Amante was alarmed and hurriedly called some of the guards in their village to ask for their help. Alvira and Susan David Mylene Dizon had an emotional reconciling each other to make everything alright. Susan David Mylene Dizon then stopped both Mara and Clara from arguing since it can not help them find out to where Gary have brought Alvira. With this incident, will Alvira and Amante finally decide to let Clara be the replacement of Mara for them to save both Mara and Clara’s life? Kutunggu kau di Surga TVM: Clara was so mad at her father – Gary for not following the law again knowing that he have been filed a restraining order not to get near Alvira. Right after Christian’s class, Gary and his friends waited for Christian outside the school and taught him a lesson.

Susan then asks sorry to Mara for staying away from her for the sake of Clara. As for Gary he went to the port to see his daughter – Clara there and have their plan going to another place living a new life together. Alvira tells Mara to be more careful this time since she knew to herself that Gary is behind Amante’s incident. With this,will Clara and Christian finally see Mara again? Desperate to save both Mara and Clara, Amante appeared to the media and wants to give a ransom money to those who can point who has their children. Clara went back home and Alvira visited her to talk about their migration to Dubai. Genk Super Hero Bioskop Indonesia: In which they come up that Mara would be the image model for their new business.

Mara then explained to her foster mother – Kieung that she don’t want Christian to be involved with all her problems anymore. Mara got on Gary’s way and Gary then hurriedly hand cuffed Mara in the comfort room. Alvira can not resist Gary’s invitation since she must win Gary’s trust.


When they had a big fight with Mara at the pool, Alvira and her husband got home and saw them fought with each other. To let Mara go down, Clara had another chance of wrecking her life with her parents and even at school. Clara saw Mara begging for help but she refuses to.

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Starting with Clara’s allowanc that is way too small for what Clara is expecting. Clara then tells her father – Gary that she is almost ready and she needs to pack some other important things before seeing him.

With the new things they are facing right now, Clara is not coping up with her wealthy life samaia. Gary David Jhong Hilario saw an opportunity to make Alvira close to him since Alvira is looking for someone that can also understand her.

Alvira then thought that Mara is afraid to kidugn out yet because her life is in danger. And with Gary Jhong Hilariohe is now taking revenge to Lover boy who is the one that killed his brother Carlo.

As for Mara, she pretended to be still unconscious and finally Clara have decided to bring her cinha the hospital so that she can be treated.

So she tried to embarass Mara also by asking Susan to give the speech instead samarai her parents. And how will Alvira react that Mara and Christian stayed and was locked in a room?

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When the police officers told Amante about them who is still looking for Amante, Amante tells them to do much better in looking. So Alvira knew Nenita’s address and hurriedly went there to ask the help of Nenita’s family. As for Amante, is he hiding something to Alvira or is he honest enough as her husband? Clara asks Mara why she keeps on hiding and the Del Valle family are sacrificing. Clara was so mad at them and tried to fight with them even if they are kids.


Amante also tells Mamang Tiya Pusit that Mara is alive and is in a safe place somewhere. There they knew that both Mara and Clara wanted their life they used to have. Even thou Lupe is half paralyzed, she is so happy seeing Mara alive.

Mara tried calling her father – Amante telling him that she is now with her mother – Alvira and they are currently in Rizal. Gary is challenging both Alvira and Amante to come and see them so that they can have a grand reunion. Gary knew about this and was so mad at Lupe and Mara who put her real daughter in danger. Susan David Mylene Dizon and Mara are on their move to look for a job but there are no vacancies.

Christian then said yes to go back home with Mara.

A letter is left by their burning house and named after Cristina. Clara was so mad at her father – Gary for not following the law again knowing that he have been filed a restraining order not to get near Alvira. Mayor Nathaniel Gonzales accepted both Susan and Mara in their house with open arms.

Mara told Clara that she is going to get help first before she will untie Clara. C;ara was more ashamed right now when the Del Valle’s came late. With this, will Clara go home now to support her father’s happiness?

Back when they have a Parents-teachers event at school and Clara’s parents dod not arrive for her parents were busy at work.