Jack is now trying everyone he can to stop the events that happened to him and the boat 40 years ago. The story then becomes laughable when the Navy decide, for some reason, to re-enact the last voyage of the Submarine by piecing together the movements from the Captain’s Log. The film was highly successful. The British Admiral says “There was no Kaliningrad incident; it never happened. In fact, the elements of the supernatural are surprisingly minimal. To be honest I was disappointed by what was delivered. OnboardG1 27 April The plot itself seemed to peter out rather than deliver a climax, for a thriller or at least a war time drama I felt there was too little tension.

I didn’t, honestly think it was a bad effort at all. Start your free trial. The submarine used in filming is the non-diving replica built in Malta as the ‘modified’ S- 33 for the film U , also shot in Malta. The story is not even as it would be in a haunted house story where we keep getting various pop-up scares at regular intervals. Hardy dies on his bunk clutching a picture of his wife as the water engulfs him. What Ghostboat delivered was almost exactly what you expected, no more. However, i found the ending somewhat disappointing, a great build-up to an anti-climax.

The British horror renaissance. Ghostboat was a nice idea, partly saved only by the always watchable icon that is David Jason. OnboardG1 27 April It ghostboqt itself to the subtle chills that the stories of M.

His other genre works have included: Nothing so far is as it seems.

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David Jason can easily take-on a role such as this and make is watchable. Ghostboat is a British television film based on a novel gohstboat George E. Some story points are a bit too subtle and easy to miss so might need a second viewing to fully appreciate how it all fits together.

Sadly a good actor cannot salvage an obvious dramx line which owes a lot to other works, such as the similarly named Ghostship which meant it all became a little predictable, and towards the end just plain silly. It took a while for me to realize that that the genre was supernatural, requiring some suspension of belief.

Share this Rating Title: The Last Hurrah Blueghost 16 August Captain Byrnes tries to abort the mission, but Cdr Travis convinces him to continue. James deliver, and although it may not be groundbreaking it is ghostboag a change from the usual stock of ‘Drama’ that ITV dish up i.


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The book Ghostboat was set inand revolved around the re-appearance of the Pacific Fleet class Submarine USS Candlefishthirty years after it disappeared in the Devil’s Sea in the Pacific off the Kurilestoward Japan. Hardy rewires the torpedo control system, causing the torpedoes to explode in the torpedo tubes killing Travis, and causing the vessel ghostboay sink but is shot in the process.

On Disc at Amazon. TV viewers have historically had a fascination with programmes about gnostboat, particularly Das Boot, which was made into a TV series in the mids.

Only Fools and Horses: What was not made clearly enough in the movie is that the submarine went through a time-warp Ghostboat takes multi-award-winning Jason another new direction, following the success of his other ITV dramas such as The Quest. A story like this will not appeal to everyone but I thought it was very original and well put together overall.

We are only given half an explanation of events — is it a case of haunting or, as some other commentators have seen, a time warp at work? The CGI was awful. The British captain was a master at tactics and working out fire control coordinates.

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However, this was a tired, plodding effort that sadly went nowhere, and sadly sank into the murky depths of drama lite. However, as a submariner of some 17 years it annoyed me that such a simple goof could be committed and not picked up by the Naval Adviser, surely not a submariner!

The story is not even as it would be in a haunted house story where we keep getting various pop-up scares at regular intervals. The submarine used in ghistboat is the non-diving replica built in Malta as the ‘modified’ S- 33 for the film Ualso shot in Malta.

Admiral Nealy Robert Whitelock No time to bother with settings, range, calculations, deflection etc.

Very average, and predictable. When it sank only one survivor was found, Jack Hardy David Jason who can’t remember anything due to amnesia When the sub resurfaces, Hardy is invited to go on a journey on the sub, with another crew and retrace the path the Scorpion took to find out what happened to it.


Six months later, the Soviets find the sunken Scorpion ; it looks like it has been decaying for forty years. It may contain the ‘odd mistake’ but what ghostbiat is, is a brilliant story surrounded by mystery and an intensity not yet known.

Commander Travis becoming “possessed” by the previous captain was good. Captain Basquine Alan Stocks Burger Guy Burt George E. This is entirely untrue.

The submarine opens its own hatch to let the investigating team in, where they find the vessel in a state of perfect preservation, but find no sign of the crew. The British Admiral says “There was no Kaliningrad incident; it never happened. You could perhaps also add a few dashes from The Final Countdown wherein the crew of a modern US aircraft carrier find themselves propelled back in time to the eve of Pearl Harbor.

Big deal, you say, ah, but one of the major story points is that the sub seems to operate like a modern nuclear sub, or one of the modern Nordic or Germanic subs which are quieter than either the US, UK or Soviet subs. David Jason is a fine actor but his character in this came over as terse, sullen and not especially interesting.

Jason returns to ITV1 with submarine drama

Learn more More Like This. Travis was very good as the mutinous first mate, probably taken from Pirates xrama the Caribbean 1, or that could be just a wild guess. Ghostboat is an interesting genre item that was made as a two-part mini-series for British television. Alan Cassidy is Walter Cassidy, Travis is Frank Crook and the mission to re-trace the last days of the Candlefish has no undercurrent of intrigue.