Tara Judah has a soft spot for a hard woman in this month’s entry in our new My Favourite Film series. If he has this look, it is thanks to Catherine Bouchard, the costume designer. How was the first meeting? I wanted to cut her hair, make it curly, and make her wear glasses. Right from the start, I imagined an Art Nouveau building. For the dinner, yes.

It was following this meeting that Muriel Barbery chose me and we obtained the rights. What was your reaction when you saw the film for the first time? Made in , the film was released in theatres in The film tells the story of a girl who witnesses the arrest and the deportation of a man by Nazi Germans. For me, this film is almost perfect; exemplary in its nuanced presentiment and slow-build tension that arrests its audience from the outset; its dry humour laden with melancholy as it gently segues into poignant, breathtaking tragedy. Somehow, this trio melancholic Japanese man, the depressive Paloma, and the gruff Hedgehog – janitor Rene manage to bring out the best in each other. Allison Gardner on

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In a way, she had to get her hands dirty! Well, you certainly have to give “The Hedgehog” this much. She knows how to listen which is a sign of great self-assurance. Full List of Academy Awards Winners. They are very human and generous characters, just like in the book and of course like Mona.

These films became box-office hits in France before achieving cult status and eventually became part of French popular culture. When and how did you discover the book written by Muriel Barbery?


The Hedgehog (Le Herisson)

I was both terrified by her joiane personality and impatient to work with her. I wanted to avoid the pitfall of making a satirical representation of an upper class, through a Haussman style building. The atmosphere was fun, very young, with lots of women. Hidden at the back of her space there is a nice room in which are installed books and other precious objects.

The Hedgehog () – IMDb

On the set, did you bring some elements for the decor of Mr. Someone who rolls up into a ball or shuts himself out blaasko self-protection. So, as one old tenant dies, Kakuro Togo Igawa arrives to take his place, along with a love of literature. Tara Judah has a soft spot for a hard woman in this month’s entry in our new My Favourite Film series. I also think that she was a little intimidated.

Ballasko helped me to personify him. We loved dressing up and playing many different roles: What I wanted above all, was a credible transformation coming from inside, from her expressions, from her way to relax and let go.

View All Critic Reviews Retrieved from ” https: This article needs additional citations for verification. Overall, with its references to multiple art forms, including literature, movies and painting, the movie is about the imagination, with a character at the center who has an overactive one while ironically not being able to imagine much of a future for herself, just as Kakuro and Renee indirectly remind her that it may never be too late.

It was a real pleasure to be his partner. When she was supposed heriswon cry, we did sobbing contests. Its English language translation has been hailed a success by readers, critics and book clubs around the country. May 15, Rating: Neither too much, nor not enough.


So we chose a wig and fake eyebrows to change the expression and make herizson look more severe. She lent it to me. And, in one sentence, she opens up to sensuality. I knew her heriwson name, but I had never watched her films. The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. Mona Achache Produced by I was firmly against that idea. The set designer Yves Brover understood my desire to not really set the story in a particular time.

She also wrote and directed another short film, Wawa, in A satisfying emotional experience. Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references All stub articles. The girl I was looking for had to have this very singular way of seeing the world, very lucid, with almost a deep understanding of the adult world. Add the first question. It also looks at this woman, Renee, who hides herself and her incredible intelligence and sensitivity away from the world and seeing how she comes out of her shell when she meets a very wise and intelligent Japanese man.

Add Upload document Create flashcards. Anne-Dominique Toussaint Original Screenplay by She is a magnificient, bright little girl, with a great deal of sensitivity.