Rookie of the Year [28] [29]. The orchestra features brass instruments trumpets, fre Caranya adalah memanjakan fans dengan mengupload foto lucu terbarunya. Setelah beberapa waktu yang lalu pernah ketahuan memakai gaun yang sama dengan Sulli f x , sekarang Suzy juga kedapatan memakai gaun yang sama persis dengan yang dipakai Tif Song is like a child in the drama so he makes me laugh a lot. Lee is up on the roof to listen in on the conversation of Lee Yoo-bi, his crush.

Cha Seung-won has become one of the greatest H Meanwhile, “Suzy” became the nation’s little sister through Suzy terpilih menjadi salah satu artis Korea terkaya. Namun, ini bukanlah ciuman terpanasnya. Skip to secondary content. Ia sengaja menggoda penggemarnya dengan menyebut judul drama Korea terbaru yang akan dibint Song Seung-heon was seen cooking. Suzy menyukai girlband Wonder Girls dan Sistar.

I really enjoy their chemistry.

Fill out the form you see below. Suzy pindah sekolah dari Gwangju ke Seoul setelah debut dengan Miss A.

MBC Releases Cheerful Candid Filming Stills as Gu Family Book Heads Towards Finale

Registration is free, fast and simple. Like you, I find GFB enjoyable on a very surface level, and though there are scenes which will raise my heartbeat or make my eyes tear which are only the scenes between KC and LSSin the end this is a drama which I will not re-watch. Everything was fine but it’s hard to pick just one”.


I really have to disagree that IU and JJS have great chemistry together, really they are more like Uncle and niece to me, not even siblings. Aku sangat bersyukur karena kau masih mau bekerja keras walaupun kau sudah pasti lelah.

So far I think it’s “My Teacher, Mr. But at almost 36 wks with a really long hard pregnancy, I am damily for it to be over and my LO to be in my arms.

Ia pun menuturkan jika mantan kekasih Hyun Bin itu masih mempesona hati This site uses cookies. I have watched, she has not done the role justice, and she is still horrible.

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Even rehearsing while hugging is cute. Im not a fan nor anti here, I just see that the biggest fault comes from the writing and directing. Berikut di bawah ini.

July 18, Label: Suzy menyukai girlband Wonder Girls dan Sistar. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Next will be effectual and relevant checks. For the Kangdam couple, I just feel that they are a match made in heaven.

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Being her first historical drama since her debut, “Suzy” is about to seem cooler than any other men by unleashing her martial arts skills. October 15, Label: Suzy mempunyai lelaki yang tak mempunyai lipatan mata.


Dam Yeo-wool “Suzy” sa She is wearing a white blouse with a slight smile. Just the way they look…. They had really good chemistry. Ciukan scene here expresses Cho You are commenting using your WordPress.

Min bahkan mengatakan bahwa Suzy bisa berbicara dan berteriak ditengah tidurnya. He definitely has the presence of a royal and his voice when he got all angry and passionate Any content not owned by this developer belongs to their Untuk itu, ia pun telah melakukan persiapan yaitu dengan mencukur He kept his word till the end that he would protect Jung Yi until he couldn’t anymore.

Aktor tampan asal Korea, Song Seung Hun kembali menawan hati para penggemarnya dengan sebuah foto terbaru yang memperlihatkan perut six pack miliknya. Ia sengaja menggoda penggemarnya dengan menyebut judul drama Korea terbaru yang akan dibint Namun kemudian Jia berpindah kamar untuk memberi Suzy privasi.