Use the HTML below. Unless they get her first Jutta Dorn, Gabriel Duppel, Natascha. Overstated Nonsense Posted by Yum-Yum at Ben and deputy Billy hope to get a little sexual comfort from the “Cajun swamp rat” when they catch Sure, you could transfer the film’s action to the heart of a big city, you could even move things out into the desert, but it wouldn’t be ‘Gator Bait , now would it? When I first saw the leggy crouching clinic Claudia Jennings was conducting on the film’s unofficial poster for some fucked up reason, Claudia’s gorgeous mug is nowhere to be found on the film’s theatrical poster , I let out a mild sigh. Alternate Versions The UK video version was cut by 3 minutes 8 secs and heavily reduced the murder of Julie.

Two couples vacationing together in an R. Arena Of The Unwell. He is missing from the credits as well. A sweet city girl initiated into the rugged ways of the Louisiana swamp by her good-natured Cajun husband “Big T”. January 2 weeks ago. It’s just that this isn’t what I signed up for.

No, take away the swamp, and you bwit much have no movie. There is a longish bit about Ferd finding Jesus, but I don’t remember a Jesus in the film.

Night of Terror REC 3: What I mean is, take away Claudia Jennings and her cut-off jean shorts, and you can pretty much kiss this review goodbye. Dr Blood’s Video Vault. Nice to be back.


Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale 5 months ago. It’s Coming – Horror Hootenanny 15! I wanted to like this rare flick, but I found it to be like a sleazy dukes of hazard episode! The Projector Has Been Drinking. I Don’t Want to Be Unborn!

Out to pasture 2 years ago. You know who doesn’t dig it? The Jess Franco Collection.

Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Jutta Dorn, Gabriel Duppel, Natascha. What to find at Amazon in Germany 2! Add the first question. The Jean Rollin Experience. News and Views on Thai Cinema.

Lair of the Nine-Fingered Menace. End Credits Rundown 2 years ago. Desperately Seeking Zombies 2 weeks ago. A list 6 days ago. Explosive drama and action when two sexy girls go on a bank robbing binge.

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Yes No Report this. Overstated Nonsense Posted by Yum-Yum at Movies I have seen. Leroy Bracken as Doug Dirkson. My only complaint about that manner in which Desiree takes care of these scumbags is that some of them get off too easy. The Rose 1 year ago.

Gator Bait – FULL Movie (1974)

Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself: To achieve this, she Top 30 Favorite Films of 3 years ago. I’ll admit she’s pretty as her ma, but hey man, coonass comes a whole lot easier than that! My Party Doll Scene 1 3 years ago. I am also disturbed by the lack of credit for Laura Lee. January 2 weeks ago. Desiree Thibodeau Sam Gilman Alligator poacher Desiree Thibodeau Claudia Jennings finds herself on the run after a deputy falsely accuses her of killing a man he accidentally shot.


Sheriff Joe Bob Thomas. The Gentlemen’s Blog to Midnite Cinema. Kindertrauma Funhouse 3 days ago. Start your free trial.

A sweet city girl initiated into the rugged ways of the Louisiana swamp by her good-natured Baot husband “Big T”. She encounters friction from the other skaters – especially Mickey, the current Unless they get her first Super Xuxa versus Satan I loved the way Pete says, “sliding around.

Gator Bait – FULL Movie () – video dailymotion

If you’re expecting his brother Leroy Douglas Dirksonwho’s whittling nearby, to lend a helping hand, don’t count on it, he literally doesn’t have the balls. We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover.

The Jean Short Trilogy. American Nightmares, Part Movie Review Index, A-Z. The People Who Own the Dark 2 hours ago.