Apr 26, Rating: Sign in to vote. Denis Dercourt, Director of Photography: Clocking in at 70 minutes, this is a great, neat little piece of work with solid performances throughout. We see the pianist refuse to sign an autograph on the staircase on her way into the Conservatoire because “it’s not the right moment” , so to me it was incredible that the autograph hunter would have been able to enter the audition room – a very formal setting with ushers employed to lead the candidates in – and that the pianist who appears engrossed by Melanie’s playing at that point should have thought that this WAS the right moment. Yes No Report this. The strength of the plot lies mainly in its simplicity. But, I also have to say that, while I was watching it, I finally had the feeling that I already had seen a film like that before, a story of a machiavellian revenge, with a very dark character, slowly getting into a family to destroy it

Yes, Ariane was very rude but that is not a good enough reason to carry a grudge all these years. This clever thriller certainly knows its Chabrol and its music. Having given up on music, she finds herself in Paris many years later, taking on a placement at the juror’s husband’s law firm, who invites her into his home as a nanny for the holidays. More Top Movies Trailers. This is a French movie and why I selected to see this movie was because it was running for a long time in Amsterdam. This leaves a deep scarce inside this girl’s mind, who abandons playing piano. Melanie leaves, dignity intact, after delivering the ultimate cure for narcissism. Actresses don’t come any better than Frot and she is well supported by young Deborah Francois.

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Melanie Prouvost Deborah Francois is a girl who really knows how to hold a grudge. So I got more interested streaminng went to see it. Disco Ormene Watch Full Movie. A superb central performance, excellent support, and a lean, mean script that’s directed with a sparse intensity that delivers every ounce of a stunning psychological payload. This film is about a girl seeking revenge on a piano examiner because the examiner ruined her piano career by distracting her from her performance.


Apr 20, Rating: She never touched the piano again and she never forgot the strwaming and the person that had changed her life Gordon Anderson Super Reviewer. Both actresses do splendid work, adding to the texture of this highly watchable film.

This is a French movie and why I selected to see this movie rourneuse because it gourneuse running for a long time in Amsterdam. By accident she goes to work as a nanny to a young boy whose mother is the very woman who signed the autograph and caused Melanie to misplay her piece. Yes No Report this.

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To call it a thriller is a massive overstatement. Already have an account? Full Cast and Crew. Deborah Francois is has a natural cool and a hidden Machiavellian glint in her eyes fil, is only subtly conveyed throughout the movie, and her seeming lack of emotions is frighteningly real. For “La Tourneuse de Pages” is first and foremost a psychological thriller and an effective one.

After failing the audition to a prestigious music school because of the rude behavior of one of the testers, a girl takes revenge by gaining the trust of the same woman some years later and becoming indispensable for her. There seems to be a tendency nowadays among European filmmakers to take high concept ideas and develop them in a slow, on the surface more realistic fashion another such case that springs to mind is Srdan Golubovic’s Klopka.

Min Gennemsnitlig stemme af film: I find this baffling.

An error has occured. Aged 10 she sees her prospects of a musical career go up in smoke at a piano recital when she is distracted by one dd the tourneude, Ariane Fouchecourt Catherine Frota famous pianist who thoughtlessly signs an autograph while Melanie is playing.

A devil in disguise. My top 25 Music Movies. This is a somber and elegant film less rich in detail than My Children Are Different but more intensely focused. Chilling drama of psychological revenge Gordon 14 June Responding to Alison’s request for the name of the Shostakovich piece played, it is his Piano Trio No.


Melanie is a thoroughly single-minded individual who by the time she is an adult, leads a solitary life with a very pleasant facade. And naturally, even though “La Streaning de Pages” is basically a psychological thriller a new genre for Dercourtmusic and musicians were bound to be an fi,m part of it. Mark of an Angel Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. The strength of the plot lies mainly in its simplicity.

Additional piano pieces from Bach, Shostakovitch and Schubert. The serving temperature of revenge has seldom been colder, nor the time of preparation longer, than for this gourmet French plat froid from writer-director Denis Dercourt. If so, so be it. Clearly Denis Dercourt likes to do things the hard way; a fine classical musician himself he pwges bent on a way of combining his twin passions of classical music and film-making in a way that will render them palatable to a mass audience.

Is Melanie truly a cruel and beautiful ice maiden lz for limitless revenge, or does she have a heart after all? Elsa, a woman with a long history of depression, in the midst of a divorce from her husband of twelve years, develops an obsession with a seven year old girl she sees at a birthday party Was this review helpful to you?

I only found out about this film when I checked the Odeon website to see what was showing at the Director’s Chair screening filj the day. How To Train Your Dragon: He also likes to use musically gifted youngsters in his filn and the boy, Tristan, is one of those.

Michael S Super Reviewer. I thought that it must be a good movie.