Based on the popular radio show The Bickersons , Gleason wanted a realistic portrayal of life for a poor husband and wife living in Brooklyn , his home borough. Ralph’s father is only mentioned in one episode “Young Man with a Horn” as having given Ralph a cornet he learned to play as a boy, and insists on keeping when Alice suggests it be thrown away. One notable segment featured the return of Pert Kelton in one of her last performances before her death in of heart disease at the age of 61 , but this time she played Alice’s mother, Mrs. Retrieved June 15, Episode 6 The Sleepwalker would have been on television while the Baines family was eating supper. Ralph and Alice lived with her mother for six years after getting married before they got their own apartment.

The show currently airs on the network on Sunday nights. It increased its audience share from nine to 25 percent. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Ralph wins an award as the safest bus driver in the city, but a series of mishaps, disagreements, and even an accident on the way to the award ceremony haunt his every step. Features a rare gone-wrong moment when one of the gadgets flies off the handle, forcing Gleason to retrieve it and then ad-lib his way back into the scene. The Museum of Broadcast Communications.

When Ralph runs into one of Alice’s old boyfriends, he pretends that he runs the Gotham Bus Company to impress him.

Right in the Eposode And, away we go! During the first season, it appeared on a regular basis although not weekly as a series of short sketches ranging in length from seven to thirteen minutes. Episode 6 The Sleepwalker would have been on television while the Baines family was eating supper. They left Nurbuat, who mirrored Ed Norton, as a sewerage worker.

Retrieved December 7, After the spectacular failure of Gleason’s game show You’re in the Pictureand the relative success of the eight-episode talk show that Gleason used to fill its time slot, Gleason’s variety show returned in under the title Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine.


Unfortunately, Ralph flubs the first question, which asks for the composer of that song.

In contrast to other popular comedies of the era such as Father Knows BestLeave It to Beaverand The Adventures of Ozzie and Harrietwhich depicted their characters in comfortable, middle class suburban environments, the set design for The Honeymooners reflected the blue collar existence of its characters. But, in the end, Ralph finds himself growing to love the dog and decides to keep it along with a few other dogs.

Many of these apologies to Alice ended with Ralph saying in a heartfelt manner, “Baby, you’re the greatest,” followed by a hug and kiss.

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The classic “blabbermouth” episode in which Ralph throws out his mother-in-law after she gives away the ending of a new Broadway murder mystery Ralph was about to see.

Gleason raised no objections to that recasting, but was adamant that the Ed Norton role never be played by anyone other than Art Carney. When Norton loses his job in the sewer after listening to advice from Ralph on how to obtain a promotion, he starts selling steam irons door-to-door.

It was decided to make Mat Sola a Silver Bird taxi driver, as they had a bit more prestige in Indonesia. Retrieved June 15, It could, by contemporary standards, elisode as plagiarism [ citation needed ].

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The “Classic 39” episodes of The Honeymooners are cookirs ones that originally aired as a weekly half-hour sitcom on CBS from October to September The ex-dancer character was rewritten and recast after just one episode with the more wholesome looking Randolph playing the character as a housewife. Ralph finds a suitcase full of money and goes on a spending spree.


Paley in July made sure the cast of the former DuMont ensemble that was becoming The Jackie Gleason Show embarked on a highly successful five-week promotional tour across the United States, performing a variety of musical numbers and sketches including the popular “Honeymooners”. TV Guide June 28 – July 4. Gleason personally approved the soundalike actors, with noted voice actor Joe Alaskey providing Kramden’s lines.

WPIX first aired the show at the start of the —59 season. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In fortunne episodes, Ralph’s short temper got the fortuune of him, leading him to yell at others and to threaten comical physical violence, usually against Alice.

On another episode, Ed Norton makes a reference to a co-worker “Nat Birnbaum” as in “‘nat,” a three-letter word for bug,” says crossword puzzle aficionado Norton. The song that Ralph tries to hit the high note on is ” Carnival of Venice “.

Epiaodethe Polish network Polsat produced a version of The Honeymooners titled Miodowe lata which translates to “Honeymoon years”, using both translated scripts of the original series and new ones, but changing its setting to modern-day Warsaw. Meadows also was nominated for Emmys for her portrayal of Alice Kramden in and They used the single main room as the kitchendining and living room.

Manicotti, and Cliff Hall as the Raccoon Lodge president. Art Carney rang the cast prior to production to give them his best wishes.

Gleason foryune to continue interspersing “The Honeymooners” within the confines of his regular variety show, while CBS wanted a full-hour “Honeymooners” every week.