French dubbing streeaming that may be behind these policies? Subtitling Against streamint Current 37 Table 2. In the extensive literature on subtitling — as documented in Gottlieb a — hardly anyone avoids mentioning the need to condense the original dialogue.

This hap- pens whenever pronominal forms used in the ST to stand in for a noun or a noun phrase, or to make reference to participants in the discourse, are reinforced in the written version through nominalisation.