As the episode closes, Tokiya makes his appearance at the mansion. Before the tournament’s opening ceremony, Recca decided to go out for some rest and fresh air. Koganei figured out the Oboro’s weakness by following the trail of blood and defeated Tsukishiro, but due to fatal wounds caused during the fight, Koganei lost consciousness and the match ended in a draw. The episode begins with Koganei about to be absorbed by Mokuren. Back at the desert, Recca fights Koku and told Recca to combine the dragons just as he Recca fought Magensha. Mikagami was able to sense the presence of the three interlopers while Kagero was telling her her story and they all proceeded to engage them in combat. Lists of anime episodes. During the fight, Mokuren used false words of compassion to trick Koganei by gradually transforming into a human tree.

This time, Kukai will not move. It is revealed that Minamio’s body is made of rubber which is impervious to any attacks. The match between Saicho and Recca begins. Seiko is at first taken down, but after the use of his elemental weapon, creates a rock armor and pulverizes the group. The episode ends with Mokuren saying that he will use Koganei as a fertilizer for his human-faced tree. The group heads for the elevator, where Kurei is waiting in ambush.

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flame of recca tagalog dub episode 12 to 23

When the Candle of Life Burns out. After getting their attention, Kurei tells Recca about their past years ago and how both were sent to the present time when they were infants.

Episode list [ edit ] No. At the end verzion the match, Fuuko warned the audience if there is someone like Fujimaru, she would epispdes their lives as a living hell. Recca faces the copycat ninja Kashamaru who wielded the madogu Nisebi Fake Flame.

Neon then released the sealed energy from her madogu the Fukyo Waon and tried to play the last tune, the Requiem song for the dead. Which Tokiya exactly did to Daikoku’s bo which led to the Hokage fighter’s victory. Fuuko, Tsukishiro and Kashamaru tried to escape from the Majigen dimension and eventually found the real Magensha and Domon won the match.


So Tokiya decided to fight Mokuren. On the way to buying some drinks, Tokiya appears and takes Yanagi fuol Mirror House. Kukai began beating Recca up badly. Recca, Domon and Fuuko team up to go for this. Yanagi, who was worried about Recca’s safety, decided to accompany him in his training, much to his chagrin.

And at the end of the match, Kurei appeared. Meanwhile, while Kagero was telling them all of this, three members of the Uruha under Kurei’s orders was spying on them, having discovered the hidden tagwlog towards the hideout, and was planning to attack them all unaware.

The former eventually accepted defeat.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During the fight, Mokuren’s branches grow after being cut by Tokiya. Feeling down because he let Yanagi save him, Yanagi recommends they go to the amusement park.

In reality, he froze the reccx ring to freeze Mokuren as well. Archived from the original on She meets Koganei, who has washed her clothes and tells her he did not mean to flamr her, but that he must follow Kurei’s orders. Recca, Domon, Fuko and Tokiya all decided to train during their summer break in case Kurei confronts episoces again later on. Domon began giving attention before the match which the audience find uninteresting such as making poses and carrying a radio as well as intentionally getting hit by Minamio.

And before he died, Kai revealed that the murderer of Mifuyu was their sensei and Tokiya’s grandfather, Meguri Kyoza In the manga, two men hired by Kurei were the true killers and Meguri arrive too late and blamed himself for Mifuyu’s death.

Koganei figured out the Oboro’s weakness by following the trail of blood and defeated Tsukishiro, but due to fatal wounds caused during the fight, Koganei lost consciousness and the match ended in a draw. Near the end of the episode, it is revealed that Genjuro was behind the trapping of Menou’s father so Recca and Menou teamed fill to defeat Genjuro to save Menou’s father.


Seiko who was locked up because he was too dangerous is now stopping our team from getting to the fourth floor where Yanagi is. Recca kicks Kukai vlame the face but later gets versioj and laughs. There they meet Katashira Reira doll controller and her doll Primera, and a battle breaks off between them and Fuuko. It is revealed that Resshin was a spirit of Recca and Kurei’s real father, Oka. He disarms Tokiya, yet waits for him to retrieve his blade in an effort to show off all five forms.

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However, Kurei, who was able to make his way out of his prison during the destruction of the village, found them and tried to get to Recca, and was sent into the future as well. Recca asked Neon why was she protecting Kurei despite being a merciless killer.

Stuck in her control, Reira tortures Fuuko with Primera until she begins to laugh. Fujimaru stripped Fuuko Kirisawa during the match and called her ugly. During the fight, Recca was given a riddle by Rui One of the Karyu and was able to solve her riddle and created fog illusions in the forms of Gashakura, Jisho and Moviie against the Uruha Ma ninja.

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Kukai deflects the fireballs with his hands. Views Read Edit View history. Recca bludgeons him with stereo equipment, and when Mokuren transforms, Recca sets him on fire, winning the battle.

Kage Hoshi is then seen trying to convince Tokiya to assist Recca and company.

Now the young ninja only has one strike left. It is revealed the Kurei’s ‘father’ has ordered the kidnapping of Yanagi, because she has the innate ability to heal and he thinks this can help him achieve immortality.